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Other Roleplay / [OOCC] Omnicide II
« on: September 05, 2011, 05:25:40 am »
Post all OOCC (Out of Character Conversation) here.

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Omnicide II
« on: September 04, 2011, 05:50:42 am »
Here I will post profiles for Omnicide II. Possible the greatest Role Play on PU? We'll see.


PU Name: Mr Pokemon
Omnicide Name: Gus
RP Age: 37
Bio: Gus was a Gas station attendant, until one day he decided to do something different and rob a bank. He went in armed with a sawed off double barrel shotgun, and without a clearly thought out plan, was quickly arrested. However, instead of going to jail, he was taken by the executives of Omnicide, which was his favorite show until they started showing re-runs. He never thought he would become a part of it.
Personality: Rough, gruff, and some other stuff.
Image (Optional): This, minus the kid.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Omnicide II
« on: September 04, 2011, 05:24:44 am »
The players escaped. The game was cancelled. For 12 years they played re-runs. People tired of Omnicide, and stopped watching. The owners lost money, and had to do something before they were forced to go on the streets. They gathered a new group of players, a total of 60, and divided them again into 4 teams of 15. The rules are the same, however this time, they prepared for a breakout. Security is doubled, and the guards are highly trained. They removed the firing range, replacing it with an empty room called the "Multipurpose room," although its main use was for beating unruly players who decided not to fight.

Ground Rules:
These rules must be followed at all times while RPing. They shouldn't be too hard to follow if you just use some common sense.
If a rule is broken once it will result in a warning. If it is broken again, you may be kicked out. However, there will be a vote amongst the other RPers to decide.

-No God modding. This means that you cannot control other RPers against their will.
-You cannot make your character overpowered. This makes the RP less fun for others, and quite honestly, yourself. Please be realistic, if you don't know if something is possible, assume it isn't.
-Use proper grammar and spelling. People will take you more seriously if you do this. Plus, it is hard to read and understand, and gets very annoying.
-Please don't make ridiculously short posts that say next to nothing. If you are going to make a post, at least put some time and effort into it. Nobody wants to read through 3 pages of posts that aren't necessary.

Profile Skeleton (Send me, filled out, in PM):

PU Name:
Omnicide Name:
RP Age:
Image (Optional):

You may not use the same character as you did in the first Omnicide.
That wouldn't make sense, now, would it.
And also, be creative. Don't copy characters from other games or shows/movies, that is plagiarism.

JerryEDIT: Approved as exception given the previous success of the RP :)

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Dark Arts
« on: August 30, 2011, 06:55:45 am »
Here I (and only I) Will post profiles for Dark Arts.
They will be updated as stats are updated.

PU name: Mr Pokemon
Character name: Stoore
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Defender
Race: Half-Breed
Traits: Thick Skin
Stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
             12            2              2               10             4           30
Bio: Stoore was raised in a poor home, with poor parents. The only thing he knew was work and on some rare occasions, a meal. When he was old enough, Stoore left the hardship behind and set out to find better times in the cities to the east. He was drawn into being a soldier due to his both his physical strength and his desire to do good. Stoore is kind-hearted, but easily manipulated due to his lack of intelligence.
Image: Will find one

Other Roleplay / [RP] Dark Arts
« on: August 30, 2011, 06:24:47 am »
Magic is the tool of evil.
Only twisted men with horrible goals are able to wield it. To them it is a great asset, but to the forces of good, it must be stopped. Many great wars have been fought over the magic, and many great men have fallen to evil trying to obtain it.
In a time of desperation, people turn to warriors of good to save them, and destroy evil. However, with many obstacles and enemies in the way, it will not be an easy battle.
The world is in constant need of new soldiers.
Are you a coward, or will you join the fight?

Character sheet: (Send to me in PM if you want to join)
PU name:
Character name:
Image (Optional):


(Abilities that are available immediately may always be used by the character. Some abilities are available when a certain stat or stats reach certain levels. Some abilities may be taught by NPCs or from items.)

: The Blademaster is an expert in melee weapons. He cuts down foes quickly with high Strength and accuracy. However he is prone to being attacked. The Blademaster is the only class capable of duel wielding weapons other than daggers.

Base Stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      12           8              6                10            6           18

-Duel Wield [Available Immediately] - Wield two 1 handed weapons at once. Damage of off-hand weapon reduced by 50%.
-Power Attack [Available Immediately] - Inreases damage of one attack by 50% (If duel wielding increases total damage) Drains 10% of health of user.
-Swift strikes [Must be learned] - Grants 4 attacks of 25% power. These attacks may be used on a single enemy or divided between multiple enemies.
-Spinning Attack [Must be learned] - Strike 2 different enemies with one attack of 40% power.
-Devastating blow [Available at 18 Strength] - Attack with both weapons at once. Deals 150% damage. 40% chance of miss.
-Concentrate [Available at 18 Accuracy] - Next 2 attacks will not miss.
More abilities will be added.

Scholar: The Scholar prefers brains over brawn. He understands the human body and can cure most ailments and injuries. The scholar uses a one-handed weapon, and although he may not be as skilled as other warriors, he is still a formidable opponent.

Base Stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      8            6              14               8              8           16

-First Aid [Available Immediately] - Restore health to self or ally (1d6 x 1/10Int.)
-Antidote [Available Immediately] - Cure self or ally of poison.
-Potion of strength [Must be learned] - Grant an ally a temporary +50% Strength.
-Agility Elixir [Must be learned] - Grant an ally a temporary +50% Agility.
-Find Weakness [Available at 18 Intelligence] - Increase damage on one enemy by 30%.
-Quick Surgery [Available at 22 Intelligence] - Revive an ally from near death during battle.
More abilities will be added.

Defender: The Defender lives by his shield, with a sworn duty to protect others. He is capable of bearing many attacks, and able to return them as well. A Defender is capable of using one handed weapons, and carrying a shield.

Base stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      10           4              4                10            6          26

Block [Available Immediately] - All attacks on Defender are reduced by 50% for one turn.
Shield Attack [Available Immediately] - Attacks with shield, attack does 50% damage. Enemy has 50% chance of being stunned for 1 turn.
Threaten [Must be learned] - All enemies attack Defender next turn.
Tough Skin [Available at 10 Strength] - All attacks on Defender are reduced by 25% for the duration of the battle.
Stand Between [Available at 36 Health] - Stand between an enemy and an ally, taking all damage that would normally go to your ally. You can only Stand Between one Ally at a time.
More ablilites will be added.

: The Thief is an expert at picking locks as well as pockets. He can find treasure, loot, and traps more easily than other classes. The thief duel wields daggers or uses a one handed weapon, and even though he may lack strength, he is quick and hard to hit.

Base stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      6            12            6                8              12         16

Duel Wield Daggers [Available Immediately] - Wield two daggers at once. Damage of off hand weapon reduced by 50%.
Steal [Available Immediately] - Steal gold or an item from an enemy. Chance increases by one percent with every Agility point. (Base chance: 20%)
Detect Treasure [Available Immediately] Detect treasure more easily than other warriors, granting you more gold and loot.
Sneak [Must be learned] - Sneak by an enemy undetected. Chance increases by one percent with every Evasion point. (Base chance: 40%)
Detect Traps [Must be learned] - Detect hidden traps and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Prepare [Available at 16 Evasion] - Prepare for the enemy's next attack, increasing evade chance by 50%.
Counter [Available at 16 Agility] - Increases dodge chance of enemy's next attack by 30%. If evade is successful, counter with a 75% power attack.
More abilities will be added.

Archer: The Archer is a master of the bow. He is also known for his great vision and deadly senses. The Archer is fast and deadly, a good addition to any party.

Base stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      7           12             8                10             7          16

Preemptive strike [Available Immediately] - Strike before the battle begins.
Search [Available Immediately] - You are always searching for enemies, and can see them before your allies.
Multi-shot [Must be learned] - Shoot 3 arrows from your bow. Each has 50% power and has a 50% accuracy penalty. You may aim at different targets.
Aimed Strike [Must be learned] - Your next attack will deal 180% damage and will not miss. This ability cannot be used in combination with Preemptive strike.
Examine [Available at 12 Intelligence] Examine the environment, looking for traps, treasure, or enemies.
Poisoned Arrow [Available at 16 Agility] - Strike with a poisoned arrow. Does 50% damage, enemy is poisoned and loses 5% of health each turn.
More abilities will be added.

Ranger: The Ranger is a master of stealth. He excels at making swift, deadly accurate strikes without being seen.

Base Stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      8            10            6                12             8          16

Throw Weapon [Available Immediately] - Throw your weapon for 150% damage. Hit chance lowered by 25%. This ability cannot be used twice in a row.
Stealthiness [Available Immediately] - Every turn, if you are in a party, you have a 50% chance of remaining undetected by enemies.
Shadow Strike [Must be learned] - While you are undetected, you may attack for 200% power. However, after you use this ability, you are no longer undetected.
Poisoned blade [Must be learned] - Attack an enemy for 50% damage. The enemy is now poisoned and loses 5% health each turn.
Coordinated strikes [Available at 15 Accuracy] - Your next two attacks will not miss.
Slink into Shadow [Available at 16 Agility] - Gives a 75% chance of returning to undetected state.

Druid: The Druid calls upon nature to aid him. He is capable of summoning creatures and having a familiar. The Druid wields a staff and high intelligence, although he is weak otherwise.

Base Stats: Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
                      6            6             14                10            8          16     

Familiarity [Available Immediately] - Grants the ability to obtain a familiar. A familiar will attack alongside the Druid and is required for some abilities.
Falcon [Available Immediately] - Call upon a falcon to strike your enemy. Deals 1d6 times 1/10 Intelligence.
Herb-law [Must be Learned] - Grants ability to make healing potions from ingredients found while adventuring. Quality of potions depends on ingredients used.
Vine-Guard [Must be Learned] - Wrap yourself in thick vines, reducing incoming damage by 30%
Entangle [Available at 18 Intelligence] - Entangle a foe in vines, cutting his agility and evasion by half for the duration of the battle.
Command [Available at 22 Intelligence] - Command your Familiar to brutally attack the enemy, dealing 200% normal familiar damage.
More abilities will be added.

Available Familiars:
- Rat: It's a mangy rat, what do you want me to say? [1d2]
- Cat: A typical house cat, it's nothing special, but it's better than a rat. [1d4]
- Lynx: A medium sized cat, characterized by tufts on its ears and a short tail. [2d3]
- Hound: A vicious dog, this will probably be better than a cat. [2d4]
- Eagle: An eagle with razor talons and a sharp beak [3d4]
- Wolf: Wolves are deadly, need I say more? [2d8]
- Wyvern: A small yet powerful wyvern, capable of dealing great harm. [3d6]
- Bear: A vicious, powerful bear. [2d12]
- Griffin: A very devastating hybrid of beasts. [3d10]
- Dragon: The Dragon is the ultimate familiar. Very hard to obtain, and even harder to train. [2d20]



Human: The standard race, no bonuses or disadvantages.

Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   +/-0       +/-0          +/-0           +/-0         +/-0      +/-0

Half-Breed: Half-Breeds are part animal and part human. Nobody knows how the first half-breeds came along, but they are fairly common. Half-breeds tend to be more aggressive and powerful than other races, but lack intelligence.

Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   +2           -1             -2             +/-0           -1         +2

Celestial: Before written records, a group of people with advanced technology was found on an island. They were believed to be from the stars due to the magnificence of their city. Nobody knows where they are originally from. Celestials are more intelligent than other races, although physically weaker.

Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   -2          +/-0         +3              +1           +/-0        -2

Demon spawn: One of the eldest sentient species on the planet, the Demon Spawn are strong, albeit slightly more fragile than other races. Their intelligence is equal to that of a half-breed, though they are much faster.

Strength - Agility - Intelligence - Accuracy - Evasion - Health
   +1           +2            -2               -1             +1        -1


Combat will take the form of a dice based system. Different weapons will have different die rolls. All dice rolls will use this format: x d n, where x is the number of dice and n is the number of sides on the die. For example, a weapon with 3d6 means that, for a normal attack, 3 six-sided dice will be rolled. The damage of that attack will be between 3 and 18.
The dice format will appear in some abilities as well, such as a Scholar's First Aid.

In combat, the unit with the highest agility will go first. They may either attack, use an ability, or flee. If two units have the same agility, then it is decided by Evasion. If their evasion is the same, then a 6-sided die will be rolled, whoever rolls higher goes first.

Evasion and Accuracy: Every point of accuracy increases the chance you will hit by one percent, up to, of course, 100%. Every point of Evasion decreases the chance you will be hit by two percent. For example, if Player 1 has 10 accuracy and Enemy has 10 Evasion, then Player 1 has a 90% chance to hit Enemy with a regular attack.

Strength: Every point of strength multiplies your melee attack power by .1, so 10 strength does nothing to your melee attack power, whereas a strength of 15 will multiply melee attack power by 1.5. So, if Player 1 has 15 strength and rolls a 6 on his attack roll, then he will do 9 damage.

Agility: As mentioned above, Agility controls the order of attacks. Agility also acts as the strength of ranged attacks. So every point of Agility multiplies your Ranged attack power by .1.



(Traits can be used by any class or race. A maximum of two may be selected, but none need to be chosen.)

Brutality - You are more Brutal than your fellow adventurers. This trait increases strength while hindering your accuracy. [+1 strength, -1 Accuracy]

Four Eyes - Your vision is impaired, and you require glasses. This somehow makes you smarter, though. [+1 Intelligence, -1 Accuracy]

Small Frame - You are smaller than others. This makes you weaker, but more agile. [+1 Agility and Evasion, -1 Strength and Health]

Calm Mind - Your mind is at peace. Although you take longer to launch attacks, they are more thought through, and rarely miss. [+2 Accuracy, -2 Agility]

Thick Skin - With thicker skin, you are able to resist more attacks and survive longer than others. However, you are less agile. [+2 Health, -1 Agility and Evasion]

Paranoia - You are always worried that something will happen. This keeps you on edge and ready to dodge attacks. [+1 Evasion, -1 Intelligence]

JerryEDIT: Approved! :)

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] The Omnicide Reality
« on: February 27, 2011, 11:06:45 am »
This is where the profiles for the Omnicide Games will go. OOCC will also go here, if you wish to talk out of character.

The skeleton for profiles is this:

PU Name:
Omnicide Name:
RP Age:
Image (Optional):

If you wish to join, please send this to me in a PM

Here is my profile:

PU Name: Mr Pokemon
Omnicide Name: Demos
RP Age: 19
Bio: Demos was born after the chaos had struck. He was used to the violence. However, he never thought anything horrible would happen to him. When he was 9, his mother was killed in a gang shooting. His father took to drinking, and Demos ran away. He met Aria, a girl a year older than him, who like him, had run from home. Demos and Aria fell in love, they spent every moment together, they were each others escape from the horrible reality. Then, one day, Aria became sick. At first it seemed like nothing. A cough here and there, headaches..
One day she woke up, tried to stand, and couldn't. Demos knew he had to get help. The nearest doctor was 21 miles away, however. Demos didn't care. He picked her up, and ran, and didn't stop. By the time they got there, Demos fell unconscious. The doctor came out of his small tent, and saw both of them. Demos wished he never woke.
"I'm sorry" said the doctor. "There's nothing we can do now.." The words still ring in his head.
Personality: Dark, quiet, and easily angered.
Image (Optional):

General Chat / [Guild] Pulse
« on: February 25, 2011, 01:24:10 am »

Welcome to the Pulse Network. The good guys of Pokemon Universe. This guild is for anybody willing to be active and contribute to the guild. There are no real requirements other than activity. However, there will be a limited amount of people in the guild, and everyone should know another by name and personality.

If the numbers grow too large, we will not accept any more members. If you are inactive for a long period of time and have not notified somebody that you will be back, you may find yourself gone, and somebody else taken your place.

The Pulse logo is located at the top. Members may place the logo in their signature, although it is not required.

Please post here or send me a Player message if you wish to join.

Mr Pokemon

Other Roleplay / [RP] The Omnicide Reality
« on: February 24, 2011, 06:58:35 am »
The year is 2132. There is no government. There is no order. All hope is lost. Then came the game. Omnicide they called it. 40 random players were chosen in the beginning. They selected their weapons, and entered an arena. Those who didn't fight were put to death. Those who fought and died would come back in the "infirmary." Every week, the last 10 players on the scoreboard are killed to satisfy the people's blood lust. The only good the Omnicide Games have brought is the settling of some riots and crimes. The Omnicide Games test your mental and physical capabilities, and have crushed many minds and bodies before.  Now, you have been selected. You and the other participants have escaped, and are now taking your places in the outside world. With your newfound fame, you could become great...
Or die trying.


Profile Skeleton (Send me, filled out, in PM):

PU Name:
Omnicide Name:
RP Age:
Image (Optional):


JerryEDIT: Approved.

Other Chat / Your Wierd Dreams
« on: January 07, 2011, 10:34:23 pm »
You know you have them. Post any of your strange dreams here, unless you are too embarrassed by them.

I'll start with one of mine:
This was a reoccurring dream I had when I was younger. The school building was my house, and a bunch of us were outside at recess. All of a sudden, a dragon like creature appeared high in the sky. It was slowly coming towards the ground. However, nobody panicked, we just walked through the garage and into the house.

Other Roleplay / [Pending] Medieval Times OOCC and Profiles
« on: November 18, 2010, 02:30:16 am »
This is the OOCC & Profiles thread for the RP Medieval Times (Obviously)
I will post the accepted profiles on this thread and you may post any OOCC (Out of character conversation) you have here.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Medieval Times
« on: November 17, 2010, 01:28:14 am »
War is coming.
Knights and soldiers ride off to foreign lands to fight against a powerful enemy, the Samil's. They leave their families and whatever lives they had once had behind. The region known as Osterion has been turned from a peaceful place to a land of fear, hate, and treason. King Byron IV has descended from sanity, increasing the chaos in Osterion. You live in the town of Atlattel, a relatively small town that, much like the others, is becoming chaotic. You have potential to accomplish many things in your life, but it is up to you what you want to do.

Jobs (If you have a request for a new job I should add, PM me or post it on the OOCC thread)

  You fight for your land. You are skilled with your weapon(s), yet not as good as a knight. You live in the towns barracks, waiting for the call to arms. Meanwhile, you live like a normal person.

  You are the leader of soldiers. You are the one responsible for keeping them ready for battle, and commanding them when the time of battle comes. You, too live in the barracks, although in a nicer room, with a nicer bed.

  You are a knight in training. You envy the knights you see riding by, and wish to one day become one. Your training schedule is rigorous, though, and you barely have time to do much but eat, sleep, and practice. You live with your master. He teaches you of chivalry and trains you in the ways of the knight

  You are an elite soldier. Knights are most often armed with a lance, sword and shield, but you may choose different weapons if you wish. You probably own your own house in your town, but if you travel a lot, you will often stay in inns.

  You travel the lands, playing your music for people to make a living. You probably don't have a home, but instead stay at inns wherever you travel. You are well traveled, and people like to talk with you to find out what is going on in other places of the world.

  You trade your goods to whoever will buy them. You may travel short distances or long, wherever you can get the most money.

  You are a master of metals. You make weapons, armor, and tools for those who need them. You normally find a town and settle there, making whatever the townspeople require, but you may travel, selling your goods to different places.

  As a craftsman, you are a master of making many things. You sell them to whoever needs them. These goods may range from leathers and clothing to pottery.

  You live off the land, planting and harvesting crops to sell at the market. You probably have cattle and a variety of other livestock. You have probably never traveled far from your farm, but it is possible that you have done a bit of exploring in your time.

  The world has been harsh to you. You are the laughing stock of society. Every day you beg for money, food, water, and clothes.

  God is your way of life. Your religion dominates all. You live with your brothers in the monastery and pray many times daily.

-Town Crier
  If there is news, it is your job to get it out. Armed with a cowbell, you go around town yelling to let everybody know what is going on.

  Much like a soldier, you have skill with weapons and are a good fighter. You also live in the town's barracks. Unlike the soldier, though, you guard the town or the important people who require protection.

  You are a master of swords, as your name implies. You train squires to become knights, or men to become soldiers. It is likely that you are one of the towns important people, and you are close to the lord of the area.

  You are in training for a specific trade. You may be training to become a blacksmith, a craftsman, and so on. You train with your master for a while before taking on the trade for yourself.
  Much as the name implies, you steal things. Usual armed with a dagger or sword, you steal either gold or objects from people, whether they are in their shops or walking along the road.

  Ranger's are masters of stealth. You have the ability to move silently, blend in with your surroundings, and shoot a bow with incredible accuracy. Becoming a ranger takes constant practice and even more still to maintain your abilities.

  You are an advisor to the king. You are wise, but probably unskilled in combat. You usually require an armed escort if you wish to travel, unless you wish to be held for ransom or killed.

  You live on your own. You travel around, finding your own money, however you can. People tend to stay away from you, and they might have good reason to.

  As a master of murder, you are payed to kill targets. You may work for one specific person or group, or travel around and work for many individuals.

*Upon request only

Map of important locations. This is not a map of all the towns, just some of the important ones. It also shows the two warring regions.

Profile Skeleton (Please send filled out to me in a PM)

PU Name:
RP Name:

Other Games / Steam
« on: September 13, 2010, 10:22:02 pm »
If you have a Steam account, feel free to post your username here, and what games you have.
For those of you who don't know what Steam is, it is basically a game launching software. You can buy lots of games on it, too. I recommend installing it.

My username is Mcskill_It, and I play Counterstrike: Source and Garry's Mod

Other Roleplay / Ender's Game OOCC and Profiles
« on: August 16, 2010, 04:28:50 pm »
Post your OOCC here, and I'll post the profiles that you PM me.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Ender's Game
« on: August 16, 2010, 03:40:42 pm »
After finishing Ender's Shadow not too long ago, I decided that the Battle School would make a great RP. The only problem I saw was that not many people may join. There is only one way to test that out, so here goes. (Even if you haven't read Ender's Game, if you read this you might catch on)

-Please follow all the global RP rules
-Don't make yourself too good, or advance too fast
-No godmodding! I can't stress this enough.
-Be realistic

The Buggers have launched two invasions on Earth. Now is our time to retaliate. The I.F (International Fleet) Have sent a fleet to the Bugger's World, now it is five years later, and the I.F is looking for the commanders of this fleet. In about five years, the human fleet will reach the Bugger's world. Brilliant children from all over the world are being taken to what is know as battle school. A large, floating building in outer space, it is the first school the children go to to becoming commanders. The main focus of battle school is the battle room, a zero-gravity box where two armies of 40 kids hold mock battles. Located in the room are what are know as stars. Stars are boxes that float in the middle of the room, adding more strategy to the game. In order to win, one army must have four soldiers press their heads against the corners of the other teams gate, or entryway. Another soldier must pass through. This ends the battle. The Children wear suits that freeze when hit by a beam from one of the guns. When frozen, a soldier cannot move that part of their body until the end of the battle. If completely frozen, a soldier is "killed" and will drift for the duration of the battle. There are 21 armies in battle school-
    * Asp - orange, orange, brown
    * Badger black, brown, brown
    * Condor - black, blue, black
    * Centipede - green, brown, green
    * Dragon - grey, orange, grey
    * Ferret - white, brown, white
    * Flame - red, orange, yellow
    * Griffin - orange, yellow, red
    * Hound - black, brown, black
    * Leopard - orange, black, black
    * Manticore - red, orange, red
    * Phoenix - orange, orange, red
    * Rabbit - grey, white, grey
    * Rat - grey, green, green
    * Salamander - green, green, brown
    * Scorpion - black, orange, black
    * Spider - black, black, red
    * Squirrel -brown, white, white
    * Tide - white, white blue
    * Tiger - orange, orange, black
    * Wave - blue, white, blue
The three colors represent the flash suit colors, and the ribbons on the wall that guide students to their coridors. This RP takes place about 5 years before Ender's Game, so you will not meet any of the characters from the book.

Profile Skeleton:
PU name:
Char. Name:
Age: (between 6 and 10)

Starting Off:_____
All characters start as launchies first arriving in the battle school. Before you are placed in an army, you must go through the tour of battle school, an introduction to the battle room etc. This will allow you to meet other RPers in your launch group, or characters you make, and make it seem more realistic. This can be one post too, such as, "After being taught the basics of the battle room, *insert name here* was taken on a tour of the battle school. He faced lots of name calling from the older kids, but pushed it aside. The next day, he woke up and headed to his Algebra class, which seemed like it took forever, he had learned all of this stuff back on Earth."
You should include some interaction with other people, I was just making an example. After you feel your character is ready to be introduced to an army, you may do so, and then the rest of your story is up to you.

In-Forum Games / [Game] Song Parodies
« on: August 13, 2010, 01:30:53 pm »
Here, you can post song parodies related to PU, Pokemon, or really anything. Just post a video of the actual song and the new lyrics. I'd like this to not die out..

Parody of I Am an Alcoholic (NoFX)

I liked going to school,
I didn't wanna fool around with games,
but all my friends were trying them

I had to get stuff done,
I wasn't fun,
I didn't try PU till I was 21,
And now I'm overcompensating.

I'd like to see what daylight looks like,
I don't want to post, night after night,
I want to wake up, without a laptop,
But I can't cause I'm a forum active PU addict (x4)

At 28, I realised,
PU really wasn't that great,
For meeting girls, [spoiler]and getting laid[/spoiler],
I decided to spend some time,
Going outside,
It's too bad I'm agoraphobic.

And now I know what daylight looks like,
but only when I see it on a picture website,
My friends are telling me I need to stop posting,
But I won't cause I'm a Forum Active PU addict (x3)
Can't, stop, posting stuff

This parody was made entierly for entertainment purposes. It does not, in any way, represent any members of the PU community, or what PU will do to you. So please, do not stop posting on PU because you read this (And probably sang it in your head)

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