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Well, as suggested a little earlier, I've decided to make this thread for those who want to chat and catch up later if they want to, an option they cannot usually do on the IRC. You can talk about anything in here, your life, pokemon, your peeves, etc, just chit chat.  ;)

But don't forget, don't be rude, or spam the thread. Just have fun in chatting, as I know that some of you might get quickly bored. Come on, don't hesitate to talk about anything and everything 8). Another thing to keep in mind is that Forum Rules and Etiquette still apply.

PS: Post count is off here, so, don't think that posting and posting in here will bring up your post count :)

EDIT: If you find a troll, don't feed it. They don't deserve the soup ;)

Mr Pokemon:
Woot! First Post!

Well, anyway, how's it going people?

Hello Mr Pokemon!

Hey, just a question, are you still dazed and amused? ???

Mr Pokemon:
Well, I guess I have been lately. But when I wrote the signature, I just thought of that real quick, and never bothered to change it.

Hm... I wonder what Chibi person convinced you to create this forum... I wonder... >.>


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