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General Chat / Been a while.
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:47:34 am »
With the new games coming out for the switch I wanted to see if anybody is still around.

General Chat / Been a long time.
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:35:01 pm »
It's been a bit guys.  I won't be able to be as active as I once was.  But I do have some time to come back round these parts again.  I've been building a competitive team in Sun.

What have you guys been up to?

Other Roleplay / Codename: Psycho
« on: September 29, 2012, 10:35:50 pm »
Role Play is not DONE!  I will edit and complete this sometime tomorrow.  For now I'm off to work, cheerio chaps.


In March of 2015 a dictator named Raphael Marx rose to power.  Once the lead researcher for the UN, he surprised the world with his discoveries about the human mind.  In 2013 Raphael discovered that the mind had the power to create and bend the forces of nature.  While the world rejoiced about the new era of mankind, Raphael had other plans.  In an off limits base deep under France- away from watchful eyes.  He started what he called Project Psycho.  A project in which he abducted 3 children around the ages of 13 - 17, and experimented on them.  He opened what he called their 3rd Eye.  Allowing them to create and control acts of nature.  The kids names were Blake, Vivian and Teresa.  Each of them proved promising, Blake's 3rd Eye allowed him to control the earth, Vivian's allowed her control of the sea but, a report stated Teresa's was the most spectacular.  Though it was never revealed to anyone.

The time is now 2014 Raphael has abducted 5 more children aged 13 - 17 for Project Psycho.  Raphael is set- with his project underway and the powers of Blake, Vivian and Teresa, who are backed by an army of 100,000 trained soldiers- to take over the world.

Main Characters:

Raphael Marx:
Age- 50
A controlling maniac, who is bent on world domination.  Very robotic-like in his actions, everything must have a purpose.
Psych- None
Weapon- None
Base trait- Intelligent

Age- 18
A tough guy with a very carefree attitude. 
Psych- Earth
Weapon- Fists
Base trait- Tough

Age- 16
Easily enraged and quick to kill.
Psych- Water
Weapon- Various guns that fire bullets of water.  Allowing her to assassinate leaving behind no trace.
Base trait- Killer

Age- 14
Very timid and shy.
Psych- Unknown
Weapon- None
Base Trait- Nervous

Playable character types:

Psychos: Only 5 Spots available.
A small group of children, who have unlocked extraordinary power within their minds.  The Psychos do not yet have full control over their powers. (because if you go this route you will have just received them)

Start Point: Underground Lab in France.

Character outline:
Name: Name of your character
Age: Between 13 and 17
Psych: What force of nature can you control?
Weapon: Any weapon that your character may specialize in, outside of your Psych.  You can be slightly proficient in these to start.
Base Trait: Basically the driving trait of your character.
Small Bio:  It can't be to long considering your character is very young.

Raphael's Army:
Part of the 100,000 and at the command of Raphael, Vivian, Blake and Teresa.  These soldiers specialize in all kinds of weapons and are armed with high tech armor which can withstand most blasts and bullets.  Though the armor does not protect your neck and limbs.  The weapons are all newly developed and can span from Bullets that electrocute their targets to Swords that release acid or poison upon making contact with flesh.  (Try to keep it within the confines of modern day technology, meaning no energy weapons)

Start Point: Underground Lab in France.

Character outline:
Name: Name of your character
Age: Any
Weapon: Any weapon that your character may specialize in.
Base Trait: Basically the driving trait of your character.
Small Bio: What lead your character to Raphael's Army.

UN Forces:
You are a solider for the world.  Your main goal is the safety and security of the world.  You would do anything to keep the peace.  Trained and armed with what are believed to be the best weapons and armor the world can offer.  You are the elite of the elite but, you are sorely unprepared for the technology of Raphael's Army.  What you lack in firepower and armor must be made up by manpower and skill. 

Start Point: UN base in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Character outline:
Name: Name of your character
Age: Any
Weapon: Any weapon that your character may specialize in.  (Primarily guns but can include basic arms like combat knives and so on, limited to what is available in today's society.)
Base Trait: Basically the driving trait of your character.
Small Bio: What lead your character to the UN Forces.

Games / Bing's Nuzlocke Adventure/Challenge.
« on: March 17, 2012, 02:11:05 am »
Hello, everybody.  Today I'm bringing in my own version of the Nuzlocke Challenge.  It's a more traditional version than Cortex's.  Rather than make the game strangely hard, I want to add an element of emotion to your pokemon experience.  I want you to actually start caring about that pixel art.  So when one dies, you feel like you lost a friend.  Because ultimately this is what the Nuzlocke challenge was born from.

Original Comic - The one that inspired it all.

Another awesome Nuzlocke comic:

Now for the rules.

1.You must catch the first pokemon you see in an area.  If it's a pokemon you already own, tough luck.  You can't catch it, aaand it counts as your pokemon for the area.  If it faints or you have to run, you may not catch a pokemon from that area.  Move on and cry about your failure. (Routes, caves, forests, buildings.  Basically any new area you've yet to explore.).  Also, you may receive pokemon as gifts from NPCs but, you may not make any trades with them.  (Receiving a gift pokemon counts as your pokemon from that area.)

2. You may use Pokémon centers and items to heal, no buying items though.

3. Once you've started a route, cave, forest, anything.  You must finish it.  No turning back to heal.  You may return to areas you've completed in order to grind but, you may only go back to heal once each of your pokemon has grown at least one level.

4. If a Pokémon faints, you must release it.  It's dead, get over it.

5. Pokemon must evolve when they can, no saving for a certain move.  Also if you find a stone/item to evolve a pokemon of yours, you must use it.  (Exception if you must trade a pokemon to evolve it.  Unless you have someone to trade with.)

6. Six pokemon are allowed to be owned at one time.  If you own six, no more may be caught, if you receive a gift pokemon while having six in your team.  Release it.  A pokemon that faints is dead, and must be released, it can also be replaced at that time.

7. Exception to rule #2, you may buy pokeballs, but you may have no more than ten at a time.  Balls found in areas count towards this.  If you have more.  Drop some.

8. You may only purchase full restores before starting the elite 4, but you may only have a total of 10.

9. The item max revive can only be used to revive a "dead" Pokémon on your team.  Dead pokemon are dead.

10. You may use healing items you find in battle.  (Exception for Elite 4 battles.)  But, no held items.
11. You may use TMs and HMs you find or are given.  Like all items, you may not buy them.

12. You can't use a legendary Pokémon.  You must defeat all the legendary pokemon of your chosen game. (Seriously, legends are for pansies anyway.)

13. All pokemon must have nick-names.  It makes you closer to them.  So don't let them die.

14. At anytime, you may catch and use a pokemon for the sole purpose of an HM but, you must release one of your party to do so.  (If one of your party can use the HM move, this rule does not apply.)  Kind of an evil rule but necessary.

I know that the original challenge only has two rules, but I'd like to keep some form of originality for this.

Those rules are the following:  1) You can only catch the first pokemon encountered in each new area.
                                             2) If a pokemon faints, consider it dead and release it.


And as always-

Never give up, Never forget, and Grind like hell.

Now enjoy, I'll be playing on platinum.  Post here to keep track if you'd like.   

Other Games / Battlefield 3 Simulator.
« on: January 27, 2012, 07:32:56 pm »
Hey, I found this on stumbleupon today.  I want one.  It seems incredible that you can actually be in a game.  Also that guy's pathetic, paintballs don't hurt that much.  lolz


Quests & Plots / [Quest] Territorial Mining
« on: January 23, 2012, 09:32:15 pm »
Quest: Territorial Mining.
Location: A forest (A protected nature preserve) near a mountain being mined for minerals.
Level: Doesn't really matter, depends if the quest is used and then where the landmarks are located.
Plot: Mining on the mountain has caused the Torkoal to be driven to their homes.  Pushing them into the forest, where a colony of shuckle live.

The quest is given by the manager (Rolo, it's totally a reference) of the preserve.  He is looking for strong trainers to investigate why the Torkoal are invading.

Part 1: Troubled Forest.

The player talks to Rolo.

Rolo: Ah!  This is a mess.  The Torkoal are everywhere, disrupting the habitat of my precious shuckle.  You look like a strong trainer.  Why don't you help out Diego the ranger here.  He is currently looking into the invasion.

Player (Choice): Option 1- "Sure, I'll help.  It's not good hearing that an entire habitat could be destroyed."
Option 2- "I'm sorry I'm in a rush.  If I find any free time I'll help out."

Obviously option 1 will be picked.

Rolo:  Great! Now go!  Get out there and save those shuckle!

Objective:  Talk to Diego.

The player then enters the preserve only to watch as a Torkoal and Shuckle are battling.  Diego then swoops in using a Kadabra, to quell the fighting.  Both the Shuckle and the Torkoal flee.

The player then talks to Diego.

Diego: Woah, that was crazy.  Are you ok?

Player Choice: Option 1-"I'm fine."
Option 2- That was close, I almost got caught up in that.  But, I'm ok."

Diego: That's good to hear.  Now I'm guessing your the trainer Rolo radioed in.  He said you were coming to help investigate.  First we need to stop this fighting.  I'll take the left side, you take the right.  If we can scare off these pokemon, they'll go into hiding.  Causing the fighting to cease, buying us time to find out what's happening.

Objective: Defeat various Torkoal and Shuckle

The player goes right and runs through the forest.  Battling various Shuckle and Torkoal, who work like trainers.  They see you and engage a battle.

Upon defeating the Pokemon, the forest trail will loop back to the start.  The player will meet up with Diego once again.

Diego: Hmmm.  Kadabra, using his psychic powers was able to look into one of the Torkoal's thoughts.  It seems something is happening up on the mountain.  Why don't you go check it out?  I'll stay here and keep both sides from fighting.

Objective: Climb the mountain.

Ok, let me know what you think.  I know the dialogue could be better.  But, I'm in a rush.  Just trying to post part 1 before work.

Balance Server Testing / Quiver Dance to be made a bit like Shell Smash?
« on: December 02, 2011, 06:31:31 am »
Well, after talking with Shadowfred about the nerf to Shell Smash.  I started thinking about other moves that raise 3 stats.

Quiver Dance while similarly raising three stats, has no downside.  Shell Smash makes your pokemon more fragile, by lowering defence.

We then talked about why Shell Smash has the lowered defense.  And it's about the feel of the move, you break your shell and gain a boost but, because the shell is gone so is your defense.

Well when you dance you tend to swing around and can sometimes be disoriented, You're defiantly not paying attention to your surroundings.

We then talked about having QD maybe lowering the Pokemon's Accuracy as a way to fit the feel of the move and balance it in the shell smash style.

This also makes the move more tactical and interesting to use.

Well anyway, It's just an Idea.  I personally think any move that boosts three stats should have some downside to it.  Because if one does then they all should.

What do you guys think?

Other Chat / New Bill in the states censors the internet!?
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:44:01 am »
Just wondering if anyone saw this or not yet.  It's a new bill in the states to crack down on Internet Piracy.  Basically from what I understand, there is no longer a court order needed to shut down a website.  Just an accusation.  (I could be wrong as I just read it quickly)


And this is a blog post about it.


Other Chat / Motion gaming.
« on: October 14, 2011, 09:23:37 pm »
Hey guys, I couldn't find a topic for this so I just made one.

I was wondering what everyone's opinion of motion gaming is. 

I personally hate it.  It's annoying having to wave my arms around like a moron in order to play a game.  I mean the only games I play on the Wii are the ones where you can use a gamecube controller. (Smash brothers, Mario cart)

When I play games I want to relax, not exercise.  (I already go to the gym everyday, *I'm trying to get in shape for ski-season*)  So when I come home the last thing I want is to have to move around like an asshole in order to play a dam game.

I personally own an xbox 360 and I think the kinect is one of the worst things ever. 

Now looking towards the future, I hope game developers don't think motion gaming is "the next big thing."  I mean Playstation released the eye toy years ago and it kind of flopped...

In short, I hate motion gaming and feel that it will do the same thing that 3d is doing to the movie industry.  Movies in 3d are more about the 3d and less about plot, setting, characters, etc...

I feel that game developers will focus to much on the motion part and forget the game entirely.

Ideas & Suggestions / The elemental punch Tm's
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:17:47 pm »
It's been a while since I played a Pokemon game,  It's been since gold and silver.  But in black I was disappointed to learn (after breeding a competitive team) that the punches are not tm's anymore.  This is throwing off my entire movesets, I'm basically back where I started with my competitive team because I have to get the moves by breeding.

I suggest that in Pokemon Universe you make, Fire/Thunder/Ice punch tm's again.

Other Chat / Bing Q and A?
« on: April 01, 2011, 09:21:18 pm »
So, i'm incredible bored.  I mixed up the dates for my little weekend vacation...

So ask away!

Ideas & Suggestions / Evs, time for change.
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:48:18 pm »
In the handheld games Ev training is a real pain.  Having to fight certain pokemon and all.

My Idea is that when a pokemon grows a level it gains a certain amount of Evs  (there are 100 levels and 510 Evs so it would gain 5 Evs each time it levels up and 6 on certain levels.  When a pokemon is bred it would be give 5 Evs to start)  When a pokemon levels up it's stats would increase as normal but the player would be able to choose where the EVs go.  Kinda like in fallout with stat points. 

Ex: Charmander lvl 5

It levels up to lvl 6

Charmander gains it's normal stat increase from growing the level and also it gains 5 Evs

The player then chooses which stats to put the Evs into, max 252 in each. 

Overall I feel this would make pokemon more accessible to a new player who may not know what Evs are, and it would remove one of the most annoying parts of raising a competitive team.

I know some people are going to say that it makes it too easy, but I feel it would make pokemon better.

Ideas & Suggestions / Entry Hazards, no more?
« on: March 28, 2011, 06:17:51 am »
I tried searching for this topic but couldn't fine anything.  If there is one please link me to it and lock this thread.

Now, this is a radical idea that I have had for sometime.  How about it PU, there are NO entry hazards!  This would literally make my day complete.  I hate two things in pokemon, legendaries and entry hazards.  Legendaries are uncatchable in PU, were almost there on the road to awesomeness.  So lets arrive at awesomeness by removing entry hazards.

Note: This is just my opinion, I am not making fun of any one who actually likes entry hazards (though why anyone would is beyond me.)

So what are your opinions on my suggestion?

General Chat / Pure Tourney Team, any suggestions?
« on: March 18, 2011, 01:14:50 am »

EVs: 252hp 100def/spec def 58 speed

Ability: Speed Boost
Item: Leftovers


Swords Dance

Baton Pass

Basically this my lead/setup pokemon, my team consists of mostly physical attackers so the speed boost plus a swords dance or two is great.


EVs: 252 att, 128 hp, 128 def.

Ability: Sturdy
Item: Expert Belt
Stone Edge

Aqua jet


Shell Smash

This is one of the best physical water pokemon in my opinion.  And Aqua jet makes for a great priority move.


EVs: 252 spatt, 240 spdef, 18 speed.

Ability: Shadow Tag.
Item: Expert Belt

Shadow Ball


Energy Ball


This is becoming one of my favorite pokemon.  Chandelure has amazing special attack and with the speed boost from ninjask plus it's type coverage it makes for a great special sweeper.


EVs: 4 hp 252att 252 speed.

Ability: Iron Fist
Item: Expert Belt


Fire Punch

Stone Edge

Grass Knot

Close Combat

This pokemon is a great physical attacker with some decent type coverage.  Grass knot while not a physical attack can be deadly for anyone trying to switch in a water or ground/rock type to dead with Infernape.


EVs: 252 att, 4 spdef, 252 speed

Ability: Pressure
Item: Expert Belt


Night Slash

Ice Punch

Shadow Claw

Ice Shard

This is a pokemon I have dubbed my dragon killer.  It's faster than almost all dragons and with the speed boost and swords dance from ninjask it can out speed and out power even a dragon dance or two.


EVs: 252 att, 252 speed, 4hp

Ability: Rough Skin
Item: Expert Belt


Fire Fang

Stone Edge


Dragon Claw

This is my primary sweeper,  with a swords dance or two and a few speed boosts this pokemon is usually unstoppable. (exception: priority moves and such)

Well this is my team, let me know your thoughts and ideas to improve it.

Games / Pokemon Wanted.
« on: March 15, 2011, 04:52:26 pm »
Hey I'm currently playing pokemon black and there are a few pokemon that I would be interested in having,  I'm willing to trade any pokemon from black minus legendaries.

The pokemon i'm looking for are.
Sneasel Male Jolly nature

Must have Ice shard and Ice Punch!

This is because in gen V the only way to get each move is breeding...

In gen II, ice punch is a tm so if anyone can get this combo for me I would trade anything possibly a legendary, except reshirim because my brother traded it away for a zubat today.  It was his april fools prank on me.  I have palkia, dialiga and a shiny lugia.  Oh and a shiny Ralts plus anystarter from any generation.

And if there is a way to get both moves on the same pokemon through breeding in Gen V... Let me know please.

Also Post an offer or PM me with one.

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