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Games / Team Help
« on: April 28, 2011, 06:11:38 am »
EDIT: If any new people see this i dont want any more suggestions, just advice from specific people

Hey guys i need a little help from yall and please only people who know how to battle competitively.

Ok so im building my team and i think im going to go with a Sandstorm team, i find myself liking that the most. So far i have these 4 pokemon on it:


Now dont worry about there setups atm, i have most of that figured out. What i need from yall is yalls general opinion on the other two for my team. Now I've put together a list of potential pokemon that i have tried out and liked, here they are:


For breloom i have used him well with both of his abilities, not sure what to pick though if i chose him. Mainly hes on this list because he can resist water or some fighting types that would take advantage of my team and he deals alot of damage. Usually i have him running the sub/spore set but ive been trying out the technician set and its good too. Let me kno what you think.

For gliscor i have him because he has the sandstorm benefit, and i was thinking of using a poison heal/toxic orb/ fling/acrobat set with him. Just another option.

Garchomp has sand veil which isnt the best ability but it works with it. Never really used him though, so i dont know a set for him.

Metagross can resist sandstorm and i would run an agiligross set with him. Ive used it before and i think its pretty good, unless yall know a better one.

Ditto for revenge sweeping, doesnt really fit into this set but just might be something to mix it up.

Mamoswine i threw on this list because i feel like he might play a role, however i have never used him so if you think he works tell me what you would use.

Carracosta i like for Shell Smash, and yes i know shell smash is better on cloyster but carracosta is rock so he fits more for this.

Golurk and Bisharp i threw on the list because they can both resist sandstorm, however i have never used either competitively so i wouldnt know what to do.

Reuniclus im thinking would be very helpful for this set because he can resist sandstorm with magic guard, and he can come in and kill the fighting types like conkeldurr who would destroy my team.

And flygon as a scarf sweeper i think.

So once again if you think any of the guys in my second list would fit well on this team, please respond and tell me how you would use them. And if you have any criticism, feel free to tell me and i would love to discuss it.

Games / 5th Generation, the 3rd Version
« on: March 11, 2011, 04:29:09 am »
Ok ive been looking up alot of stuff and i havent found any hard evidence yet about if or what the third version of black and White will be. Some people say GameFreak claimed there would be none, and some people say they did and so im not sure about the rumored Pokemon "Gray".

Has any1 heard any info about this? And if you think they are making one, when do you think it would be out by. I never have bought the third version of a generation except crystal and yellow if you count that and i would actually get this one if they made it.

My guess would be if they did this, the version legendary would be Kyurem because he is actually gray, and he has the same eyes as the other two legendaries, which apparently is important.


Japanese Entertainment / [Anime] Naruto
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:54:21 pm »
I dont see an official thread about the anime on this section, so im taking the liberty to start it.

Come here to talk and discuss about your favorite things about it.

Im actually super pumped that today the last filler came out and next week the actual show is starting back up. They have been showing fillers since Pain's Invasion which was months ago. I cant wait for next week.

What are yalls thoughts about it?

Trainers Lounge / 5th gen and Dream World
« on: October 19, 2010, 01:55:26 pm »
I think i read somewhere that when 5th gen comes out in English yall were gonna put it in eventually, so i had a couple questions about that. Mainly, Dream World. Im assuming yall arent going to put the actual dream world into PU, so will yall just be giving the pokemon the option to have the new abilities and skills they could learn when they are caught and level up, just like normal?

Art Work / New Signature
« on: October 15, 2010, 05:27:32 am »
Hey i was wondering if any1 could make me a new signature. I havent seen amphy in a while and ive changed my team around and i need a new sig. If its possible could i get it in the same format, color and design as the one i have now, just new pokemon. Im talking about the trainer card one btw.

The new Pokemon i want are:
Shiny Breloom
Shiny Metagross
Shiny Forretress

If you could do all that it would be greatly appreciated.

Also if any1 else has the time, i want another normal sig right now. Currently ive got the Blaziken one but i was wondering if i could get something focused around Swampert now. Let me kno what yall can do

Trainers Lounge / Updates
« on: May 31, 2010, 12:38:19 am »
Hmm been a while since the last 'weekly' update. Any1 got any news on how its goin so far?

Not tryin to bug here, i just love chekin bak to see the devolpment, but i havent seen any new posts in a while

Art Work / Starter Picture
« on: May 20, 2010, 02:16:28 pm »
Saw this on another website, i thought it was really cool

I thouht my favorite was turtwig who is just sittin there with it in his mouth XD

General Chat / Pokemon Funnies
« on: April 29, 2010, 05:24:05 am »
Sorry about language in advance, but i thought these were hilarious

Here's the website for all the super effectives:


Games / Console Game
« on: April 25, 2010, 04:24:43 pm »
So anybody know if they are ever planning to make a new console game? I loved both coliseum and Pokemon XD and im hoping they make another one soon for the Wii I assume.

General Chat / Legendary Question
« on: April 22, 2010, 10:13:56 pm »
Hey yall i just had a quick question about legendaries in this game. So what ive seen so far is legendaries will not be catchable but they can help you in quests which i understand and i actually think thats a good idea, but what i wanted to know is what is this games definition of legendaries? I have always thought of legendaries as the end game pokemon that have uber stats like lugia/groudon/palkia and special event guys. What im trying to get at is, will pokemon such as the three dogs or three birds or three regis also be included in this legendary no catch list? Because in my team that i hoped to have in this game i included raikou, who is in my top 5 pokemon, and im wondering if I will have to pick a replacement. Thx in advance :)

New Trainers / Welcome / Hey there
« on: April 22, 2010, 02:16:42 pm »
Hi everyone, im Viper. Ive been playin pokemon ever since i got my first game, Pokemon Yellow

I found this site and immediatly became interested in it. This place has the most promising Pokemon MMO that ive seen yet. I cant wait for it to come out :)

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