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Pokémon Roleplay / [OOCC]Pokemon Dragon Dungeon
« on: June 28, 2012, 02:27:35 am »
Here is where you post out of character conversations so we can stay on topic for the RP.

Pokémon Roleplay / What is your favorite region?
« on: June 27, 2012, 08:00:30 pm »
Hi I'm making a Favorite Region Poll so please vote!

Pokémon Roleplay / [PROFILES]Pokemon Dragon Dungeon RP
« on: June 24, 2012, 09:28:23 pm »
Here is where you put your profiles after you took the test...so yeah here's some skeletons:
Username:(PU name)
Character name:
Moves:(Look it up in Pokemon Handbooks and stuff)
Scars:(Pretty much like an appearence)
Personality:(Like gentle and nice)
Pokemon:(What Pokemon are you?)

Team Napa
Character name:
Rank:(Everyone starts at Rank 1=Pupil.I will tell you when you ranked up)
Team Napa trainer name:(Choose whatever you want, but don't copy stuff like Giovanni or Ash)
Pokemon:(What Pokemon are you?)
[OOCC] Pokemon Dragon Dungeon will be here soon!

The Ultimate Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP ever! I think...
Take this test first to see if you can enter. It's only three questions, with two answers each. Let's go!
1.You have a friend over and you want to make it the best sleepover ever! Pick A or B:
A:Give him some ice cream, ask your mom for a great movie, and then let your pokemon play with his.
B:Play on the computer the whole time, ignoring your friend.

2.Your friend said to go rob a store, but you don't want to. Pick A or B:
A:Say that you have a dentist appointment, so you can't go.
B:Say "Well, OK, maybe tomorrow."

3.You want a Wii, so your dad gives you 200 dollars for cleaning his car. It's enough, but then your friend asks you for 100 dollars, "Top secret". Pick A or B:
A:Say you were going to buy a Wii, so he can't have some.
B:Give him the money he asks for.

Here's what I'm doing:I'll post the two teams first, then we will see who is on the good and the bad.
Mostly A's:Good=Your fighting Team Napa!
Mostly B's:Bad=Your on Team Napa!

NO God-modding. Your not that powerful!
Fainting:NO one-hit KOs!
NO cussing! Don't name your Team any bad words either!
You can partner up with another RPer, but let me know first!
NO killing people! Unless you ask them and they say yes. Then you tell me/
Have good grammer. Make it so we can read your posts.
NO double posting!
NO one-line post.

Here's the plot:
An evil team called Team Napa has found a extreme dark force and plans to divide the two worlds-Pokemon and Human-to ruin the world. Everyone starts out at a secret Pokemon meeting, where the Head of the Pokemon Secret Meeting Team (Or P.S.M.T for short)Is saying that they will need to get rid of this evil source before it divides the two species into two worlds. But then the Secret Pokemon Headquarters gets attacked by Team Napa! A battle happens, involving all of the Pokemon of the P.S.M.T. The RPers will be sucked into a time portal, getting put into the future, when Team Napa divided the two species. They don't know how to get back, so they go search for the legendary Dragon Dungeon which is believed to hold a Dreaming Stone that can set back time and heal the Dark Force, though no one knows what the Dark Force is.. The year is 2409 and Team Napa has taken over the Human world and Team Napa's Pokemon has taken over the Pokemon world. The remaining Pokemon that are good are the P.S.M.T RPers while the staff of the P.S.M.T were turned evil. Rumor has it that the Dragon Dungeon is in the Pokemon League, where Team Napa's base is. Team Napa's objective is to find the Dragon Dungeon and destroy the Dreaming Stone. P.S.M.T's objective is to find the Dreaming Stone and cure the two worlds.

The skeletons are now at the [PROFILES]Pokemon Dragon Dungeon RP.

Trainers Lounge / Thank you, NIntendo!
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:34:38 am »
Thank you, Nintendo!
I just want to thank Nintendo for making all the wonderful Pokemon games, along with saying that if anyone wants to thank Nintendo for their marvelous work! Pokemon Black and White 2 should have a 3D mode without having to have a 3DS!

Pikachu! Jake101, signing off!

Have a wonderful career, Nintendo!

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