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Roleplay Corner / Election of RP moderator [Election Over]
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:33:48 PM »
Thanks to the members who wanted to make the RP section more active, I decided to hold an election to nominate a moderator (and make it a bit fun in the process, or maybe I just want to try hosting an election :P).

- Members with at least 50 forum posts can nominate themselves.
- There is no karma restriction for the nominees.

Some other stuff:
- Nominees can write a little (freely editable) introduction to describe why they might make a good moderator (up to them).
- Nominations are not binding, in the sense that any nominee can withdraw at any point in time during the election (both nomination and election phase).

This is the first phase of the election, the nomination phase. This phase will close next week let's say on Friday 12:00 GMT (noon) which is (according to this site) is:
- 22:00 AEST
- 08:00 EDT
- 07:00 EST
- 06:00 CST
- 05:00 PDT

If all goes as planned, the voting will then start right after that, and end on Monday 12:00 GMT (noon).

Nominees are required to use the header:

Code: [Select]
I am hereby nominating myself as moderator of the RolePlay boards.
And put it as a post in this thread.

During the nomination phase
Any member can ask questions to any nominees in this thread itself. They can ask several questions, should they wish to, but make it clear with header (replace XXX with the nominee name, and if you are addressing several nominees in your post, put one under the other with the appropriate header):

Code: [Select]
It's even better if you also quote the post of the nominee so that anyone go back to see the current nomination with a click.

The above procedures are merely to make things easier to follow and make sure there's no confusion when it comes to who is asking/replying to whom.

During the election phase
Members and nominees will be allowed to vote on any one nominee. Each member (including nominees) will be given 2 votes (both votes cannot be used on the same nominee) and the poll results will be visible at all times during this phase. Should a nominee resign, any vote cast on said nominee can be recast on another nominee. The election phase will be closed and no more voting will be allowed past the deadline mentioned earlier.

Current nominees (will update periodically):

Site Support / All unread topics no more working?
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:51:09 AM »
So, I've noticed it a while back but thought it was something temporary. But now that it's still persisting, decided to report it:

When it was still working, I could click on 'Click here for all unread topics' to see the threads with new posts if I ever ran out of time and couldn't check out updated threads (if a thread gets updated, you log in, don't check that thread, log out and log in again, it won't appear in the 'unread posts since last visit' list, but in the 'all unread topics list'):

But now, I'm refused access to that page?

Not sure if it's just me or if someone else is having the same issue (if they ever used that feature of the forum :P)

Fan Fiction & Writing / Express delivery
« on: August 25, 2012, 10:48:08 AM »
This is a little something I wrote for a little contest for fun (it's over now, so yea). There were some guidelines to follow:

We have a special assignment for you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell us the story of how you would deliver Chinese food to a hungry customer. However, the trip to his house is full of danger and intrigue. During your journey, you encounter:

- A sad whale
- Cupid rapidly shooting arrows
- A road made of bubble wrap

And it turned to this:

Today was like every other day; customers getting in, ordering their usual stuff and we would ensure they left the restaurant satiated. Chinese food was our speciality! Well, yes, almost like every other day. Today, we got a call, not any call. It was a call through the line reserved for VIM —or if you prefer, 'Very Important Mice'. The Supreme Chief was at the other end and passed an order and he wanted to get a taste of our famous dishes.

I tried to explain that we had too great a variety of dishes to give and that it would be impossible to carry it over to him, but he wouldn't listen. He just wanted the food illico presto.

I put down the receiver after hearing the click sound at the other end, mouth agape. Did the Supreme Chief really expected him to deliver so much food within the next hour? And why did he call me 'Dim' all the time?

"Tim, get moving! The customers are waiting!" I heard a voice from the other end of the kitchen.

"I-I'll be out delivering an order, Polo, and don't expect me for two hours, at least! I'll be um... running an errand!" I shouted back.

The gears in my mind seemed to be working at last. I sprinted outside, and went over one of those giant bins, where those humans would throw away plastic corks. I sneaked inside and grabbed two pawfuls of them before getting back inside the kitchen. Once inside, I took a little of everything that lay around and assorted them into the corks. After some minutes, I had sixteen corks filled up to the rim with different food and neatly wrapped up in napkins.

Not losing another second, I took all of them to the sardine can I drove. I was thankful I had the biggest one around, for the corks fit just fine in the vehicle. The next stop was the harbour.

"What do you mean the ship is gone?" I shouted to the captain.

He made himself as small as he could, and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. "A-aye! M-Moby git caught wit' me line and... hehe, me can't git him tah move!" he pointed to the big whale.

'Moby' must have been the whales' name. I got down from my sardine can and approached the monster. "Hey you! Moby! Could you please move it? The ship can't depart with the harbour blocked!"

I received no answer. Now that I was closer, I could see his eyes; eyes that told me he was suffering... Something glittering in the sunlight caught my attention. Was it a fishing thread? I edged closer to the whale, keeping my eyes locked on his and glancing once a while on the thread, but Moby didn't move.

Upon following the fishing thread, I found that it led to his mouth and at that very spot, I could find a small trail of dried red liquid. I grimaced. That must be painful.

With all the spunk I could muster, I tapped Moby. "It's gonna be all right. I'll remove it."

I couldn't believe I was doing something like that... With my two paws, I lifted the upper lip of Moby and let it rest on my head. With my paws now free, I grabbed the hook which was situated in the whale's gum and pulled hard. I could feel Moby tensing up as the piece of metal slowly slid outwards. A little more... but before I could say 'phew', I found myself flying and splatting against the wall, covered in goo and the hook in hand.

"M-Mate! A-are ya okay? T'was hell of a sneeze, t'was!" The captain rushed towards me and helped me up.

I rubbed my head and swiped away the drool on my face. "Y-yeah, thanks. D-Did Moby move?"

"Ah, 'fraid not mate. 'fraid not."

I grumped in dissatisfaction. How was I going to reach the other side? I grumbled and took the longer path round, around the sea trench. It was the only way. I hopped in my sardine can, dropped the hook with its fishing thread still attached to it and drove off.

What awaited me on my route was something I was not expecting. Not at all. Around me, I could find all kinds of couples, lying around, cuddling against each other. It wasn't spring, but yet...


I swerved my vehicle to a stop. Something had hit my sardine can and glancing to me feet, I saw an arrow, with a red heart as arrowhead. My ears twitched upwards when they picked little noises similar to a spring being compressed and then a 'twang'! I ducked immediately, I was being attacked! My paw ran onto the contact and my sardine can and me soon zoomed back through the direction we came through. I could hear more of those arrows closely missing me and homing into the trunk of adjacent trees.

I risked a glanced backwards, and lifting my eyes, I saw him. This clothless little human baby with wings and an arc with those quaint arrows in hand. I was too far now and he didn't seem to be willing to follow me, fortunately. No more able to hold myself, I stuck my tongue out to him.

But with all this, I was back to square one... in front of Moby with no way to get across the trench. I looked down, thinking about all the bad reputation I would be getting when the Supreme Chief will not find me in front of his office within the next half hour. My eyes fell unto the arrow resting on the hook I removed from Moby earlier. "Unless..."

My paw scooped the weapon and I approached Moby. "I-I'm sorry, but I'm desperate. I hope that this saying about love being blind is true." And the arrow dug into the whale's rubbery skin.

"You have some fine eyes you know?"

I blinked. The female voice seemed to come from Moby. "M-Moby?"

"Oh, my name's actually Claire. I don't know why the captain constantly calls me Moby. But boy, do you know you're cute when you're surprised?"

I could feel my cheeks heating up at the last comment. Whatever! "T-thanks I guess. Um... would you mind moving? I need to get to the other side and can't without the ship," I said, pointing beyond.

"Oh if that's only that, darling! I'll take you there myself in the blink of an eye. Come here!" Claire's gigantic mouth opened.

I flinched. "Darling"? Was she inviting me inside? I suppressed any negative thought away and drove my sardine can onto the gargantuan tongue. My mission was more important right now, and should I fail now, I would fail with dignity.

Without any warning, Claire shut her mouth close and I was left in the dark. I could feel the vehicle and me inside moving, hear the waves outside splashing, but couldn't see where I was heading to. I only hoped I would be where I needed to be soon. The smell wasn't something I think I could bear for too long, even for a mouse. I tapped my containers of food, hoping that the mere reminder of their presence would comfort me during the wait.

Fortunately, the trip was shorter than I anticipated. Claire's mouth opened once again, and I could spot the Supreme Chief's office some distance away. I promptly drove off the whale's mouth and sped away.

"Wait! Where are you going my love?" Claire shouted from behind.

I sighed, before turning to her. "I'll be back soon! Wait for me here!"

She seemed to understand. Good! At least, I had guaranteed my ticket back.

Ahead of me lay yet another trial: this area was infested with the most cunning cats of the whole continent. It wouldn't surprise me if they had traps set everywhere, and it was confirmed when I came to where it started. I slowed down and came to a halt. Bubble wrap. The roads were all made of bubble wrap for some reason. I didn't recall anything of the like since the last time I came here.

All I knew was that I couldn't afford to lose any more time. Every second counted. I stomped on the accelerator and drove straight onto the bubble wraps. With one paw, I steered, with the other, I was holding the containers. With all the bumping, I was all too afraid they might go overboard. All this time, my heart was throbbing vigorously within my chest and I remained alert for any movement within my surroundings.

The 'meow' or 'hiss' I expected to hear never came though and I was close to my destination. I had perhaps been wrong on my assumption with the cats here? I let my guard down, big mistake.

Out from everywhere, shouts and bangs echoed in the suddenly crowded roads. People from all around appeared from nowhere and were dancing and singing and stomping on the roads, effectively causing the bubble wrap to pop in a series of relentless noise.

I knew that if I didn't do anything soon, I would be trampled on flat with the bubble wrap. I rummaged my mind for a solution, any escape route. I was advancing towards te crowd while they, towards me. Without another hesitation, I released the steering whell and grabbed the last item I had with me, Claire's hook.

With my vehicle now gone wild like an untamed horse among a rain of feet, I swung the hook overhead and lassoed an overhead lamp. All signs of hope evaporated when the hook latched instead on one of those dragon-like thing those humans were holding up. The next moment, I found myself and my sardine can rising upwards, pulled by the red doll. I could see everything going in slow motion while I clung tight to the vehicle and the food containers. I could not bear it anymore and closed my eyes. It was over.

Strangely enough, my sardine can and me safely landed on solid ground. As I attempted a peek outside, I found myself on some sort of balcony and the din caused by the humans came from below.

"You are lade by 1 minude, Dim."

I veered my head to see the Supreme Chief seated at his table, looking over the chaos below. I quickly straightened my whiskers, dusted my fur and bowed respectfully. "I-I'm sorry—"

"Whad are you waiding for? Show me whad you've god," he interrupted me. "I will miss de fesdival if you dake anymore delay."

I nodded, averting his stern gaze and promptly served him the food, describing each of them to my best ability. I almost jumped when I unwrapped the containers. They had remained warm despite everything!

The 'festival' wasn't one that I would have liked to see again... It pleased the Supreme Chief, so I guess that was good. When he finished, I took away the empty containers back from his table. "Did you enjoy your meal, Supreme Chief?"

"Dim? Sum."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Er... sorry?" I heard him sigh. Was it probably a mistake to ask?

"How much do I owe you for dis succulend meal?"

"Oh, if that's that." I chuckled quietly. Things turned out better than expected, after all.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun in writing it :P

News & Announcements / Another birthday!? Happy Birthday Spirit!
« on: May 15, 2012, 09:18:07 PM »
Yep, it's this time of the year again, when it's the birthday of the first one who took the responsibility as quest writer and the martial art master to be!


I hope the chocolate won't melt too much...

It's midnight here, so yea.

News & Announcements / Happy Birthday Mr_Dark!
« on: February 06, 2012, 09:40:11 PM »
So, today (february 7) is the birthday of the man who hosts the PU server! (at least, it's past midnight where I am)

Trainers Lounge / Happy Birthday Hitey!
« on: January 15, 2012, 06:00:32 PM »
Sorry Hitey, didn't know it was yours too, you should have told so earlier!  >:(

Happy Birthday! ;D

Trainers Lounge / Happy Birthday Gammal!
« on: January 15, 2012, 11:13:41 AM »
Okay, so... it's Gammal's Birthday today... Happy Birthday dude! :)

And the cake, cannot forget the cake :P

Pokémon Roleplay / MOVED: Stubborn
« on: December 31, 2011, 07:15:24 PM »

Roleplay Corner / [OOCC] Dark Arts
« on: August 30, 2011, 09:43:45 PM »
Okay, I was looking through the classes and other traits quickly and... why does the half breed have a net -1 in stat? I would suggest:


Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   +2           -1             -2             +/-0           -1         +2


Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   +2           +1             -2             +/-0         +/-0        -1

Because animals are generally considered more agile and stronger, yes?

I saw ranger and thought about an actual ranger; scouting the area and such and then I see the description of an archer? Do you think that one Ranger class (different from the current one) can be introduced and the current Ranger class be changed to 'Archer'?

Well, you're already seeing what would be choosing, Mr. Pokemon :P

Roleplay Corner / [OOCC] Dohion region
« on: May 04, 2011, 05:38:47 PM »
Okay guys, I don't want OOCC talk in the RP to keep it clean. All stuff like "Umbreon has Inner Focus and doesn't flinch", "I never said..." or "true true" and so on, goes here. Thank you for keeping the RPs 'clean'.

Profiles are in this thread:

News & Announcements / Happy Birthday Partyprash!
« on: February 09, 2011, 05:13:26 PM »
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday partyprash!

Several stores received display boxes for Black/White and on them featured the three elemental monkeys; Yanappu, Baoppu and Hiyappu with their english names (though not to clear to read).

They are:
Yanappu: Pansage (Grass)
Baoppu: Pansear (Fire)
Hiyappu: Panpour (Water)

Roleplay Corner / [OOCC]A Random Pokemon RP~! o_0
« on: November 03, 2010, 05:39:01 PM »
Okay, since we reset the RP, I'll have a new OOCC thread.

One thing I'm not sure how will be getting along... is what will happen when the official english names for the Gen V pokemons will be out. We'll probably have a medley of pokemon names at some point XD

Pokémon Roleplay / [Profiles] A Random Pokemon RP~! o_0
« on: October 20, 2010, 05:49:23 PM »
Ok, following the restart of the RP, here will be the thread for all the profiles.

No Posting Here Please!!!

Link to the RP! :3

This forum can only be posted on by Chibi or an RP mod. If your profile is not here, then you may not post in the RP.

Profile Skeletons

(Copy and paste onto a message and send it to me, with your own information filled up.)
Pokemon Trainer
User Name:(Whats your User Name?)
Character Name:(What's your RP characters name?)
Personality:(Like... Are they nice? Kind? Gentle? Things like that.)
Starter Pokemon:(No evolved pokemon) Nickname:(Optional)
Bio:(Tell us about your character)
Age:(Tell us how old you are. When you get your first Pokemon your like... 11 or something, but you don't HAVE to be that young. Be as old as you want... Not too old... >.>!)
Appearance:(Put a picture so we know what they look like! ^_^)!

Team Rocket Member
User Name:(Whats your User Name?)
Character Name:(What's your RP characters name?)
Personality:(Are they mean? Cruel? Angry?)
Starter Pokemon:(For Rocket's you can choose Zubat or Rattata, The usual. You can still catch.) Nickname:(Optional)
Bio:(Tell us about your character)
Age:(You can be an Adult, but you can be a teenager too :3?)
Appearance:(Put a picture so we know what they look like! ^_^)!

User Name:(Whats your User Name?)
Character Name:(What's your RP characters name?)
Personality:(Are you lonely? Scared? Sad?)
What Pokemon:(What Pokemon are you?)
Bio:(Tell us about your character)
Age:(How old of a Pokemon are you? >.>?)
Appearance:(Put a picture so we know what they look like! ^_^)!

Roleplay Corner / Unlocking Topics/Joining RP List
« on: October 10, 2010, 08:27:07 AM »
Well, I think that if you want to unlock your topic, you hoster of an RP, due to inactivity because you were busy elsewhere, you can post your requests here.

But you need to have a valid reason or else, your RP will remain locked.

The system to unlock an RP is simple, either:
- The RP founder comes and posts a valid reason with at least one other member supporting his decision; or
- Members of the RP give a valid reason to re-open the RP with at least 2 other members to support the decision of the first member.

Thank you.

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