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xxTrue Love

April 10, 2015, 04:36:39 am by Roloc
Views: 1381 | Comments: 10


       I love you and our two babies more then you will ever know. Since we first met in person for the first time in your front yard, you have given me that nervous feeling of a first date and you continue to give it to me every single day. Before we met I played WoW all day long and was content with my life. When we met I knew something was missing. There's no way I could ever go back to being the half a man I was before we met because now I know what it's like to be whole. I know I have told you many times how much you have changed me but I don't think you will ever fully understand the enormous impact you have made in my life. With my social anxiety I never went to any public gathering and refrained from going to any public social situation I could weasel my way out of. With you by my side, you give me the strength , courage and determination to go into those situations head first. The day we were walking over to my uncle's house so you could meet them, and I squeezed your hand tight as we held hands was so that I truly knew you were right beside me, keeping me calm and collected. Before you, I would never have went over there, I would have come up with some kind of excuse. The biggest regret in my life is the day I broke up with you. I think about it often and it always hurts me so much to know that I put you through that. I wish often that I could take it back like it never happened. To know that you put some one you love more then yourself in so much pa...

xxWanted: Developers

May 23, 2014, 12:11:28 pm by Mr_Dark
Views: 4665 | Comments: 32

Looking for C# and Java developers who can continue my (little) work on the MapEditor (C#, OpenGL), Server (C#) and Client (Java, WebGL).

Most of you know I have a full-time job as a programmer and when I come home in the evening I don't have the will-power to continue working on my own projects. Besides this I'm starting up another business on the side. So when I have some free time I'd rather relax and play a game or watch some tv shows. Therefor I'm looking for people who want to continue the little work I've done. I will still be available to help and perhaps write some code here and there, but building all three products (MapEditor, Server and Client) at the same time is just too much.

Most of our code can be found on our github: https://github.com/PokemonUniverse

If you're interested, feel free to post a reply in this thread or just fork the code you want to work on and submit pull requests for changed code.

xx(Pixel) Artists, I summon thee!

April 07, 2014, 12:10:47 pm by Flamelass
Views: 1916 | Comments: 2

Hello fellow PU members,

The art team is in need of more visual artists! Currently we only have one. Mr_Dark wants artists to focus on:
1. Redoing the tilesets so they look good
2. Custom NPC's
3. Creating custom objects needed for quests

I know I have been calling out for Pixel Artists for quite a long time now. It appears that yet again, our numbers are decreased to one. Therefore I make another shout out, hoping for people out there to answer.  We need more pixel artists! Please help us spread the word to communities out there if you can. And if you think you can help out yourself, I would love to see you showcase your art pieces.

As for deadlines, there is currently no haste to finish all pixel art for the release of the beta. We've got substitute art for that. However, we would like to see the finished product in our own PU work.

What exactly do we need?

- What we mainly need are environmental pieces, the overworld is completely in pixel art style. So basically, we need tiles.
- We need people to design appearances for the trainer overworld sprites. (We have the base sprites ready, so all you have to do is add hair, and put clothes on it.)
- We need designs for buildings. (Concept sketches will do, we can work them out into pixel art ~)
- No use of photoshop. (Bryan caught a lot of it, and therefore decided to remove the whole PU tileset back then. Seriously though, laziness does ...

xxBecome a PU balance tester

March 29, 2014, 02:21:34 am by Roloc
Views: 3803 | Comments: 28

We previously had quite a few balance testers but sadly they have mostly all become inactive and have been removed. SO! I'm starting up a new competition to get new balance testers.

What is a Balance Tester?

The balance testers help the balancers by testing out the balanced pokemon and letting them know if something is balanced or unbalanced. A balance tester will have to type well thought out reasons on why they think a pokemon is balanced or unbalanced and discuss it in a separate part of the forums that normal members can't see. We need active balance testers, you don't have to work on it every day but some participation at least once a week is needed.

Okay so now on to the competition.

Balance Tester Competition!

I want you to choose from one of the new gen 6 mega pokemon and report on it. Any mega will do, but you can only do one that isn't being done already. Go into detail explaining why it is balanced or unbalanced. Then along side your analysis we want you to balance the same mega. Stat changes, move changes, ability changes, whatever you think the pokemon needs to become more on par with all other pokemon. But remember, megas are meant to be strong, they lose their ability to use an item in order to gain a temporary evolution.

analysis format:

Name: Pokemon (balanced or unbalanced)

Balance format:

Name / Dex Number:...

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