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This Post, is going to benefit the PU team. This is the place you should post if you want to Compliment the team.

Holding back is something we should do, Even if we cant donate, Post here, This is where We can Show that We know all that they are Going through, They are working extremely Hard, and What we've seen already is amazing enough, but its only a fragment. They could stop right there, but they are giving This MMO Their all.

They give so much just so we can enjoy ourselves, and now its time to give back, Any way we can.

Again, PU, Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Thanks in Advance to those who Post here as well.

Every little 'Thank you' Helps.

--- Quote from: Frenchfry545 on July 22, 2010, 04:53:47 pm ---Someone needs to sticky this thread, 'cause a lot of twelve year olds keep making posts/threads attacking members of the team in an attempt to get friends. Really, they seem to need a big 'ol blimp to fly overhead with a big sign that reads "Go have your man period somewhere else!"

What most newfags* don't seem to understand is that, contrary to the whiney punks in other MMO's forums who whine constantly about how much the staff of the game sucks:
We, the people, of the United Universe of Pokemon, in order to form a more perfect forum love the staff. Anyone who is known on the forum** will tell you, that no matter what happens, the PU team isn't one that you can gain friends around here by mocking. If I ever get permabanned from these forums, I won't be angry at Mr_Dark, Urmel, or anyone else on the PU team. I'll be angry at myself, for being such a little prick that I managed to get banned by people with extremely loose rules.

*When I say newfags, I mean newfags, not people new to the forum. I mean the weirdos who attention whore by complaining all the time.
**You know, the active ones. Jerry, Amphy, Mr. Pokemon, Chibivampire, and so on.

--- End quote ---

Nobody's better at one-liners preceding bringing down the banhammer on threads than Mr_Dark.

Thats because he does his job so well.

Well thats nice... :3

Thank you everyone on the team! May this website/game live long and prosper... xP!
Even though I have never really ever seen that series... Usually flip through the Sci-fi channels and listen to what they are saying...
I usually change it by then... ^_^

Anyway, thanks everyone! :D!

Yeah I can't really post long because I have a headache and fingerache from the RP post, but I just want to say I really appreciate all you guys, I know you all work hard to do your jobs. I know you didn't have to make this game (Well maybe now you do because all the members would track you all down and kill you, but I meant at first) and it means a lot that you did.


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