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Submit your building ideas! No pixel art skill required!

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Building design!

Surprisingly, you don't need any pixel art skill to contribute to PU's building designs! Submit your concept for a type of building here, by sticking to a few simple rules. Designs can be as simple as you like, and can have colour or be outline drawings.

The tile size is 48x48 pixels. The grid you can see above is from Photoshop, but other free programs also have grids.

You have probably noticed that pokemon cities have one style of building per city, and this is what gives the city its feel so you remember it. The way you get many different buildings in the same style without much work, is to make sure the tiles for each one are reusable. Here are some simple examples:



As you can see, every feature (wall and roof edges and corners, doors, windows etc.) occupies as few tiles as possible. The door is on one, the window is on two but makes good use of the extra space. The roof on the first house has corners that only take up one tile. You get the idea.

Another good idea is to keep all the parts simple. This doesn't mean you can't add lots of parts (flower pots, door signs, chimneys, aerials etc), it just means that each thing you add should be clean and simple looking.

Here is what it might look like if I was to take the first house and finish it for PU, although this is just a quick example using old stuff:


You can take inspiration from pictures of real buildings on Google images, or from the official Pokemon games for some starting help.

Good luck!

The Fireball Kid:
What a neat idea. This should be a good project. Gonna attempt this one.


--- Quote from: The Fireball Kid on June 29, 2010, 09:08:07 pm ---What a neat idea. This should be a good project. Gonna attempt this one.

--- End quote ---
i agree it is a good idea
good luck buddy

I will be submitting one either today or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to scale this design I have up.

tda killer:
AHA a chance to shine. ;D il be submitting one tommorow of i have the chance


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