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Other Roleplay / [RP] Kokia: Pending conflicts
« on: December 18, 2011, 03:57:17 AM »
(ok ya vultures, here is Kokia's roleplay section, I will not have a character, but I will influence the r.p if I deem it necessary, now have fun and stop bugging me about it) 


Other Roleplay / (OOCC) Kokia: Pending Conflicts
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:18:28 PM »
If you have questions or comments about this R.P feel free to ask here

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Kokia: Pending Conflicts
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:15:47 PM »

== Members who post their profiles without prior approval will get their profiles deleted immediately ==

skeleton of a character

Player's name:

Characters name:


Race: (either human, elf, dark elf, Orc *red or green*, or Goblin *same as orc*, if you have other ideas present them with your character profile)

Age: (note humans only live a max of a 120 years, while the other races live longer, keep that in mind when you want to think "young" elf, cause they have different definitions on what "young" is)

Guild/job: (who does your character afiliate with? if he/she is human what guild are they in, or are they a peasant, or a knight, and if they are one of the Faerie, what are your characters responsibilities or jobs)

Intelligence: (describe if he/she is smart or dumb, average or thinks better on their feet or studying for a test, this will help figure out what job is best for the character)

Goals: (what does your character want out of life, world domination, to be the best knight, the strongest Magi, a family man? what makes your character get up in the morning?)

Speech pattern: (how does your character talk to other people, is he/she an inarticulate peasant or a sophisticated scholar, do they take their time like the elves or do the speak in gruff voices like the orcs, How will your character interact with others)

Language( yes, your characters will have different languages. when your speaking a language, put in parenthesis that you are
Dagan: (speaking Orc) who are these puny humans
Eyowin: (speaking elf) come at me bro
There is the common tongue that everyone speaks, for that you do not need to clarify. If you are going to play a non human character or a character who interacts with them, its best to put they are multi lingual in the description, so your character can "understand" what is being said)

Back story: (include the reason why your character wants what he/she wants, where they grew up, what skills they learned and how they learned it, older characters need longer bios then younger characters, since they have lived longer and are more jaded than their younger counter parts. If they talk a certian way, explain why in here, if they act a certian way or do not like a certain people, explain their reasoning in their back story. Use the backstory to flesh out how you will use the character in the R.P)

Friends, lovers, and Family: (these characters do not just come out of nowhere, they have family, people they grew up with, that they have bonded with, even married. Each one of these people would have an effect on your characters life, and if they were to loose one, or have something to fight for (like a boyfriend/girlfriend or child) they would be driven to make decisions in the R.P, It helps to make a bit of a bio for these characters for yourself to have something to draw on later on)

Appearance: (pictures are appreciated, but just like with backstory, give a reason why they wear what they wear, why they look the way they do, how they take after their parents, scars or birthmarks they may have, tatoos they brag about, anything and everything that makes your character unique)

Skills and abilities: each race has its average ability range, but you can draw on what you've established in backstory, appearance, affiliations, and other factors to help define these attributes

Other Info:
Humans: With the gift of fire, they are excellent blacksmiths and good with weapon making and warfare. They do not live as long as the other races, but they are more resilient and aggressive than the other races of man. Humans are naturally strong like orcs, but they tend to have higher intelligence than their firekin. Humans have the capacity to absorb and direct the magic of the elements through their bodies, but it takes years of training and dedication to do, and they usually sacrifice their natural physical strength to master it.

Elves: With the gift of water, they are at one with nature and can utilize plants and animals without the need to kill them. They are fast and strong, but not as resilient as their distant relatives the humans. They tend to be highly intelligent and adept in grasping concepts like magic, but they forbid the use of the dark arts of fire and electricity, the ways of the dragons. They can fly of their own power and tend not to walk vary much, making their limbs not as strong as a human, who has to carry themselves all day. Elvish martial artists train on the ground with heavy clothes to grow strong.

Fairies: Tiny winged beings who are as adept at magic weilding as the Goblins, if not more so. they live with the elves and tend to work with nature more than water

Druids: Humans that were raised by the elves and learned their ways, they are usually guards of elves and are generally stronger than most of them, they use "acceptable" forms of magic and use their natural fighting ability to protect their adopted family or their intellect to help research new power

Orcs: Generally Taller and stronger than the other races, they have nearly no magical ability, but they have a greater control of fire than the humans do. They are not stupid, but they are as aggressive as humans are, they usually are fighting humans or trading goods with them. Orcs and humans in modern day have a sort of respect for one another, but its tentative at best

Goblins: a repressed race of orc who are small and weak by comparison, they have achieved mastery of magic and have taught humans and even some elves some of the secrets

Pixies and Dark elves: faries and elves who persued dragon aligned magic, they were banished from their people and live in the west, they are formidable and tricky people.

Green Orcs/Goblins: They were a group of Orcs and goblins who left their industrial and agressive people to accept the gift of water from the Gods, they now live in harmony with the Elves and are part of their main military. Green orcs are strong, but they tend to be smaller than their brethren to the West, and Green goblins tend to be more proficient in water or nature magic then their fire aligned kin. Like humans were punished by the gods, The Dragons punished  the Green ones for siding with the gods by taking away their longevity

Gifts, Magic and Soul:

Gifts: Granted by the gods/dragons, power over a specific element is granted to the races in exchange for worship and service, to accept a gift of another races god/dragon is Heresy and is severely punished, like how the Humans or the Green Orcs were. Dragon aligned races like Orcs, goblins, humans and dark elves have the gift of fire and or electricity, the gods aligned people called the Faerie (elves, green orcs and goblins, fairies, ect)
Priests and Palidans of the Dragons/Gods are given greater command of the GIFT then others, and they can utilize the power as a mix of Soul and Magic, something that is only  granted to those who pledge themselves fully to the gods or dragons
While the Gift is given to all of your race, the persuit of greater gifts from the gods/dragons makes it harder for you to draw on Magic and Soul. By becoming dependent on the deity, you are given power that is a mix of both, and mastery of this closes off both powers to you as long as you remain faithful to the deity, to betray the deity is to loose the benifits that goes with it.

Magic: Magic is present everywhere in Kokia, but each race only absorbs specific kinds of magic. Magic can be absorbed from the surroundings and stored in the body to be used for later, or stored in items to help make potions or magical weapons. The use of magic is difficult and takes years to master.
the most diverse magic users are not affiliated with gods or Dragons, so they can utilize other elements. this is usually considered heresy though
Magic does not allow for the use of Soul, over time it changes the body to allow it to absorb magic better, but in exchange it makes it harder to utilize the soul's power, and if you become a master, you've closed off your ability to use your soul

Magic users can:
Manipulate the environment
manipulate the elements
protect their bodies with shields (though an attack greater than the sheild will cause damage)
depending on what elements they are proficient in they may be more of an attack mage or a medic
control other creatures or people (except other characters, NPC's only, and it takes focus)

Soul: inside each and every person there is a power like magic, but is unique to the person. it is their soul. This soul is weak at first, but if you train your body correctly, you will be able to feel your souls power and even manipulate it. Martial artist use their souls power to achieve super strength and other benefits. Soul is different from magic because instead of drawing power from the outside into your body, you are drawing your own power from inside your body to the outside. 
The use of your Soul makes it harder for you to use magic. The Soul changes the body over time, making it stronger and faster, but in exchange you cannot absorb magic as well as other people, and if you become a master of soul manipulation, the powers of magic are closed off to you, but you would be strong enough to fight a master magic user without a disadvantage.

Soul users can

Increase their physical strength with focus
become super resilient in a fight
make themselves lighter or heavier
Make copies of themselves
use their soul energy as an attack
move at fast speeds

Other Roleplay / [RP] Kokia: Pending Conflicts
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:39:15 AM »
Kokia: Pending Conflicts

Main races

Dark Elves
Green Orcs
Red Orcs


The story: As of now, peace rains in kokia. Humans are the dominant population on the planet, and their kingdom is by far the most affluent and powerful of the other civilizations, but the peace is tentative at best. They refer to the other races as the Faerie, both Man decend and Orgre Decend alike. War eventually might break out, and if that happens, what will be the outcome?

Races you can pick

Human: Humans are strong and smart, but because of their ancestors choice to partake of the Dragon's gift of Fire(dragon's are the sworn rivals of the gods), their lifespans are limited by the gods to be 120 years maximum, and the other elements that are under the power of the gods will not yeild to humans without their use of fire. despite these limitations they have built for themselves a powerful kingdom of Arcadia, a guild based civilization who trades freely with the other races, and has a firm place in the global economy
                Arcadian Knights: The knights are the military of the kingdom of Arcadia: they man everything from the flying ships to protecting the walls, even to march into battle. They have ranked systems of soldiers based on merits and compliance with the Knights Charter, you will be kicked out of the knights for refusing or going against an order
                Warrior Guild: Less strict on who they pick then the Royal knights. They are Mercenaries that take on everything from menial law enforcement to stopping bandits. They are the people you go to when you have a problem, and they will send the people nessesary to deal with it
              Preist Guild: Humans had done a grevous sin against the gods, the Priests guild is the place where Humans try to save their souls and lives by reconnecting with the gods. Priests who truely commit themselves give up the use of fire forged material and practice arts of healing and nature....they raise the orphans of Arcadia. They are not passive though, they will defend themselves with unique fighting styles taught to them by the Druids
                Magus Institute: Some humans were not satisfied with only the power of fire, they wanted the use of all the elements, but the gods refused to just grant them access. So a group of humans known as Magi studied and learned the ways of the elements, they wrote down their accumulated knowledge and established themselves openly in archadia as an institute of learning. People of notable intelligence who did not want to grovel at the feet of the gods went to this institute and graduated, becoming respected and powerful men in society. They do not have natural magic like the other races of man, but Humans do have the ability to draw in magic from around them and funnel it through their bodies. Some Magi are even Knights in the Royal army. They are at odds with the Priest guild though.

                 Druids: Humans that have forsaken their own people or were raised outside of the human race, and they were favored by one god or another and given new life and power and wisdom, they are no longer human, but they are not elf or dwarf, they are simply druids, who seem to have connection with the living creatures of the world, able to raise them up and make them strong, and even turn into animals themselves.

                Merchant guild: They are the union of all forms of jobs and careers, from taverns to black smithing. In the city they have strict guidlines they must meet, but outside of the city businesses are more affordable and locally owned. Merchant guilds pay the Warrior guild and in some cases the Magi or Priests to help protect their merchandise from bandits and pirates. They trade internationally with all the races, and the traveling merchants tend to go to the most exotic parts of the world to sell or barter their wares.

                 Peasants: They are the back bone of the city that lives outside of the walls in peaceful villages and tight nit communities. They are by no means wealthy, but the commerse they get from the merchants and traveling folks is enough to help them sustain their crops and have festivals. they are a superstitious and afraid of magic, so Magi tend not to go there. Priest guild has chapels built there as outreach to the community, and they spread the idea that magic was evil and of the dragons.

Elves: Distant relatives of the human, they avoided the curse of the Gods because they had not partaken of the gift of fire from the dragons, the gods sworn rival. Because of that they live a lot longer then humans do and can freely have communion with nature, while human senses are dulled to natures beauty. They are rather pompous though, and love to make fun of and look down on the humans and their folly. They are afraid of them because their weapons forged of fire can kill them. Elves look down on the hethen practice of magic, and hate the humans for openly allowing it to be practiced.
They have been known to kidnap human children from peasent villages and raise them up in the Elvish society as survents. These humans tend to learn the ways of the elves and they usually become the beings known as Druids, long lived humans who had given up the gift of fire all together to reclaim their place with the gods. They count the pact with the Dragons as loss to them, and they do not miss the ability to conjure fire.

             Warrior elves: They train with the green orcs and learn the ways of hand to hand combat, and they learn how to utilize water as a deadly weapon. trained warrior elves can conjure weapons of ice out of the air and generate wind to increase the impact of their blows, they can fly and have a vary arodynamic fighting style. The human preist Guild knows a form of this fighting style and the more powerful ones can even compete with the elves in friendly duels

             Elders: They run the Elvish society, and all of the Faerie, because of their dislike for humans the race in general doesn't like them unless they grew up with them and became Druids

            landscapers: They have developed their power over nature to help heal and replenish the forests they live in, controling them and making bounties of fresh food to eat. Elves and other races of man do not eat meat, their diets consist of fruits, vegitables and grains, if they wanted food hot, they can steam it with the power over water. 

             Green orcs: Lives in peace with the elves, they were originally the creation of the dragons, but since they partook of the gift of the gods, they were cursed by the dragons in the same way humans were cursed. Green orcs are smaller and more peaceful than their distant kin, but they are physically more powerful than any of the Faerie.
Orcs-and Goblins: Beings created by the dragons. They are intelligent and strong like humans, but they have a much longer life span than they do. They are not quite as developed with metal working and social structures as Humans are, but their raw physical might and greater command of fire gives them an edge in conflicts.
Humans and Orcs have had wars with one another for ages, Orcs saw them as usurping their deities for themselves. they have reached an agreement though, and they have started trade with one another

Goblins are the ones who introduced the concepts of magic to humans, they were one of the first to have the idea that they could transcend the shackles of the gods and dragons by gaining control of all the elements. they are a servant race to the orcs for their arrogance, but although they are physically weaker than orcs, their magic can be just as effective as brawn


There are three realms in land of Kokia

To the north and down through the center is Archadia, the kingdom of humans, it has one major city with layers upon layers of walls defending it, it is the largest standing city in the world and has commuting airships and merchants flowing in and out of it daily. Surrounding them is the Peasant villages that earn their money off of trade and commerce from farming, and extended around the borders their are sentry posts and bridges that monitor trade and commerce with the other races. Humans make their clothes out of  animal skins wool silk and leather, though they do trade with the other races to have more exotic fabrics and jewlery. Archadia is one of the only   kingdom who has flying ships, the other tribes are worried about the implications of having this advantage, even though elves can fly

To the east lie the elves and Green orcs, they have grown their cities out of nature and their unique power over water, the land they reside in has lush greens and waterfalls, it is a peaceful place, and it is nearly impossible to freely create fire there, although it doesn't take its power away entirely. Their clothes are grown from living plants and are gaudy shades of all manner of colors

To the west of Archadia resides the underground kingdom of the Orcs and goblins, their stuctures delve down for miles, mingling with the magma and burning rocks of earth below, only the wealthiest and most powerful orcs hold positions above ground, and they have a lush supply of dimonds and precious stones that stud their walls and clothing. They customarily wear clothes made of chainmail and metal as common attire, and its common  that they have studded dimonds and precious stones in their clothes.

(lol, world of warcraft photo)

JerryEDIT: Approved.

Other Entertainment / The Most Epic Music You Have Never Heard Of
« on: October 19, 2011, 04:44:24 AM »


              A unique sub-genre of Heavy metal: SGM has a melodic, deep and darkly romantic sound that is all its own. It came about in the early nineties in Europe, and has become mainstream in that part of the world, Particularly in countries like Finland.
           Symphonic Gothic metal Has a "beauty and the beast" style of vocals, The females sing in an Angelic Soprano voice while the Males have more gutteral growling to their side. Many Bands have emerged in the last two decades, and they have gained widespread support throughout Europe



Formed in Finland 1996, they have thrived 14 years on making some of the best Gothic metal out there



I Wish I Had An Angel

This Is The End Of All Hope


Within Temptation

Also formed in 1996, There sound emphasizes the beautiful voice of their singer Sharon Den Adel

Stand My Ground



The Howling

Mother Earth


Formed in 2001, one of the first Asian contributors to Symphonic Gothic Metal

Victoriam Speramus




Also known as Sahara Dust and led by Mark Jason and Simone Simons (woman in the picture)

Sancta Terra

The Last Crusade


These are only a few of the bands and songs, It is an amazing Genre

I have seen enough of the anime world to know one thing

People fantasize about two characters getting into a romantic relationship all the time, to the point where they do fan art and fanfiction about it.
 I dare you, go to google and type in any character X any other character and you WILL find art about it, no exceptions.

With that being said, who do you ship? What anime or game are they from? Why are you interested in them getting together? What evidence to you have that supports that pairing?

This is an EQUAL opportunity thread, I don't care if the pairing is strait, yuri, or yaoi, I just want too know who it is and why you would like them together


Let it be known why your pairing is your favorite, give reasons why you think they would be great together, or why it would be funny if they did

Lets keep it PG, just the romantic side of the pairing

Japanese Entertainment / VOCALOID
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:09:05 AM »

One of the coolest things they have going for them right now is the HOLOGRAM CONCERTS, which are now popping up ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES NOW



Japanese Entertainment / Higurashi: One of the all time scariest anime's
« on: October 10, 2011, 08:15:40 AM »

This anime is hands down one of the scariest anime's I've ever seen. American horror does nothing for me any more after watching this.

Highly recommended if you want to scare yourself silly.

Japanese Entertainment / LUCKY STAR
« on: October 10, 2011, 08:05:41 AM »
If you haven't seen this anime I highly recommend it to any and all anime fans, including Pokemon fans, since the main character Konata is an ardent Otaku who can name all the pokemon

Personally one of my fave cute anime to date

Roleplay Corner / (OOCC) Forsaken RP
« on: October 07, 2011, 10:54:13 PM »
Here is a link to the RP http://pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,3684.0.html
here's where you post your profile http://pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,3688.0.html

You can discuss the Forsaken RP here

Pokémon Roleplay / [Profiles] Forsaken RP
« on: October 07, 2011, 10:49:39 PM »
Post Profiles here, the RP is here http://pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,3684.0.html

this is only for profiles

bravery level-
collected pokemon (if any)-

how you died-
wandering ghost or spacial (spacial is stronger, wandering is more mobile) -

Pokémon Roleplay / [RP] Forsaken RP
« on: October 07, 2011, 04:02:31 PM »
There is a place in the pokemon world that is detached from time and space; On a fateful night, events happened their that made the whole area, including the town itself


Whenever the anniversary of the area’s disappearance happens, wandering people from all over the pokemon world are drawn into this horrible limbo. No matter where they are, they all end up walking down this wooded path, the sounds of nature slowly fades away to eerie silence as they make their way to a fork in the road. Some have been making their way down the corridors of a building when the walls slowly changed to trees, the tiles underneath their feet turning into dirt roads...Some had been happily traveling on their first journey with their starter pokemon and had fallen asleep, only to wake up in an unfamiliar place, their camp supplies in the middle of a dirt road. People have walked in on their own, or they had walked in with others at the same time.  However whoever wanders in here has always ended up becoming doomed forever...will you be different? 

Players who wish to participate have two options

One: Trainer: You can be any kind of person you want, trainer, breeder, officer jenny, anyone. However your bio must include something your characters bravery level, something they are afraid of and something that your character couldn’t ignore/resist

Profile Name:

Character Name:


Weakness (What the character can’t resist):

Short Bio:

Collected Pokemon (If Any):

Bravery Level (Cowardly to Brave):

Example: Officer Jenny is brave, but is afraid of spiders, and whenever she here’s someone call for help she has to check it out.

This way, they have an idea on how their character would react to scary situations and be able to role play off it

Two: you can either play as a ghost that inhabits one specific area and is a lot harder to fight, or a wandering ghost that can scare people on the streets but cant go into buildings. Players of R.P’s must describe how their character had died, whether they were murdered, commited suicide, any number of things. This will give your ghost a specific motif, and all ghosts must repeat the words they said on the last moments of their death…and the thoughts that were running through their heads when they had died

Example: died with her arms chopped off: floats towards players wailing “MY ARMS…MY ARMS….why?”

profile name:

Ghost name:

How character died (the more horrifying the better):

type of spirit( free roaming spirits that terrorize players on the streets, or spacial spirits/poltergeists that stay in one place and are a lot harder to deal with):

As a trainer, your pokemon will naturally be scared of its surroundings, and depending on their fear level, they may not be able to function properly in the world.  Ghosts for the moment are immune to any and all attacks, however acquiring certain items in the place will allow you to drive off the ghosts temporarily, giving you time to run away and find clues.

The goal: find what has caused the forsaken land to become displaced from reality and how to reverse it, allowing the tortured spirits to be free and you to return to the land where you came from. The ghosts goal is to scare them and make it harder for them to solve the mystery.

Note: Traditional Ghost type pokemon are not immune to attack, only pokemon and humans that died inside the Forsaken Town have this effect

JerryEDIT: Approved

Fan Fiction & Writing / Evil Begets Evil: Rise of Darchu Part one
« on: October 04, 2011, 07:02:36 AM »
This Story will be written in several perspectives. However the two main ones are the Trainer Rin and his Pikachu. I will have their name posted above when they are speaking in their perspective.

Chapter one: Wagers



I have to say it is a lot of fun to watch these competitions now a days. I had been down in that ring for a good part of my young life, fighting with trainer after trainer to earn the fleeting title of "pokemon master". Through all my journeys in the world, I had my Pikachu. It looked ordinary enough, although it had harder muscles and a firmer appearance than your average electric mouse. his fur on the top of his head was fairly long too, almost like hair in a way. He also liked to keep his ears flat for some reason, adding to his knowing facial expressions. 



There were thousands here watching this fight, five tears of seats, packed to standing room only of screaming fans, adding their voices to the din. I kind of missed the old days when I could sit in the stands and not get recognized and harassed by fans, but having your own booth is nice too.

I coughed and wispered into my Pikachu's ear

"5000 yen says Machamp wins"

It smirked and swished its tail, "your on"

yeah, you wouldn't think that was the toughest looking pokemon in the world, but my buddy packed one hell of a punch. I looked at him as he rested on my sholder, looking eagerly at the fight between Onix and a Machamp on the field below us. They both looked eager to battle. Machamp was flexing its muscles, and this one looked especially intimidating. The Onix was no slouch either, it was obviously bred to be bigger than normal, because this thing was at least thirty five feet long and super thick....if I got the chance I would have to ask him his secret.


you could barely hear the trainers yell out their moves, but the way their pokemon hopped at their commands, you could tell both were exceptional trainers.

Onix flew into the air, whipping its body into a front flip and slamming its tail downward at full force. For something so huge, it had a lot of mobility and agility, like it was used to being a lot heavier and now it was on the moon. It wasnt fast enough though, Machamps powerful body gripped the onix like he was nothing and tossed him across the ring. Dust erupted as its body ground to a halt, trying to correct itself from being thrown like a rag doll.

"You still holding your bet that Onix is going to win?" I asked, eyebrow raised. These pokemon were ridiculously strong, these trainers had put some serious work into getting them in shape, but after a toss like that, Machamp seemed nearly unbeatable now

Pikachu smirked knowingly and wagged its finger at me "Just because its a fighting type it doesn't mean Machamp is going to win

People were staring at my pokemon even in our secluded booth. When I had found him, he could speak "human" perfectly. He was beaten and bruised at the time, I had no idea what kind of hardships he had gone through, but that hard and cold pokemon softened over the years. I didn't capture him, that's the funny thing. He wasn't even my pokemon.

To sum it up, he chose me, and I couldn't of been happier to have him. now he was a bit soft around the waist, no where near as coiled as he was in his prime. Pikachu was getting up in the years, kind of like how I was. Sure thirty five isnt that old by people standards, but most trainers stop traveling and get decent jobs around twenty five. Professional training was a hard life, you had to be good to make a living at it.

the fight continued below, onix was making good moves, but the Machamp was too good. I caught the faint yell "Earthquake!!" from the trainer, and the Onix responded by slamming the ground, vibating his whole body 


The Machamp had a firm footing, but it was getting jarred by the constant vibrations. Taking his chance, the boy ordered his pokemon to rap around the machamp. As powerful as it was, it couldnt get any leverage to get out of the bind.

I could feel the smug look on my pokemon's face as it playfully stuck its tongue out "told ya, He's cooked now" I faked a pout and leaned back

 "Its not over yet..."

"oh don't be a sore looser"


I sat up, looking at the field, the Machamp seemed to of gained some footing, what a thrilling match! I wanted to be down there...show those kids a thing or too...

Amazingly, Machamp leaped up into the air, Onix still rapped tightly around him and proceeded to piledrive into the stadium, sending a shockwave that knocked my wine bottle off the table. A billowing cloud of smoke filled the whole ring, on lookers looked intently at the clearing debree...trying to see a winner....


"Double the bet?" Pikachu asked slyly
"your on" I didnt even look at him, this was too good

they stared eachother down, Giant rock snake and four armed muscle bound Goliath.....until My bet fell flat on his face in the dirt


"YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" hooted my pikachu on the railing of our booth, dancing with glee
"I won, I won, hell yeah buddy, that is ten thousand yen my friend, and I want that in small bills"
he moon walked on the metal, blowing kisses to the audience like he had won the actual match.

"ah well, I know what your spending that on...."

"darn right...Poke'spa here I come!"

chapter two: Paradise end

Pikachu is heading back to his room
I've heard that revenge is a dish best served cold, but victory is delivered by the the bubbly goodness of a hotspring. I could feel my muscles loosening from my workout at the gym. I would love to say I was as powerful as my heyday, but hey I was in retirement, so no biggie. I raised my paws up to my face, gripping them into fists and letting of a barrage of punches. My arms still blurred, I could hold my own with any fighting type without resorting to electricity.
The wood floor of the walk way felt good on my freshly scrubbed paws. I was so relaxed I almost missed the guy on the roof

....and his friends

I could tell by the smell who they were...team rocket.

These weren't normal lackies either, these were well trained fighters. I could bearly pick them up with my senses, and that was saying something. I needed to play calm, they were not going to attack me just yet...they were bracing themselves, feeling for their Pokeballs and guns....


I reached deep inside, building up as much power as I could while looking normal....trying to keep the look of a content Pikachu padding its way to its trainers room....

one of the goons slipped, a tile from the slanted roof fell down....

before it had reached the ground I had let out my attack, The rice paper walls and hard oak wood shattared at the force of my Thunder as it arched into the air.

they leaped off the roof as it was being demolished, firing their guns strait at me in mid air. I ran for it, dodging the darts as they embedded into the wood. They were trying to capture me

after all this time

why now?


Pokeballs flooded the air...how many of these guys were their, I couldn't tell in all this chaos and darkness...all I knew is all around me, Big puffed up Monkies were appearing in ray's of blue light. these things were mad with the conditioning and brainwashing they had gone through...I should know.

Smog filled the air from the weezing that hovered above, cutting off my exits...other people in the spa were letting out surprised yells before being silenced. pokemon were being forced into bags left and right...this was an organized assult, true Rocket style. The Primate closed in on me, flaring with rage as it tried to catch me....I swivled on my paws and faced my assailants

how I wished Rin was here

I ducked under a glowing fist of the first mankey, letting it crash through the support pillar of the roof before dealing an uppercut into his jaw and slamming my hind legs into its puffy yet hard body, sending it flying into the two behind him. they rolled into the coy pond below as their allies leaped into the air, doing syncronized high jump kicks

My body quaked as I flooded it with electricity


I fired up the wall and took these Primate at an angle, surging their fur with the impact and power of my attack. They were sent flying through the building across the zen garden.  I was open now though, and these Rockets were too skilled to not take advantage of it. one tackled me and put a dart gun right into my chest

"Man I wish I could kill you...." he growled

a familiar shadow crept over him as I smirked "you shouldnt of said that"

Rin slammed his leg into the crouching mans gut, flipping him through the air and making him double over. his hand darted to his face, catching three of the darts that the charging goons shot at him.

God I loved that guy

I got to my feet and stood beside him "yeah, we are under attack"
"you think"
we charged in unison, Rin grabbed on of the dart guns and fired off a few clips, knocking a few rocket members and Primate unconcious as I head butted into a group. Man I felt so alive, we hadn't tango'd with these guys in years.
And then everything was white, all I could hear is the roar of helicopters now.

A gunshot Roared in the chaos, sounding particularly sinister and deadly to my ears

As my vision cleared I saw my friend fall down to his knees....

his eyes wide open in shock as he looked at his chest, blood pooling from it and staining his bath robe. I couldn't beleive what I was seeing....

blood was splattered behind him on the wood floor....

I stood their in shock as he fell on his face


I screamed and ran to his side, not caring that we were getting surrounded. the helecopter and all its men let me play out my grief like it was some sick play to them. I turned him over

"Rin...Rin don't leave me!!!"

"Pikachu...." His eyes glazed over as I held his head....

no nononononononononoono

hugged him tightly as they slowly crept forward. 

"you bastards.....you....bastards"

 I was quaking with rage....
electricity sparking off of my cheeks as I turned around. ropes rolled out of the helicopter and men slid down it...
including Geovanni...
The man...who was my original trainer. Who had forced me to work with these goons when I was nothing but a Pichu

"Long time no see...Darchu"

"Dont you DARE call me that...." they all raised their guns at my sudden movement.

"Im going to kill you....you son of a B*tch..."

"thats no way to talk to your master"

I was boiling with rage....
why did they...
we were so happy...

! screamed with madness and grief, firing off thunderbolts at random, not caring what I hit, the men scattared as the attacks arched around the burning buildings, goons died left and right as I raged on. Rin was gone, my happiness was over...they had come to take me away from him...from my new life. Geovanni was on me before I could think, shooting me point blank with a tranquilizer...

I lay on my side, looking at my dead friend.... Geovanni reached behind him, grabbing a black ball that he had stashed away. He sneered as he pointed the vile thing at me. I vowed I'd never go back in that thing...not ever

"Heheheheh...we got big plans for you my old friend....big plans....DARCHU, RETURN" I faded from consciousness as I was pulled in...knowing that nothing was ever going to be the same again.

(so that's my first story on this site, I'll have more up when I get the time)

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