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So since we're planning on getting a server in the USA to support our big american userbase, we would like to know if most of the Americans on here live on (or closest to) the east coast or the west coast. If you live EXACTLY in the middle then you can just vote what you'd like. Please vote on the poll on this page :D

Carbon -- Added the midwest to the poll. :3

And for the people who DO NOT live in the USA, don't try to be funny just vote on "Neither, I'm not an American"  :-*

Hmm. I live in the Midwest. Get a server in Chicago. It'd be good for central US people. :o

Also, if anyone knows a good and cheap (Dedicated Server) hosting provider please tell us, because we have absolutely no idea what to look for when it comes to USA hosters.  ???

Um I live in America but I live in Texas DEAD CENTER of America lol


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