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Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Rescue the Princess
« on: August 24, 2014, 06:56:49 pm »

-You may currently only have ONE profile. This is to encourage more player to player interaction. There is the possibility that more profiles can be added later, and if your character dies (by your choice), you may make another.
-The GM may reject any profile at any time and is not required to present a reason as to why.
-Read both the RP and OOCC threads before creating a character for the RP.
-Profiles must be PM'd to the GM. Do not post them here.
-There is currently no limit to the amount of spots available in the RP.


Code: [Select]
[b]Username:[/b](Your PU username)
[b]Race:[/b](You may choose from one of the four races listed in the OOCC. Keep in mind that each race has their own abilities)
[b]Name:[/b] (Your character's name)
[b]Age:[/b] (See OOCC guidelines for your race's average age)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)
[b]Personality:[/b] (What is your character like?)
[b]Technique:[/b] (How does your character fight in battle?)
[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] (This is your character's main choice of a weapon and the one that they are most proficient with, see OOCC for recommendations for each race)
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] (This is your character's backup weapon. Humans may choose two. See OOCC for recommendations)
[b]Garments:[/b](What does your character wear? See OOCC for recommendations)
[b]Bio:[/b] (What is your character's past? You may also want to include anything about where they are from. Additionally, they will be required to meet with the king to go searching for his daughter.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Please provide an image for your character.)

Other Roleplay / [OOCC] Rescue the Princess
« on: August 24, 2014, 06:41:40 pm »
GM- GrizzlyEatsKids
SubGM- None, but one will be appointed if required. I am open to suggestions to better the RP from all members.

RP Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php?topic=5074.msg133183#msg133183


Once brimming with beings of different races, the land of Sapience is far less inhabited than it is now.

-Race Locations: The human kingdoms and towns are located throughout the Midlands. What little remains of the elves are scattered throughout the different forests. The dwarven mines and fortresses are mostly found in the mountains to the east. The orc strongholds are located in the Wastelands.

-Haven: The capitol of the human kingdom and where the High King's castle is located. It it situated right in the center of the Midlands.

-The Forest of Spirits: A mysterious forest that has been avoided by all people since before the war. It is unknown as to exactly why, but everyone is afraid to enter. Many rumors surround this place.

-The City of Brass: At one time before the war it was being built as an enormous city where all of the races could live together and interact. It contains technology of a seemingly far more advanced time. The Civil War forced the construction of the city to come to halt, but it was just now recently finished. It is now inhabited by mostly the extremely rich and is treated as a paradise.

*More locations will be added as needed with the progression of the RP.


-The Humans: The humans have an average lifespan of about 80-90 years, and have an average height of about 5'4", but this number may vary greatly, and their body types are inconsistent from person to person. Humans also wear a wide variety of clothes. They can adapt fairly easily, and while they are competent in most fields, they are truly masters at none. This causes most of their stats to be around average, but they are not to be overlooked. As an added bonus, they can be rather proficient in three different weapons, where as other races are limited to two. They can also handle wearing more and heavier armor than most races, but they are not limited to only that. Their kingdoms and villages are located throughout the Midlands, and they once held the Stone of Time. The current high king is human.

-The Elves: The elves have an average lifespan of about 800-900 years, but they will often die of disease or other causes before reaching this ludicrous age. They also have an average height of about 7 feet, and are slender and nimble creatures, and while often graceful and delicate, can turn fierce and dangerous in an instance. They prefer colorful clothes, usually with a green-and-gray cloak that blends well with the colors of the forest. They are rather in touch with nature, and what they lack in pure strength they make up for in speed, stealth, and intelligence. Additionally, they have far more advanced senses than any other race, and they can also communicate with animals. Some more practiced elves can even attempt to sense the feelings of those around them. They tend to drift towards using longswords, daggers, longbows, and staves in battle. They are the most endangered of the four majors races, and are scattered about the many forests of the land. They once held the Stone of Life.

-The Dwarves: Most dwarves can live up to 200-250 years, but it is not terribly uncommon to see a dwarf live up to 300. They have an average height of 4'4", and are rather round and bulky. Their speed is actually rather average, and their strength makes up for their size. Their defensive abilities in combat are rather lacking, but they are able to carry heavier armor than any other race, and are also able to work forges and craft many different objects and materials. They are more susceptible to diseases than other races, but the effects of those diseases are rarely as severe. Their clothes often mainly consist of just armor. They favor heavier weapons such as hammers and axes. They live primarily in the mountain ranges to the east, and once held the Stone of Space.

-The Orcs: The orcs have an average lifespan of just 50-60 years, but would rather die in battle than die of old age. They have an average height of 7'8", and are big, muscular creatures. Their main stress and priority in life is honor, and any orc who disobeys that may be cast out or punished. Orcs are simple creatures, and while they wear very little clothes and armor, their skin is tough and does not bruise or cut quite as easily as other races, but this certainly does not make them invincible. They are, however, immune to all diseases. They are the least intelligent of the major races and are slow in combat, but they have great strength and surprisingly good defense. They prefer bigger, heavier weapons such as maces and clubs, but will branch out to use shorter swords and axes. They live in strongholds that are rather far apart from one another in the Wastelands, and once held the Stone of Death.


Magic is a lost, forgotten art, and while at one time prevalent, is now practically nonexistent. Each of the four major races has its own abilities, though. As outlined in the previous section, they are:

-Humans: Can be proficient in up to three different weapons of almost any type. Can wear more and heavier armor than most races (save for the dwarves, who although can't wear quite as much armor as humans, can actually handle more weight).

-Elves:  Have far more advanced senses than any other race, and they can also communicate with animals. Some more practiced elves can even attempt to sense the feelings of those around them.

-Dwarves: Can carry heavier armor than any other race and are able to use any forge and craft a variety of items.

-Orcs: Have stronger skin than any other race and are immune to diseases.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Rescue the Princess
« on: August 24, 2014, 05:43:48 pm »

The vast land of Sapience was once overflowing with many different races, with four of the most prominent, the humans, the elves, the dwarves, and the orcs all having a stake in the land's governing. The leader of each race held with them a powerful stone, the humans had the Stone of Time, the elves held the Stone of Life, the dwarves kept the Stone of Space, and the orcs the Stone of Death. It was unknown exactly what the power of the Four Stones could do, yet the one who would unlock their secrets was considered the most feared legend throughout the land.

Once, several millennium after the establishment of the four way government of Sapience (the four major races all elected one single king to rule them from any and all of the land's many races), a mysterious group of black-clad horsemen who called themselves the Darkriders emerged, claiming that they could unlock the power of the Four Stones. This eventually caused all of Sapience to be involved in a civil war, where many of the land's races became extinct, including the minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, and many others. It scattered the now endangered elves, sent what little remained of the orcs to the corners of the world, and caused the dwarves to go into seclusion. With much of the land left open to them, the humans settled down where they were. The Four Stones were lost and never recovered.

The four races have remained separate in the three hundred and twenty-one years since the Civil War, save for when their leaders gather once every two years to govern. Members of each race are now gathering at the center of the midlands at the high king's castle, for human High King Draven Septonin's daughter has been kidnapped by the Darkriders, who haven't been seen since the Civil War. They demand that in order for Princess Septonin to be returned alive, they must be brought the Four Stones. Unable to comply, the high king had demanded an emergency situation, and is allowing anyone who he and the council deems able  to go out and rescue the princess, with the reward being any one wish, so long as it is in his power, to be granted to the person or persons that returns his daughter alive.


An ongoing summary of the RP's events will be posted here over time.


1. All posts must be at least 4-5 sentences long and have good grammar. Typos are ok.

2. Posts must have something to do with the actual RP.

3. You may not control another character without their express permission for ANY reason.

4. No god modding. You are NOT all powerful.

5. While flaming in character is allowed, there are certain restrictions. Flaming cannot be discriminatory towards any real-world race, religion, philosophy, gender, or sexual preference, and that they are characters attacking each other, not members insulting other members. Put another way: all flaming must be done in character

6. Profanity is allowed, although PU does have profanity filters. For the purposes of the RP, feel free to work around them, but do not use profane language in unnecessary excess.

7. Rules may be added to or modified by the GM at any time.

JerryEDIT: Approved

Other Roleplay / [OOCC] Kingdom Hearts Universe
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:33:47 pm »
This is the out of character chat for the Kingdom Hearts Universe RP.
GM: foodonfloor
Sub-GM: Gameboy Advanced

RP Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,5056.msg132820/topicseen.html#new
Profiles Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,5057.0.html

Station of Awakening- A mysterious location that is seen by very few people, made up of four large, floating columns, or floors, decorated with incredible pictures. It is unknown what exactly this world holds. Each of the floors are depicted below in the order that they appear in.

Scrolls, which contain the data for new spells, can be bought from shops. They can be bought at any level, as a spell may not be available after the shop restocks. By reading the scroll, you will learn the magic contained within it. This same process goes for upgrading spells, although you CANNOT learn a level 2 or 3 spell unless you have learned the previous level. There are three levels to each spell. The first level of a spell is consistent, but the second and third level of a spell branch off into offensive and defensive forms. You can only choose one form to learn, and you cannot upgrade a level 2 defensive fire spell to a level 3 offensive fire spell, you must stick with the type you chose to initially learn.


Spells can be submitted to me by way of PM. Before accepted, the spell must be tested in a debug, and I must be present, whether as a participant or spectator. I am the sole judge of whether or not the spell is accepted, and if so, it will be made available for all RP'ers to use.

Level 1:

-Fire: Shoots a sizzling ball of fire at the opponent. Low cost.

-Blizzard: Shoots a freezing ball of ice at opponent. Lost cost.

-Thunder: Shoots a bolt of lightning. Low cost.

-Earth: Requires great physical strength. User slams weapon into the ground, dealing damage to enemies and riddling the ground with small cracks and craters that enemies may trip or get stuck on. For keyblade wielders only. Moderate cost.

-Aero: 2 different uses. 1. Shoots a sharp blast of air at foe. 2. Provides cushion of air to weaken damage dealt to user. Low Cost.

-Water: 2 different functions depending on user. For keyblade wielders, summons a long water whip that is made from moisture in the environment. If it is raining, or in a wet environment, the whip sustains itself and grows slightly in power. If it is raining heavily or if in an extremely wet environment, it can be summoned with a much smaller amount of MP than normal, but it does take slightly longer to appear. If not in a wet environment, the whip slowly drains moisture from the user's body, and after a while may dehydrate the user. For mages, this spell sends a powerful jet of water at enemies, dealing damage and soaking enemies, making it harder for them to move. Moderate cost for mages.

-Dash: Produces quick jets of air for increased agility and maneuverability. Moderate cost. (Submitted by Gameboy Advanced)

It is possible to achieve a character from a Disney property that you can summon to fight alongside you in either of the RP's two universe's. The same goes for drive forms, a mysteries overdrive that taps into a keyblade wielder''s ultimate potential. Summons are only available to mages, and drive forms are exclusive to keyblade wielders. More info will come about these as the RP progresses.


These spells and keyblade skills can only be unlocked through special means, and is generally given as some sort of reward by the GM or special NPC characters. The special spells are not leveled spells, and so do not have upgradable forms.

Special Spells:

Holy: A beam of white light bursts from the ground, causing damage to everything in range. Completely drains all MP. The more MP available, the wider the beam and its radius.

Meteor: Call blazing meteors from the sky to deal massive damage to everything it hits. Completely drains all MP, and if MP is not full, it slightly drains some HP. The amount of meteors that fall are equivalent to one fourth of the user's level, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Evolve: Greatly heightens all of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. The longer it is active, the more MP it drains. If MP is completely drained, it deactivates, leaving the user stunned (in a state of being unaware of your surroundings) for five seconds. If manually deactivated before losing all MP, the stunning effect will not take place.

Special Abilities:

Strike Raid: Throw your keyblade at enemies and have it return to you. After learning this skill, it can be infused with magic at any time by re-learning a spell (with the use of a scroll) that you already know. You can relearn as many spells as you want in this manner and can fuse the skill with any spells that you have relearned, but can only infuse it with one spell at a time.

Sacrifice: Expend HP to perform a single, powerful attack with the keyblade.


Shops are run by Moogles and are open during all RP times except during the night. Once the time changes back to day, the shops restock with new items. Moogle shops are not present on Earth.


You start the RP as level zero. Each heartless you kill nets you a certain amount of experience points, based on the enemy you kill. It requires 100 EXP to get to level one. When you reach the next level, your EXP zeros out and is converted into munny, so, for example, if you just leveled up to level 1 and had 100 EXP, you now have 0 EXP and 100 munny. The EXP required to get to the next level increases by 100, so you now have 0/200 EXP. It is recommended, although not required, that you keep track of levels and experience in your sig here on the forum. The GM's will periodically check to ensure that there is no cheating.


Travelers are people who, by going to sleep in their world, can appear in another world in a totally different universe. They are not known to exist by the majority of the human population, and more will be revealed about them as the RP progresses.

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Kingdom Hearts Universe
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:32:50 pm »
Gameboy Advanced


-There is no maximum number of profiles that your are allowed to have, you know your own abilities and limits.
-The GM may reject any profile at any time and is not required to present a reason as to why.
-The majority events listed under the plot summary of the RP thread have not yet occurred. Therefore, while you must provide details like keyblade and magic in your profile, you are not allowed to put anything about it in your bio.
-Read both the RP and OOCC threads before creating a character for the RP.
-Profiles must be PM'd to the GM. Do not post them here.

IMPORTANT: Later in the RP, mages can unlock summons, while keyblade wielders can unlock drive forms. Choose your class carefully, for it cannot be changed later. It may be possible for you to add more characters during in the RP.


Code: [Select]
Keyblade Wielder
[b]Username:[/b] (Your PU Username)
[b]Name[/b]: (Name of your character.)
[b]Age:[/b] (Nothing above 40, nothing below 15.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (What is your character like?)
[b]Battle Technique:[/b] (Describe your technique in battle. You may also choose one Level 1 Spell from the list provided in the OOCC)
[b]Hometown:[/b] (Where on Earth is your character from? Format it as City, State, Country. If no state, then just leave it out. The RP will begin in California, but you can be from anywhere, as long as you have the means necessary to get to the state.)
[b]Bio:[/b] (What is your character's past?)
[b]Miscellaneous:[/b] (Anything we missed? State it here!)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Please provide an image of your character)
[b]Keyblade Name:[/b] (Name of your character's keyblade)
[b]Keyblade Appearance:[/b] (Provide an image of your character's keyblade)

Code: [Select]
[b]Username:[/b] (Your PU Username)
[b]Name:[/b] (Name of your character.)
[b]Age:[/b] (Nothing above 40, nothing below 15)
[b]Personality:[/b] (What is your character like?)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (What your weapon looks like, picture preferred, but not necessary. You do not have to carry one. If you are a wizard, you will not be very skilled, if skilled at all, with any type of weapon. Nor do you have physical strength, your reserve lies in mind. Provide an image if you wish.)
[b]Battle Technique:[/b] (Describe your technique in battle. You may also choose two level 1 spells from the list provided in the OOCC)
[b]Hometown:[/b] (Where on Earth is your character from? Format it as City, State, Country. If no state, then just leave it out. The RP will begin in California, but you can be from anywhere, as long as you have the means necessary to get to the state.)
[b]Bio:[/b] (What is your character's past?)
[b]Miscellaneous:[/b] (Anything we missed? State it here!)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Please provide an image of your character)

Other Roleplay / [RP] Kingdom Hearts Universe|Earth|Night
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:31:53 pm »

Several years into the future, Earth is enjoying a time of peace. Many countries are living together in harmony, and there is little conflict, something thought to be almost unimaginable. It does not last long though, for when creatures made of darkness invade the Earth, tensions rise around the planet. Matters aren’t improved by the sudden ability of a select few people to be able to wield giant key-like objects and use what appears to be magic.

When these people go to sleep, their mind is transported to another universe, one with many worlds that seemed to be based off of Disney movies, of all things. These people, also in a period of peace, speak of a time when the beings of darkness, known as the Heartless, warred with them, and that the key to stopping the invasion on Earth lies in something mysterious known as Kingdom Hearts.

You must travel back and forth between universes in an attempt to uncover the secret behind the heartless. It will be up to you to use your new abilities to either save, destroy, or rule planet Earth.

*This is not connected to any previous Kingdom Hearts RP
*While the Walt Disney Company exists on this Earth, the Kingdom Hearts video games do not
*At the start of the RP, the heartless have not yet invaded Earth, and so you do not travel to any other worlds when sleeping, and you have not yet discovered your ability to use magic or wield a keyblade. Earth is still rather normal.


An ongoing summary of the RP's events will be placed here.


1. All posts must be at least 3 sentences long and have good grammar. Typos are ok.

2. Posts must have something to do with the actual RP.

3. You may not control another character without their express permission for ANY reason.

4. No god modding. You are NOT all powerful.

5. While flaming in character is allowed, there are certain restrictions. Flaming cannot be discriminatory towards any real-world race, religion, philosophy, gender, or sexual preference, and that they are characters attacking each other, not members insulting other members. Put another way: all flaming must be done in character

6. Profanity is allowed, although PU does have profanity filters. For the purposes of the RP, feel free to work around them, but do not use profane language in unnecessary excess.

7. Rules may be added to or modified by the GM at any time.

TEXEdit Approved

Roleplay Corner / Reviving the Roleplay Corner
« on: March 31, 2014, 04:40:21 pm »

Changes Being Made

~ denotes a change still being worked on and decided on by the community, and we have not yet reached a conclusion on it.

-Updated Rules: Due to the natural development of the RP Corner over time, several of the global rules are no longer followed or don't quite apply like they used to. As we decide on more changes for the section, I will continue to revise the old rules and add new ones, and will talk to Jerry about updating the old rules when finished.

-Guidelines/FAQ: I'm currently working on creating an expansive set of guidelines and frequently asked questions for RPers, GMs, and writers alike. It will cover a massive list of topics, including things such as RP terminology and basics, writing tips and strategies, help on starting and running an RP, and more.

~Revised RP Format: We currently have RP's made up of three separate threads: RP,, Profiles, and OOCC. What exactly goes into each one specifically will be revised in order to keep all RP's consistent, while making them easier to navigate.

-Ongoing Summary: It will now be the GM's job to keep an ongoing summary of the entire RPs plot for the entire duration of the roleplay. It will be kept on the first post of the RP thread, directly under where the initial plot for the RP is located.

~New Mods: Due to the inactivity of two of the section's mods, I've reached out to Jerry to see what we can do about possibly appointing new ones.

~RP Awards: This has been mentioned several times, and having user-voted awards for the RP section every so often remains a high possibility.

~RP "Hub": This has also been mentioned several times, but we've yet to reach a definite decision. We may have a sort of hub thread set up where members of the community can go to discuss anything RPing, from concepts, to posts, to characters.

I've noticed that over the past several months, if not longer, the RP section of the forums has noticeably declined. We have never finished an RP, people lose interest, and, while I know that not everyone is out to be a professional writer, quality isn't always that great. So, I've put together this thread to ask what problems you have with the. RP section, and how you think we should go about fixing it. RP'ing is a community activity, and so we need the community's input if we want to fix it. I have some basic suggestions and ideas, but this is only scratching the surface, and until I get more time to think about it, this is mostly brainstorming. I know I'm not a mod or anything like that, and am not in charge of the RP section of the forums, but as a writer and member of the RP community, I feel the need to help. I am not trying to take over in any sense, but I am trying to make RP'ing on PU something that people can really get excited about once again.

-Annual or Semi-Annual Roleplay Awards
Why don't we reward RP'ers for their efforts? We could have some sort of community voted awards every so many times a year, where members of the community vote for things like best post, best profile (or user with best profiles), best dialogue, best quality, etc. We could have a separate thread set up for this to recognize the winners.

-RP "Hub"
Yes, we have all sorts of RP chats all over the place, such as PO and Skype, but what if we moved it to PU? We could have  a sort of Hub thread where people can come to talk about RP's in general, as well as discuss their upcoming projects, make suggestions for the RP section, and get feedback on new RP ideas and profiles.

-Guidelines and Tip Section
While we have standard rules for RP's and RP'ers, why don't we sort of update it? While their isn't a major problem with it, maybe we could change things up and require more quality and more frequent participation? Coinciding with that, what if we had some sort of tips set out for RP'ers? Like tips, help, and FAQ's giving advice that spans everything from replying to posts on RP's, creating your own, and general writing etiquette.

-New RP Format
Again, I'm just brainstorming, but what if we changed the way that RP's were laid out? What if GM's kept up a summary of everything to happen in the RP so far? I don't have a problem with the way we have RP's set up, such as sections for Profiles, OOCC, and the RP, but is there a way we can improve it? This format, which could go in line with revised rules/guidelines, could possibly demand for more, deeper development of RP's, therefore there would be a higher chance of it reaching a conclusion.

What if we had some sort of "test" that had to be taken before you could host an RP? What if each RP had its own requirement for participants to join?

Each RP should have goals and deadlines to meet in order to keep RP'ers motivated and to keep the RP moving along. The RP could possibly even take short breaks after completing goals to prevent fatigue.

I know that people have problems with time and a lack interest, and I know that everyone's situation is different, and reviving the RP section won't be a simple, easy fix. This is just the beginning, and the above are just early ideas that I've brainstormed to help us get started. I'd be happy to elaborate on any of these ideas, and I'm open to changing or developing any of them. Please, respond with thoughts and ideas or your own, because this is a community effort, and the RP section cannot thrive without your help. On that note, though, I feel that of we all work together, we can build the roleplay section up to be better than it has ever been.

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Devil of the Seas
« on: February 26, 2014, 11:32:11 pm »

*All profiles must be sent to me in a PM, profiles posted here without my permission will be deleted and the poster will not be allowed into the RP.

*You may have as many characters as you like, but the GM may reject any and all of them for any reason, and is not obligated to share that reason.

*For each character you submit, you must have attached to it a "story" of 600 words or more that deals with that character. This is not their bio, but an actual event that happened to them, in complete, paragraph form. You may combine the story of more than one of your characters, but in that case, the minimum word limit still applies, so for example, if you have a story with two of your characters, it must have a minimum of 1200 words, and so on. For the time being, these stories will not be posted in the profiles section. Failure to submit the story results in immediate rejection of the profile and an infraction of the rules.

*Those that belong pirate faction of the RP will have several roles to choose from. One is to be your primary role, or your character's specialty, and is mandatory. The other is your secondary role, which is not mandatory, as it is sort of a back up skill, but it will likely be beneficial to have one. Feel free to join up with the characters of other RP'ers to form PART of a crew and choose your roles accordingly, if you so wish. The roles are as follows:

CAPTAIN: Generally one of the most experienced or gifted pirates on his ship, the captain is the leader of his pirate crew, and his word is law. Captains are generally well balanced in all sorts of skills, but they may have another crew member pilot the ship, navigate, or even relay orders to the crew. The captain is a leader, and is sometimes threatening to his own crew members, not to mention those of other pirate crews. The captain is often a fierce fighter, and will be right there in battle to lead his crew. Choosing a captain as your primary role means that you cannot have quartermaster, sailor, fighter, medic,  lookout, or chef as your secondary role. This is a primary role only.
QUARTERMASTER: Usually the captain's right hand man, as he keeps track of all supplies and crew members and their current state. He knows the crew well, and, much like the captain, can be either very threatening or very friendly. The quartermaster will often deal with the crew and give orders, only with his boss's consent, in the absence of the captain. Quartermasters can range in skill and strategy, are simply appointed by the captain, and are generally one of his first crew members. While they often do join int combat, quartermasters have the option not to, and then if they do, they will often hang behind with the ship, waiting to come in at the end of a battle to close things up and take in new, stolen supplies. This is a primary role only.
PILOT: Pilots take the wheel of the ship, sailing it throughout the seas. When the captain is not present, the pilot gives orders directly to the sailors, but may be overridden at any time by the quartermaster or captain. Each ship has at least two or three pilots, and the pilots typically do not enter day-to-day battle, unless they are also a fighter, in which case the quartermaster or navigator, if he is capable, will take over the wheel as he fights. Can be either primary or secondary.
NAVIGATOR: Understand the seas and are exceptional at reading maps and devising strategies, and often assist the pilot. May or may not enter battle, and while a crew technically doesn't have to have one, it is highly recommended. Can be primary or secondary.
SAILOR: The ones climbing on the ropes and working with the sails, as well as the ones that clean up the deck and repair the ship. Unless they're also a fighter, they likely won't go into combat, but will rather stay behind and protect the ship. Primary or secondary.
FIGHTER: Manage on-ship guns and cannons, and are the ones to jump headfirst into combat, fighting with typically blades and pistols, but will use whatever else they can find as well. Primary or secondary.
MEDIC: The crew's healer. Not every ship has one. They are proficient with medicines and herbs, and rarely jump into battle. Can be primary or secondary.
LOOKOUT: A secondary role only. This the person that, from time to time, makes his way to the crow's nest to look out farther than they can normally see, reporting their findings to the highest authority on deck.
CHEF: In charge of food and drink, and cannot be paired with any other role except for a scribe. There is generally only one per ship, if any, and they don't often react with anyone else in the crew, save for the captain and quartermaster. Needless to say, they never go into combat. Primary role only.
SCRIBE: Can't be a fighter or a sailor, and is in charge of documenting events and keeping records, as well as acting as a sort of ambassador, interacting with other ships and crews, as well as government officials, normally before anyone else on the crew does, generally on behalf of the captain. Primary or secondary.
SPECIALIST: They don't generally fit into other roles, and are often hired directly by the captain to fill either a very specific temporary or long term job. This role may be whatever you like, but it must be first approved by the GM.

*You can belong to one of three factions: Pirates, the Empire, or Gloriare Citizens. Note that citizens will likely have a slightly reduced role in the RP as compared to the other two factions.

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] PU Username
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] The Character's name
[b][u]Age:[/u][/b]How old the character is. The average lifespan of those that die a natural death on Gloriare is 103, so your character's age may range from 16-60.
[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Either Male or Female
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] How your character acts
[b][u]Technique:[/u][/b] How your character fights in combat and what equipment they use. Not all characters have to be fighters.
[b][u]Primary Role:[/u][/b] You must have a primary role. More info is posted above. If you choose specialist, you must speak with the GM first, and if approved must clearly state the full detail of your role.
[b][u]Secondary Role:[/u][/b] You are not required to have a secondary role, if not, just state None.
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Your character's backstory. The more details, the more real your character seems. If the character is a Mutt, state that and all of its details here as well. Note that Mutts are still fairly uncommon in pirate crews, and being one will likely affect your character's personality as well as how they are treated by other characters and NPCs.
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b]Please provide an image for better visualization. You may include a description as well if you wish, and if no pictures exactly match the idea for your character, find the closest one you can and describe the differences in text.

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] PU Username
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] The Character's name
[b][u]Age:[/u][/b]How old the character is. The average lifespan of those that die a natural death on Gloriare is 103, so your character's age may range from 19-48.
[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Either Male or Female
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] How your character acts
[b][u]Technique:[/u][/b] How your character fights in combat and what equipment they use, generally speaking, they will likely have military distributed weapons. Not all characters have to be fighters, even in the military.
[b][u]Job:[/u][/b] There is no set list of roles, but most characters in this faction are soldiers. If you want your character to have another job in the military, it must be GM approved.
[b][u]Experience[/u][/b] How long your character has been a part of the military
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Your character's backstory. The more details, the more real your character seems. It is not possible for a Mutt to knowingly be allowed into the military.
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b]Please provide an image for better visualization. You may include a description as well if you wish, and if no pictures exactly match the idea for your character, find the closest one you can and describe the differences in text.

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] PU Username
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] The Character's name
[b][u]Age:[/u][/b]How old the character is. The average lifespan of those that die a natural death on Gloriare is 103, but there is no age restriction.
[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Either Male or Female
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] How your character acts
[b][u]Job:[/u][/b] If employed, what does your character do for a living?
[b][u]Stance:[/u][/b] How does your character feel about the war and ongoing conflicts?
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Your character's backstory. The more details, the more real your character seems. If the character is a Mutt, state that and all of its details here as well. Note that being one will likely affect your character's personality as well as how they are treated by other characters and NPCs.
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b]Please provide an image for better visualization. You may include a description as well if you wish, and if no pictures exactly match the idea for your character, find the closest one you can and describe the differences in text.

Other Roleplay / [OOCC] Devil of the Seas
« on: February 26, 2014, 07:56:39 am »
This is the OOCC for the Devil of the Seas RP. All out of character conversations and questions will take place here. Please keep conversations relevant to the RP.


*OOCC and RP threads are currently up. Profiles will be posted later today.

*I am currently in the middle of exams, so please excuse the OOCC for being blank at the moment. More details are coming later today, but I wanted to open this and the RP thread in case there were any early questions or things that needed to be pointed out. More information is certainly planned, and your patience is appreciated.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Devil of the Seas
« on: February 26, 2014, 07:48:53 am »

During a different time, in a different world that is much like our own, people live in constant fear. At the heart of this fear are pirates, ruthless bandits that, in the eyes of the people, care only about creating chaos and plundering treasure. In truth, many of the pirates want something that they feel no person on the planet honestly has: complete, unrestricted freedom. This naturally opposes the Empire, the all-powerful ruling government of the planet Gloriare, who enforce a controlling regimen upon all of the government’s nations. These two factions have been at war with one another for centuries, but due in large part to what the Empire provides for their citizens, most people tend to support their government, the conflict having taken place for far too long for many of them to care about which side is morally right or wrong.

Starting several years ago, strange phenomenon known simply “The Curse” has broken out across the entirety of Gloriare, seemingly infecting people at random and turning them into monsters such as werewolves, vampires, and the undead. While many of these transformations are only apparent at specific times, those discovered to be infected with the Curse are thrown out of imperial society and are known as Mutts, some of them developing strange characteristics and personalities that they never once had. People didn’t always live in utter fear of the Mutts, for when the Curse first broke out, scientists studied them in the hope for a cure, but things soon turned quickly downhill as the Mutts, controlled by their alternate, beastly personalities, along with other supernatural creatures not known to even be part human, attacked the Empire’s nations. These Mutt attacks combined with the increasingly frequent pirate raids, proved too much for the Empire to handle, and so they were forced back into a more concentrated region of the planet.
Throughout their years of cowering and hiding, the Empire was able to build up an army like never before, and was able to begin to take back some of their lost territory, despite the still ongoing occurrence of Mutt attacks. The Empire pushed too far, though, invading territories that many pirates considered liberated by their own hands. A full-out war was raged, with no side able to gain much leverage over the other. Conflicts have now been further escalated with recent rumors claiming that The Devil of the Seas, history’s most infamous pirate, is directly linked to the Curse and its outbreak. The problem is, not a single soul knows the identity of the pirate lord, and very few have survived any encounter with him. Will the Empire and the pirates put aside their conflict in order to find the truth to these rumors? Will their war continue, and if so, will either of the sides pursue the myth, along with their current goals? Not everyone belonging to these two factions are in line with any of their beliefs or standards, but what role will they play in this great divide? The world of Gloriare is about to collapse, and the puzzle surrounding The Devil of the Seas, which lies at the direct center of the planet’s current state, remain unsolved. What side will you take? Will you attempt to save what is left, or watch it all burn?

*OOCC and RP threads are currently up. Profiles will be posted later today.


-No Godmodding. You are not all powerful, and must be fair to the other players.

-No off topic discussions in the OOCC. Please leave the OOCC just for RP related things.

-All posts must be a paragraph, or at least 5 sentences, long. Anything shorter will result in a warning, and multiple warnings will result in being kicked from the RP. Just because this is the minimum, you should only result to that few sentences when you absolutely cannot write more. This RP is for experienced writers and RP'ers, and so you should therefore put forth as much effort into your posts as you possibly can. The GM is allowed to request that you put more into your post should he sense a lack of effort.

-You must use proper grammar and spelling at all times in your posts. You can write character dialogue in any style you wish so long as it is readable.

-This RP will contain mature themes and topics. Graphic scenes, topics, and language are accepted in your posts, but are not to be overused just for the sake of it. If any of your posts contain mature content, please post a MATURE CONTENT WARNING at the top of your post. This does not, however, excuse you from calling out or harassing other RP'ers, and is considered bullying. Bullying another RP'er results in an instant ban from the RP without warning and likely ban from any future RP's.

-You may not intentionally refrain from posting. If you don't post within a reasonable amount of time from your previous post without good reason, you will be either warned or kicked from the RP. It slows progress down and prevents the RP from progressing, and often forces the closure of RP's.

*For the sake of space, all other details will be in the OOCC

JerryEDIT: Approved

Pokedex Entries / [Pokedex Entry] Froakie
« on: February 18, 2014, 07:23:40 am »
#656 Froakie (Bubble Frog Pokemon) Water Type

Average Weight: 15.4 lbs
Average Height: 1'0"

Intro: Froakie, the amphibious quadruped, greatly resembles a frog. Its most recognizable feature are the two bubbles on its nose and the large white cape of bubbles on its back, and some Froakie have been seen wearing these capes over their heads as a makeshift hood. These pokemon are quick and strong, and are not to be taken lightly because of their typically carefree attitude.

Diet: Froakie do not have a particular diet like many other pokemon, but will rather eat whatever they can find, which often includes a multitude of berries.

Habitat: Froakie typically tend to live in and around lakes and ponds where they can enjoy the sunlight on the land while not being too far from the safety of the water, which is where they are most comfortable, not to mention the best camouflaged.

Biology: Froakie are pure water types, and use their surprisingly strong legs to jump high into the air during combat. The cape of bubbles that begins on its chest and expands to its back are secreted from glands underneath its skin, which is sticky and causes them to stay in place. These bubbles are then used to protect against enemy attacks. Froakie can also shoot powerful streams of bubbles at their opponents, which are very similar to those that make up the cape, to both obscure their vision and deal damage.

Like most water types, Frokie is able to use a variety of ranged moves eminating from its mouth. The water is a potent form of saliva that is made in excess from its capillaries, and like all water types, has conscious control over them. Frokie's saliva has a an adhesive property to it as well, which is near identical to the bubbles from the mucus glands, however its "stickiness" is usually watered down.

As with most water types, Frokie is a powerful swimmer, and can maneuver easily in any body of water easily. Its amphibian nature gives it great mobility in general, but it prefers water as a source of movement. However, upon exiting water after a long swim, the bubbles on its back need to be reapplied, which can take up to an hour. This has been observed in breeding and in the wild to be a natural instinct.

Pokemon League Commission notes: Due to this pokemon's rarity, this pokemon has been categorized as a Class C Pokemon under the Endangered Pokemon Act. Under this classification, this pokemon is to be distributed to new trainers as a potential starting pokemon for its ease in care and high breeding capabilities. Any Froakie found in the wild are allowed to be caught, but in limited quantities. The hunting of this pokemon is strictly prohibited and punishable by a 100,000 goldz fine and 10 - 15 years imprisonment.

Well, there's the first of what I hope to be many pokedex entries. Thoughts? Also, I decided to just copy the League Commission notes from your example of Bulbasaur, Xetroc, as they are both basic starters and I figured I'd go for uniformity, but if you want me to change it, I can.

Whoops, it was late, and I was trying to get this done quickly, and I noticed you said not to do starters as I finished it. I posted it anyway in case you want to use it, but at the very least I can get criticism on what to do on future entries, to make sure I'm following the format correctly. My apologies.

Fan Fiction & Writing / The Writing Support Thread
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:38:37 pm »
A large number of active members on this site and its forums are largely into writing. How many times that, as a writer, you've had a question concerning your work? These questions contain an almost seemingly infinite number of topics, with grammar, plot, mood, setting, characters, wording, writer's block, just to name a few. You've likely gone to people for help before, but sometimes get an opinion you aren't sure about, get multiple opinions from different people that don't agree with each other, or sometimes, you don't even ask for help at all. Rather than you not knowing which people to send to your questions to, or you having to open a thread just for a single question about your work, I've decided to simplify this issue by opening this support thread, where anyone is free to post questions about nearly any aspect of their writing and get feedback from multiple other writers at sometimes a quicker pace than you normally would when hunting assistance down yourself. I know that there are many cases where you wish to keep things about your writing secret, and you are by no means obligated to post that here.

Lastly, I just ask that, while it is ok to post a small excerpt of your work here for proofreading, more or less for a specific part of that excerpt (whether it be style, structure, wording, etc.), you please don't post stories, chapters, and a bunch of poems and the like here, as this thread is not made to replace the entire writing section of the forum, but is simply just a place for you to ask questions and get multiple answers easily, without having to look too far. And who knows? There's a good chance that someone else is going to ask a question that you have yourself or that will come up for you in the future.

Other Roleplay / [Profiles] Galactic Underground
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:34:47 am »
RP IS FULL! We are not currently accepting new members.

We are, however, still accepting profiles from existing members of the RP. Send all profiles to me in a PM.

RP Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,4879.0.html
OOCC Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,4880.msg130296.html#msg130296

In this RP, profiles will include two characters. One character is your human character, the other is your astral being. Your character syncs with your astral being, and losing a fight causes a de-sync, or DS for short. Even if you lose, you can't die, your astral being will be ready to fight in the next battle.

Also, new to this RP is the stat system. Stats are used to more accurately rank each fighter in six different traits: Strength, Defense, Range, Speed, Stamina, and Intelligence.

The stats go as such: D-S, where D is the lowest, and S is the highest. For example, a sniping character would have

Strength: D
Defense: D
Range: A-S
Speed: C
Stamina: C
Intelligence: A

If they choose A, they can be useful close up, but not do  lot of damage, but if they choose S, that would mean sacrificing close combat abilities, but gaining an even more superior range. Choosing an S means that no other stat can have either an S or A rank.

*You are allowed to have two fighters and an NPC, who, over the course of the RP, can eventually develop into a full character.

The Following is Not Allowed!
-Anything DBZ
-Titans (Anything under 12 feet tall is ok.)
-Regenerative abilities
-Chuck Norris
-Deities of any kind
-One hit kill moves

Profile Skeletons:

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] PU Username
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b]Character name
[b][u]Age:[/u][/b]How old the character is
[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Either Male or Female
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] How your character acts
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Your character's backstory. The more details, the more real your character seems. If your character is the underground, place all gang info here.
[b][u]Sync Band:[/u][/b] What GFA-approved stage would you like to start off with? See the OOCC for more details. You can wait to fill this field out until all official stages are revealed. Other stages and clauses that your character obtains throughout the RP will be placed here.
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b]Please provide an image for better visualization. You may include an image of the character's seal as well, if you so wish.

Astral Being
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b]This cannot be the same as that of your human character.
[b][u]World or Region:[/u][/b]There are many worlds, if they are from something, name the place they come from. If made up, make up a place.
[b][u] Technique:[/u][/b]How they fight, what they used, and special moves. Give a description of the special moves.
[b][u]Super move[/u][/b]Your one, high risk, powerful move. These can only be used once per battle, and have a great cost when they are used. If the cost seems too light for the move, the GM will add more to make it fair. Your super move must be able to miss.
[u][b]Stats:[/b][/u] The classes go as such: D-S, where D is the lowest, and S is the highest. See the first post in the profiles section for more details.
Strength: (Your physical strength and power)
Defense: (The ability to resist damage)
Range: (Effectiveness of long-ranged attacks)
Speed: (Mobility and the speed at which you move about)
Stamina: (How long your character can last before needing rest, and the effectiveness of abilities drawn out over time)
Intelligence: (Your strategic and intellectual ability)
[b][u] Personality:[/u][/b] What is your astral like? How do they act in battle?
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Even though they are tied to your human, they aso have their own life experiences.
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b]Provide an image to help with visualization.

Other Roleplay / [OOCC] Galactic Underground
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:34:28 am »
This is the official out of character chat for the Galactic Underground RP.

Profiles Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,4881.0.html
RP Thread: http://www.pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,4879.0.html


In this RP, you play two characters, your human player, and your astral being. Your human player does not transform into the being in their world. They project their mind and take control of their being in one of many worlds throughout the universe, which can include many things varying from your imagination, video games, movies, TV Shows, Anime, etc.


Artifacts are powerful items that grant untold power and give an unfair advantage to holders. Such items are dangerous in a way that they commonly cause corruption in the user, making them addicted to power, or worse, chaos. The following are active artifacts:

Grey Cowl of Nocturnal- Causes the user to hide their true identity. In battle, the astral gains shadowlike powers. Held by GBA

The Golden Fleece- The legendary golden fleece, it allows the user to regain health in battle, and sustain more damage than normal. Held by Yuki

Fate's Eye- Boosts the users accuracy, and allows them to see weak points in their foe. Held By Humen.

The Rope- Completely seals a foes movements. no, you can't move. no, you can't break out. Sorry, but that's the way it is. At least for three minutes. Held by Humen.

Battle Zones

Characters in this universe use objects called seals to transport their minds to other worlds. Seals often appear in the form of some sort of marking or tattoo somewhere on the body. Using a fairly new technology, called a Sync Band, fighters can project themselves into battle. The Sync Band is a small, bracelet-like object with a single button on it. After pressing the button, a holographic screen is project right above the wrist by the bracelet, which allows for the easy selection of both stages and clauses, which were implemented for the first time by the GFA. Another way to sync is with both fighters standing on a large circular pad, known as a sync station, which will also activate a seal. As long as both fighters have a Sync Band, a sync station is not needed to enter battle. Each station contains its own arena though, and while the Sync Band only comes with one GFA authorized pre-loaded arena (of the fighter's choice), winning a battle on a sync station's own arena will allow the victor to download that stage to their sync band for further use. As a final feature, the button on the Sync Band will glow when a station in the nearby area is conducting an event. By pressing the button while it is glowing, the event will be displayed to the fighter, which often rewards the winner with cool benefits, such as new clauses and special stages (this even includes a few throwback arenas!). Upon syncing, an orb no longer appears, but, rather, the fighter's seal glows a bright color (which differs from person to person) that shows through clothing. The official, authorized GFA stages include the following, but custom stages may be submitted:

The Frostburn Mountains: This is one of the largest arenas ever created, as it encompasses an entire, snowy mountain range. The higher the mountains, the colder it gets and the harder it becomes to get an adequate supply of air. Popular among large groups of fighters, but is still perfectly fine for one-on-one fights.

Treasure of the Sands: A small, vibrant oasis located in the middle of a barren desert. Combat outside, in the hot, sandy desert area, proves very difficult for up close, physical based fighters, but is a stomping ground for the flight-enabled, ranged fighters who can make use of the open space. The cool, fairly small oasis, on the other hand, is perfect for up close, hand-to-hand combat, but the lack of space and the overhanging trees makes flight nearly impossible.

Orbital Oblivion: A large arena located in an orbital view, with several different planets. Each combatant will fight to the death, while they hop from planet to planet, using the lower gravitational pull of some of the planets. While they do this, however. They must watch their time, as a black hole that slowly devours the planets, looms closer and closer during it. The different planets have different gravity, allowing for certain combatants to have a easy and or harder time on each planet. http://oi41.tinypic.com/2z6ax37.jpg

Wonderland: A massive arena in a giant mushroom forest, it provides excellent cover and hiding places. Watch out for the mushrooms, as they release spores at random times that can cause one of three effects: Stun, Blind, and Poisoning. Smashing into these fungi increases the chances of releasing spores. http://bestwebsiteevrd.webs.com/2010_alice_in_wonderland_013.jpg

Platform Panic: A fairly large room with a somewhat low ceiling that prevents extensive flying. The entire floor here is made of platforms, or panels, of varying sizes, although the majority of them are quite large. After standing on one of the platforms for any longer than a few seconds, it will suddenly descend into the bottomless pit that lies below the floor. Falling into this pit will cause an immediate DS, thus encouraging near constant movement. Eventually, the platforms will reappear, but it will occur gradually over time. The platforms do not register a downed astral on it, and will not fall on someone who is unable to move in that scenario, unless their opponent is also standing on the platform with them.

Deadman's Ocean: A large, open sea serves as the template for a battle between multiple large fleets of pirate ships. Fighters may traverse from ship to ship  and conduct battle in any manner that they wish. Fighters should proceed with both urgency and caution, as even though no other people (or pirates) are present, the ships are still sailing around and conducting combat with one another, using the wide range of cannons and swivel guns to take down the others, all while the astral fight is taking place upon their decks. Ships do not respawn, and flying debris can cause damage to the fighters. While flight is possible, remaining in the air for too long may alert one or more of the ships, which will then try to use their weapons to take down the airborne astral.

The Great Basin: A moderately sized, open arena. It is a barren field of rock, lined with stone cliffs and a large, empty, circular basin in the middle. The stone cliffs, which rise high into the air and act as borders, are lined with powerful waterfalls that pour into a large stream that lines the bottom edge of the arena. The waterfalls cause a thick layer of mist around the stage's border, and impairs both vision and hearing in this area. There is also a harsh, steady rain, which partially impairs flight. Throughout the battle, the rain constantly fills the basin and eventually it overflows. As the basin fills, movement within it becomes more difficult.

Metropolis City: A fairly large, metropolitan city complete with towers, shops, neighborhoods, and even traffic. Perfectly suited for any size of battle, as each area of the city offers a different challenge in the form of structure and terrain. It is always night here, but that does not retract from the traffic, but rather affects atmosphere more than anything.

*More to come soon!

Forbidden Battle Zones

For various reasons, specific battle zones were banned from legal play, but they now see much use in the underground. They include:

Escher Stairs: A forbidden arena, this area is known to cause a break in a fighters senses. Gravity varies depending on where you stand, and long range attacks are found to be useless from this, sometimes causing attacks to literally boomerang. The mannequins in this arena are known to attack at random with devastating force. Eight times already, fighters have de-synched and passed out from the stress this arena causes. http://www.vertice.ca/wp-content/uploads/Escher-Stairs.jpg

Connect Four: A large square divided into four corners, each with a different element. The  northwest corner is covered in trees and grass, with gardens and flowers marking the edges before a large river divides it from the other squares, with a small brick bridge connecting it with the others. The  southeast corner is made up mostly of sandy roads, with palm tree's and oasis scattered throughout, a large sandy wall, with just a few entrances lines the edge, with the bridges connecting directly to it, under the bridges, there was a large river. The southwest corner is mostly filled with hot rock, with streams of magma and fire throughout, large walls of hardened magma lining the edges, with the brick bridges connecting directly to it, allowing entrance. Below the bridges, magma and river flow into each other, steam rise up all around it. The northeast corner is a combination of water and ice. The corner is mostly made up of large icy roads,  with streams of cold water all around, large glaciers mark the edges, the brick bridges connect to it, by going around the glaciers.  The rivers that separate the four corners come from a waterfall contained within this corner. The person at this corner has the ability to stop the rivers from flowing, allowing you to go into the pits separating them, without any trouble. This arena is best suited for large team battles.

Dragon's Lair: A fairly large cave filled with lava pools and inconsistent lighting. The pools of flame will occasionally spout fire in multiple directions, causing damage to all of those that it hits. Movement in some areas can be difficult, what with the sporadic outcroppings of rock. To make things worse, there is a terrible dragon that lives deep within the cave, and if the fight drags on for too long, it will wreck havoc on those fighting in its layer.

Apocalypse Island: A small, abandoned island on which the end of the world grows near. As the battle progresses, disasters will strike the island, ranging from powerful waves, tornadoes, lighting, earthquakes, and raining fire.

*More to come soon!

Special Battle Zones

While they aren't GFA-approved, there are still some special battle zones that have not been banned, and make an appearance from time to time.

Tilted Treetops: A vast forest with one twist, all the trees grow out of a wall of dirt, resulting in sturdy platforms that require great care to get around. Many fighters enjoy the zone for the great amount of cover, and the need to stay on their toes.


Clauses add a unique spin to battles by changing the rules or modifying aspects of the arena.

Low Grav Clause: Gravity is light, allowing for high flying battles. Falling impacts are lessened.

Inverted Clause: Stats are inverted. S becomes D, A becomes C, B stays the same, and vice versa. Abilities and supers are disabled.

Pure Fight Clause: Abilities and supers are disabled. Pure fighting skill is needed to win.

Weather Clause: Allows you to change the weather of an arena before the battle begins.

Pure Arena Clause: All of the dynamic effects of an arena are removed. This includes the guns and fighting of the ships in Deadman's Ocean, the spores in Wonderland, the traffic in Metropolis City, and so on.

Forbidden Clauses

Nightmare Clause: Fight becomes real. Any damage done to the astral is felt by the fighter. The fighter may die in the process.

Shadow Clause: Darkens the light of the arena, lowering visibility to a minimum.

X-Ray Clause: Allows both fighters to always be aware of their opponent's location.

Vagrant City

This is the fighting capitol of the world. There are multiple areas in the city you can explore.

Public Transportation: There are many forms of public transportation for those in the city, which includes the monorail, subway system, taxis, and public buses.

The Grand Arena: The incredible stadium used for the Galactic Tournament. It was once the city’s main attraction. There are training and holding rooms available to all of the contestants, and the main stage is reserved for the official matches, but due to the recent lockdown of the GFA, the arena has been completely closed off and is guarded by security 24/7.

The Park: A good place to take a stroll. A lot of meeting up is done here by all sorts of people, and it used to be a place for rivals to gather and duke it out on the astral planes. Not much has changed here over the years, save for the now lacking battles.

Downtown: The center of business. Fighting was always frowned upon in this area as it could disrupt the working people. Over time, the downtown area of Vagrant City evolved to be a highly recognizable feature of the city around the world, with its many shopping centers, many restaurants, huge HD screens, and a vast number of entertainment centers. The dojo is also located here.

Dojo X: A popular training center where fighters came from all around the country, particularly in the GFA’s offseason, to battle against one another in one of the most famous dojos in the world. Since astral fighting recently became illegal, the dojo has closed down until further notice.

Galactic Fighter’s University: This was once a school for any and all young fighters to go and brush up on their skills, but eventually bought out by the GFA, and it then became a prestigious academy for the nation’s top fighting prospects. Some of the students still live in the dorms here, as while the fighting aspects of the school Is temporarily closed because of the banned astral fighting, its basic functions still remain. There are a couple of rumors floating about that some teachers are still willing to teach and tutor anyone in private, but upon being approached by authorities, those rumors have apparently been denied.

The GFA Museum: A museum was erected during the third year of the GFA in order to commemorate the best astrals, fighters, and records.

Housing Areas: There are many areas of housing and apartments in Vagrant City, located in many different areas.

Golden Oaks: Where the richest of the rich live, past a large hill all the way at the edge of the city. Not everyone with beaucoup money lives here, of course, but still, several do. Some of the largest houses and mansions in the country can be found here.

Industrial District: A set of roads and streets intertwined between a large number of factories, electricity and chemical plants, and warehouses.

Automate Factory: A humongous abandoned factory that lies at the far edge of the Industrial District. Automate Industries was once one of the most innovative companies at the time of its existence, but one day, the company mysteriously shut down for unknown reasons, and its factory was abandoned, but for yet another strange reason, it was never sold or torn down.

*More locations will be added as the RP progresses.

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In another world, a competition of epic proportions takes place. Humans have discovered a way to transport their minds across dimensions and become another being, known as an astrals. As their astral, people battle against one another, which has allowed many to gain fame and glory over the years, but from year to year, there can be only one that can be called a true champion. Once a year, a grand tournament takes place in the fighter capitol of the world, Vangrant city. The tournament almost seemed like the perfect sport, a perfect escape from any problems one might encounter in the real world, but things did not always remain that way.

Twenty-three years ago, the world was thrown into chaos by the evil Shroud, who used mysterious red orbs, that, when activated, trapped the fighters in the arena, suddenly turning the battles into a real life fight to the death.  Using these orbs, Shroud trapped most of the tournament's contestants in battle, where the majority of them were killed upon defeat. Not all hope was lost, though, as the human fighter Daylin Hakima, who had proved to be one of the top fighters entered in that year's tourney, joined forces with Stan Masters, the raining champ at that time. Garlock, Daylin's astral, fused with Stan's astral, Ripfang, to form Shadow Garlock. Using his newly found power, Garlock was able to defeat Shroud, and the red orbs were destroyed. Stan was no longer able to battle, though, as he had decided to leave Ripfang with Daylin, the new champion.

Due to the tragedies that occurred, the tournament was discontinued, and astral fighting itself became an illegal activity. This inevitably led to the formation of an underground league, where fighters would get together and battle in secret locations, despite the fact that it was against the law. Without a true organization or governing body to control this underground league, many battlers found that they were able to get away with using forbidden items, techniques, and stages. Fighters still attended these battles though, as it was the only way for them to continue their favorite activity. Four years later, astral fighting became accepted by the legal system once again, and people were able to see the rise of a new, official, organized league of astral fighting, complete with all new, never before seen arenas. This league was known as the Galactic Fighters Association, or GFA for short. Each year's season in the league ended with a newly revised tourney, now called the Galactic Finals, to determine a new champion. The league prospered and thrived for a number of years, but so did the underground. While many of the underground's participants migrated over to the GFA, there were still some that remained behind, for various reasons.

Over time, the underground grew, and five man teams, or gangs, began to dominate this still-illegal league. While the intentions of those who participated in this league differ greatly, rumor has it that the one who conquers the underground will obtain something life-changing. As for what this something is, as well as how the underground is to be conquered, remains a mystery, the rumors are well known and believed by nearly everyone that participates. Because of this, cheating has become even more common in the underground, as a win is all that matters to many. Eventually, the underground instituted its own sort of championship as well. Although it has no official name, it is referred to many as the Black Tourney, where every gang that wishes is allowed to participate and battle others in a best of five, tournament-style bracket. For those few that do not belong to a gang, there are several other lone wolves that set up what many call a mercenary gang, or a team created just for the Black Tourney that is to be disbanded afterwards. The gang that wins the tournament then gets the chance to take on the top three teams of the underground (who don't participate in the tourney) in any order they wish, again in a best of five format. It is unknown what the gang who defeats these three, referred to as the Triad, as this feat has never been accomplished.

The GFA's popularity has decreased recently, as in the past three years, eight of the Galactic Finals's past champions have either been murdered or have mysteriously disappeared. The most recent of these cases is the death of world-class fighter Daylin Hakima. After this occurrence, the GFA has made the difficult decision to close down both the league and the Galactic Finals, which was set to occur in only a week. It seems as if history could be repeating itself, for with the GFA's closure, astral fighting has once again been outlawed, and a select few of the GFA's fighters find themselves with a mysterious invitation that could only lead to the underground. While many suddenly discover themselves to be surrounded by mystery, what lies ahead, for both astral fighters and not, can only be described as something that will be life-changing.


-No Godmodding. You are not all powerful, and must be fair to the other players.

-No off topic discussions in the OOCC. Please leave the OOCC just for RP related things.

-All posts must be a paragraph, or at least 4 sentences, long. Anything shorter will result in a warning, and multiple warnings will result in being kicked from the RP.

-You must use proper grammar and spelling at all times in your posts. You can write character dialogue in any style you wish so long as it is readable.

-All battle results must be determined beforehand in either the OOCC, or through PM's. Since this is a fighting RP, it will be up to you who wins and who loses.

*For the sake of space, all other details will be in the OOCC

*This is a sequel to Galactic Tournament, an RP by Xetroc.

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