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Title: PU ToDo List
Post by: Mr_Dark on May 24, 2012, 03:20:43 pm
Pixel Art

Art                                Needed for                    Comment
Half sand, half stoneSmall townExample (http://a.rgbimg.com/cache1nDHoK/users/m/mz/mzacha/300/mhijYBI.jpg)
Forest main road(??????)ForestSand and/or paved
Forest off-roadForestDirt like
Low grassEverythingNone pokemon grass
High grassEverythingPokemon grass
RockOutside and/or cave inside-
Road(??????)-Well maintained road

Art                                Needed for                    Comment
Trees-Big, small, medium, with leaves, without leaves, etc..
Small bushesBeach-
Rocks-Need a couple of different sizes, (from 1 to 4 tiles)
Fences-Wood,stone and metal

Art                                Sizes                             Comment
Log housesSmall, medium-
4 Apartment buildingLarge, tallModern town
AcademyMediumSome sort of trainer academy
Alder's LabSmall/Medium-
Stone HousesSmall, mediumFor a small town
Storage facilityMedium-

Art                                Needed for                    Comment
Fountain (medium/large)Large city town square-
Bulletin boardIn-town-
Office desksBuilding inside-
Student desksBuilding inside-
Stone trainer court-Ancient trainer court with the outline made of stones
Kyogre teeth-Big teeth rising out of the water (decorative purpose)

Type                                Comment
Beach peopleRandom people on the beach enjoying the sun
Town peopleAll kinds of people (rich, poor, fat, small, creepy)
Pokemon trainersSame as town people
DrinkerSomeone in a bar
Shop keeper-
Nurse Joy's Assistant-
Barman Brian-
Trinity Grunt-
Trinity Boss-
Post Manager-
Shady man-
RobertoAsk Declan

Quest Related
Type                                Comment
Entropy logo-
Large Pidgey Post logo-
Lemonade Crate-

NPC Scripts

Name                                Comment
Entropy Grunt 1-
Entropy Grunt 2-
Entropy Boss-
Post Manager-
Shady Man-
Officer Jenny-


Name                                Status
Port OuroWaiting for art
Route 1Waiting for art
Route 2Waiting for art
Fulgent CityWaiting for art
Route 3Waiting for art
UntitledWaiting for art
Rockbound VillageWaiting for art
Route 4Waiting for art
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Zatir on May 24, 2012, 11:46:33 pm
Good to know, when this list is done, there's a good change that there may be a brand new Beta...

Just keep in touch, the list is NOT finished yet. (For people who are actually not reading this that means: no beta yet)
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Bryan on June 25, 2012, 01:14:27 am
List has been updated.

Tall Grass, Wood Fence, Sidewalk, Half-Sand & Half Stone, and Street have been completed.

35 tiles added to Dropbox on, June 24, 2012.

Total Tiles: 200
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Bryan on July 02, 2012, 04:15:54 am
List has been updated.

Rocks, and Flowers have been completed. Larger ones will be completed in the future.

20 tiles added to Dropbox on, July 1, 2012.

Total Tiles: 220

NOTE: I have began the outline of the buildings, then will move to color and shading. I am currently working on a bush, as well. I am getting a few scrubs for the environment. Here are a few other things I have been working on.

This is a Chat example, it shows how the text will look and other icons in-game. This shows a few emotes, as well as the quest giving emblems.

A mock-up of where I think players names show up in-game.

Possible in-game sign. When you read a sign, or billboard, this will pop up in the middle of your screen, displaying what the sign or billboard says.

Also, on another note, I need someone to get with me and get me familiar with the first town. Just PM me. Thanks.
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Bryan on July 17, 2012, 05:22:20 am
A small update, just to show what I have been working on.

This is just a small preview of what I am working on. Still touching up the PC, as well as, deciding if I should give the tree and black outline. I'll probably just change the color to make it stand out a bit more, less saturation. No shadows, so depth is hard to find.
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Bryan on July 31, 2012, 04:24:43 am
Another small update. This was suppose to be a log house, but I went on to make it a villa. The log cabins will probably look like this, but with wood. Maybe wood cabins? Lol.

This will allow for a small square home, or small square home with a side, or both sides. I am currently working on allowing the sides to come down.
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Zatir on July 31, 2012, 05:29:32 pm
Very nice updates this month Bryan. I really like the style.

For the "huh" symbols at the roads, it's actually the road mentioned to make a path, like gravel in the woods. The gravel can not naturally be found in the woods, so it's making a human made path. It can also be sand in some circumstances. A road is probably meant to be like two or three tiles wide. I think the roads should not be made of the same tiles as "naturally" dirt or gravel which occurs at other places off road. e.g.:

Also for the roads in town, it's made of human ordered stones, like this:

I also hope you can use the editor to test you tiles?
Title: Re: PU ToDo List
Post by: Bryan on August 01, 2012, 01:19:42 am
Didn't even realize it. It was only one month of updates. I thought I had only done that since May. I'm unoticeably moving.