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New Trainers / Welcome / I am Zocan!
« on: November 28, 2011, 07:33:07 pm »
Hello everyone, been a wile since i came to this site, so i tough i may as well write a new Trainer Tread.

I've read some of the development and the new things since last i check, seems like this game is progressing smoothly, i love it, and can't wait to try it.

A little about me...
I'm a mysterious person who never tell its real identity online, i like to find people's facebook pics to use as my own, and i can stick to the same personality i created for a long amount of time.

I'm a mapper, a game maker type, love to be creative and get people lost in mind games.
I'm very creative when it comes to puzzles and mazes, because i like to think.

I tried going on the chat, but it doesn't work for me, its not letting me get on, just saying.

I'm fun to chat with, i role play allot, especially in games.

Pleasure meeting all of you guys and hopefully i'll have fun with all of you guys =D

Ideas & Suggestions / Pokedex-National dex
« on: April 01, 2010, 04:49:36 am »
What if <-- instead of being sent on a mission to fulfilled the pokedex.

We could buy them all complete.

for example, you start the whit no information on pokemon.

When you capture them, you can see their info from your PC or something.

And iff you have lots of money, you could buy a pokedex with generation. kanto dex jotho dex hoen dex sinno dex and etc.

Or if your looking for a pokemon in particular, you could buy pokemon information that gets stored into your pc.

this way, we won't need to capture all those pokemons no one likes (for a pokedex completion quest)

Make the dex very very expensive like 1 000 000 000 <---- this way you need to work on getting money, and then you get all the pokemon's location and information (like real pokedex in series)

Quests & Plots / A Bug infestation!
« on: April 01, 2010, 04:23:26 am »

So here goes!

My quest Setting: A Gardener asks for help, Recently Bugs have been invading her garden.

She asks you for help.

First she will ask you to defeat 20 Pokemon in the garden. Afterward, She will give you the gate key, to access to the forest in the back of the garden. In there, you will try and find the Reason for all the bugs to be in the garden. After a few minute exploring, you will find a tree with broken branches (make it different from others, and when chat to say it as broken branch or something...) When you report your discoveries to the gardener, she will ask you to try and lure the "Cause" By Putting Honey on a tree in the forest. When Done So, you get into the "Boss Figth". A Wild Heracross Level 30 or so should do fine. After Defeating it, The gardener will thank you for the help and allow you access to her forest anytime. Plus she will now sell honey for those who wants it.

Please leave comments and toughts.

Trainers Lounge / Lets Compose a Song!
« on: March 25, 2010, 04:04:48 am »
Hey guys, I've been thinking, what would you think about Making an actual song for the game?

Its simple, all we need is a great catching way to sing it with instrumental surrounding it. The lyrics can be anything, but it would be better to have keywords in it. Example "Miryus" Being the newly discovered region. "Pokemon Universe" Being the title, we need to incorporate it. and it would be great to explain some of the game features in a substile* way. So the game is an MMo which includes making friends, becoming stronger as a trainer, its free, tourney, create unique characters, and stuff. (everything on the list and in the paragraph were took in the game info and story.)

* I didn't know how to write it.

If you need some inspiration, check out kamaran's playlist, it as lots of great tunes. http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/playlist/PKMN/21286980

So now lets be creative.

Here's a small layout.

[Starting Faze With light instrument]

<star line>

[Increase instrumental after 2 or 3 lines]

(wait 2 sec)

<Main catch lines>

(small pause)

<Development Elaboration>

(wait 3 seconds)

<Main catch lines>

[Instrumental ]

<new approach>

[slow instrumental to a loop]

<catch line looped twise>

[Have a good finishing note]


-Catch line, a line that will be repeated allot, its the first line that get stuck in someones head when you hear a new song.
-Development and elaboration, lines that are usually less powerful then the catch line, but it adds to the tune's progress. (we just need to keep the syllable relatively similar.)
-New approach, The most powerful lines of a song. (its theses lines that allows a song to conclude.)

{most balanced songs are blessed of 4 lines by paragraph, or sometime even 6.)

I don't have all that much experience in making songs, but my family loves to create new songs for ourselves. So I've learned a few.

Now some line ideals to keep or leave depending on everyone's tough.

-The Universe is all Yours to explore
-Make new friends and face new challenges 
-Become stronger as a bran new trainer
-Pokemon Of all Sorts Ready to be yours
-Bring your Skills Upon the hills
-Mirius Floating on the sea Were legends are waiting
-Explore the universe... POKEMON! (could be an ending of sorts)

There are not complete and needs work, Bring in your toughs and lets be creative. A song shall be created. Bring in as many toughs as possible and at the end we should have a great song.

Lets discuss, These are just ideals and they do need editing. And every time we advance in the development and ideals for the song, i will edit this tread So at the end, we will have a complete song here!

In-Forum Games / [Real Game] Pokemon Revolution
« on: March 22, 2010, 05:21:40 am »
Ok guys lets try something new and hopefully entertaining. I'm Gonna try and make a real Game out of this post :D.

First Of all the simple rules (you'll understand them later)

1. No double kill
2. Don't Cheat Your Stats
3. No Double posting
4. You Can't Buy more than 1 Item in a city.
5. You cannot shop in the same city 2 times in a row. (go in city, leave city go back to same city)[You need to go to the other one]

How to play:

1. Chose any Pokemon anyone (but you cannot chose the same then another player.

2. You Start with 10 stat points , you must Put them into your stats.

-Attack  ==  You will add your post first number (6=6 34=3 1634=1) To your attac, if its greater then your opponents deffence, you can deal dommage.
-Def     ==  You can defend against attacks.
-Sp.Att  ==  This uses your element. (water,fire,dragon,etc.) You get bonus if you have type advantage +3 (used like attack otherwize)
-Sp.Def  == Defends against special attacks.
-Speed   == the highest speed attacks first.
-Damage  == reduse the life of your enemie by the number showed if your attack is successfull
-Healt   == Your HP.

3.Start anywhere on the border of the map bellow.

4.When you Post, Give the post number your at. It will alow you to move in game.
Now here are the special movements.

-The last number tells the number of steps you can move (up down left right diagonal)
-If it ends by 1, you can cross a river.
-If it ends by a 2 4 6 or 8, you can go in Forests.[Teal hard to see F in map]
-if it ends by 3 5 7 or 9, you can go in the hard Ground.[Yellow G in map]
-If your Beside a Town, you can enter it with a 0, els, you get 2 gold for a post ending by 0
-If you have doubbles (11 22 33 112 1109) you can acces the rare Red M in map.

5. Earn Exp Depending on the tile you stoped on.

-Green T Gives 1 exp and 1 G
-Yellow G Gives 3 exp and 0 G
-Teal F Gives 0 exp and 3G
-Red M Gives 5 exp and 5 G

You Will Need 10 Exp to level (never changing)

When you level, you get 2 free stat points.

6.Buy items to get stronger.

X attack:      25    Gives +2 att to stats
X deffence:    25    Gives +2 def to stats
X Speed:       30    Gives +2 to speed
X Sp att:      30    Gives +2 to Sp.att
X sp def:      30    Gives +2 to sp.def
Trowing stick: 35    Gives +1 to domage
Big Apples:    35    Gives +1 Healt

Oran Berry:    3     Recover +1 to healt

Blue Stone:   100
Green Stone:  150
Yellow Stone: 250
Red Stone:    500

7.Fight other players

To fight someone els, you need to get on the same tile. Now the battle will be made simple Since you can't bolt post on the same post, you do the maths:

First the best speed starts, Now you need to know your post number and your enemies last post number.

Use first number + Attack (or sp. att) if the addition's number is greater then the defence of the defender, you substract the domage done to the other's hp.

When a player is defeated, the winner gets all of the loser's money, and stones.

The loser gets half its hp back (he can heal in towns by colecting money.)

8.to win, you must have all the 4 stones. if you have all the 4 stones with you, you win.

It took me forever to do the map bellow and this tread all toggeter, so i hope it actully works and can be fun.
If you have any ideals or sugestion to get this out of my head game, please say it in a post bellow, between ** So we know its not in game.

Now please this is all i want in a post.

1. character sheet;

<Pkm name>
att <> 
Def <>


Map position before and after your turn <> -> <>

3.if you want to make it interesting, add a little Comportoment to your character (like a mini RP)

[replace <> by numbers]



Quests & Plots / [linkage quests]
« on: March 20, 2010, 07:21:51 pm »

Back story:

A Group Of Scientist as been doing researched on Pokemon. They Have found after a few years that Pokemon's toughs gets corrupted after being cough. After a few more studies, the researchers started recruiting young trainers to do help them further their studies. The Research started as a simple Pokemon Studies, and soon became a plan of world conquest.

Quest Based:

I based my quests on having 3 sides; Good, bad, neutral. And all of them are linked to one another. I have no ideal about the bad guys in PU, So i based my quest on the back story.

whatever side you chose, you get rank 0 in it. ( rank 0 evil, good, or neutral.)
and every times you finish a quest according to this quest linkages, you get +1 in rank.

{Quest Joinning Evil:}

First, before everything starts, you encounter <team whatever> Blocking some place. When you speak to one of the 2 (I don't know why, but most teams groups are composed of 2.) He's going to challenge you to a Battle. When you beat the grunt, he is going to call his leader. The leader will come and see whats going on and he will ask the players a few questions such as :
-Were you sent here by an officer?
-Do You Want to Become stronger?
-Are you a good Pokemon catcher?
-Would you Like To Join Us?

If you agree on joining them, you get rank 0 evil.
If not you get to fight him.

Being a New member alows you access to the Team Hideout. (Recive base access card)

Getting Started:

In the base, you recive quests by the receptionist. Regular members can't meet the higher placed leaders. The receptionist will ask you to pass a small test.

Entry Quest 1:

Capture 10 caterpie <or 10 very common pokemon in game> And bring them back to the receptionist.

Reward: Team  200 pk$ (*exp)

Entry quest 2:

The receptionist will tell you to rid of a weak trainer that is spying from the bushes neer the base and to steal is pokemon. (recive 1 snag ball)
To do so, speak to the bush in front of the base and you will be in battle. The trainer should have something simple like a nidoran or ratatac.
Capture the pokemon like a normal pokemon.

Reward: 400 pk$, 3 potions. (*exp)

To get to the next quest, you need to have a trainer level 10.
(I don't know if its in sudgestions, but it would be nice to have player level, acording to personal experience gain trougout the game.)

Those are Just the basic ideals, quest will turn around getting pokemon for the scientist to study and stuff. And other quest would be to get items from places like marts, pokegear place, and etc. And other could be to steal pokemons to NPC trainers.

{Quest Joining the good}

First, you go and find some officer near the forest and he or she will ask you to help them. Since their squad is small around that area.

If you agree to help them, they will ask you to defeat the <evil team> that are blocking the path up ahead. (could be based off the 2 grunts and the boss from above.)
Onces you defeated those easy foes, the officer will ask if you want to join their organisation.

If you want to join in, you recive a helper badge (like a police badge for noobs) alowing you access to quests in police stations in certain towns / city.
[Rank 0 good]

Getting started:

in police stations, you are given quests by the officer at the main desk. And the more missions you do, the greater your rewards.

Quests are mostly going to be based on saving people, resolving crimes (investigations), fighting evil teams and recovering stolen goods.

{quest neutral}

Wile walking in the forest, you will find a Ranger, the ranger seems disturbed by something.
After a quick chat, you find that the problems are the people catching all the caterpies in the forest.
If you agree to help him, you will need to defeat the NPCs in the forest.

after you done so, you get Rank 0 Neutral.

You Get Neutral quests by anyone in problems. Most of the quest will be to keep the peace in an area. (if police officers wants to cut down trees to make a road block, you will be sent to stop them. You may even be resposible for some safarie zone closing or etc.

On a end note, This quest system can be its own thing, it could be all on just 1 island of the whole world, or etc, it does not have to affect others quests that might be there all ready.

plus with this sistem, we could also have a war Mini game, where trainers team up, with their aligment, and fight to the finish.

In-Forum Games / [GAME] Achievements!
« on: March 17, 2010, 09:16:41 pm »
Rules, Be creative and invent achievements according to the theme.
If we get more then 50 achievements, we can change themes and start over.

-Only one achievement by posts.
-The Achievement must have a link to the subject.
-You must copy past the achievement in your post to make it longer.

Example, Theme: Nort Pole
1.Resist the cold for a week without a shirt.

next poster:

1.resist the cold for a week without a shirt
2.create fire out of snow.

Have fun, lets start with something simple that people of this forum should know.



1. Getting a Starter!

Jobs / Need a Mapper?
« on: March 17, 2010, 02:19:43 am »

I there, i would like to apply for a Mapping job. I mapped before for other games and I'm ready to do it again. I'm a fast learner, and I evolve with my surrounding.

Here are some of my maps.

These ones are to big so I gave you a link. (made for another MMO)


and here are some other maps i did in my free time.

Huge one (Old).


Some single maps.

I would of spoiled it but [spoiler] isn't working.

Made this one with game maker!
 mystery dungeon style.

I would love to join your game.

Thanks for your time.

Ideas & Suggestions / Some Ideas I Came Up With.
« on: March 17, 2010, 01:51:34 am »

Minigames Ideals:

1. I had an ideal of implementing the pokemon card game into play. To do so, it would be fun to have a rare drop of cards by wild pokemon. Example 1 / 10 000 chance to get a card. from common pokemon to 1/ 1 000 000 for tougher pokemon. and then when player collects up to 40 cards, they could go in a pokemon game hall, and mini game it up with other players.

2. having an action puzzle based mini game, just like pokemon puzzle league. Have A Simple Program conset, and added to game hall so you can compete with others. (tetris attack was my favorite game and pokemon puzzle league is a remake of it so i just had to sudjest it XD)

3. having pokemon pinball. Make your own layout, and the more points a player gets, the more poke token they can earn. example: 10 000 = 10 token 100 000 = 100 token 1 000 000 = 1000 token or what ever would fit.

4. A simple rock thunder water mini game xD

5. Some kind of Pokemon race, using the base Speed stat of a pokemon and the player's skills.

6. have an underground capture the flag game, where up to 12 people can team up to try and get the other teams flag.

I don't know about your battle program, but i have a small ideal of how i would make one.

When you get a random encounter, you get moved to another battle screen, then in that screen you control the pokemon in free action. move your pokemon around with arrow or the mouse (i don't know what is programed in your game) then use attack like in pokemon mystery dungeon, where you see the attack going in a direction . the attack size can varie depending on the Pokemon's stats. (if special att = 130 set size to whatever xD) then the other wild pokemon or trainer, can try and dodge the attacks.

This action filled Battle mode would make the game more addicting, and will resemble a mmo a bit more. But again its just an ideas.

And last Suggestion for now is to have rare Pokemon (if they exist) only stay 30 days in your team. So People Can Be Powerfull for a limited time, leaving chances to other players afterwards.

New Trainers / Welcome / Zocan As Apeared!
« on: March 17, 2010, 12:48:41 am »

Hello Everyone, Zocan here.

I'm a Huge Pokemon Fan With lots of creative ideas.
I love to Roleplay in games, have lots of different interest and Hobbies (look at my profile for a few.)
I'm a Good Game tester, And I'm pretty clear when i want to describe things, like bugs and glitches.
I do mapping in my free time, but that's not really important.
If you have any questions i won't be afraid to answer them.

So... Hello everyone and I'll be around.

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