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As some of you might have noticed: We've got a new layout for Pokemon-universe.com. In fact this is not just a new layout. It is a fresh board start.

And as promised at the previous website, we will be keeping a weekly update for you guys at every monday to sum up the last week's updates, so you guys can keep track of the progress.

If you have got any questions regarding the updates, feel free to join us at the chat and discuss the subject of interest. However, the old rules still applies: No asking for release date since we do not have any.


Note that all development update topics will be locked, so it will not be possible for guys (and girls) to comment on it.

Well... It is time for the first development update and there is not much to say.

It has been a rough week with the new website up and running and such. However we are still progressing in the game development.

Urmel and Mr_Dark have along with Bakagringo spent the last couple of days trying to improve the Pokemon Battles; from coding to interface. Making it nice for you to play while keeping some drama in the battles.

On the mapping side, it is currently on hold due to editor-updates from Wkter's side. It will hopefully help the mappers and the quest/storywriters with their work in the future. Furthermore we are playing with the bytes, so you can have as smooth game play as possible with an average of 60 frames per second ingame.

Shashi, a norwegian guy, joined the team. Not as a developer, but as the community manager. So behave out there or else  :D

Unfortunately, we have had to remove the PokeShout shoutbox on our homepage due to immaturity and abuse. You can still talk to us via IRC (indeed it is much better to contact us there as we are available to talk very often). Webchat IRC or join us directly at #pokemon-universe on irc.rizon.net .

Finally we are going to decide where to put our american server. So if you havn't already voted at the poll I kindly ask you to. You can find the poll HERE.
In addition, we are dicussing/investigating Victory's question (link) about the same matter.

One day late. And for that I am sorry.

But we had some things to finish...

The battle user interface is just comming out nicely. A few days ago, each and every team-member were ingame battleing against random pokemons found in the grass.
But there are still many things to add before any releases.

We still need to add the following:

* Items button
* Switch Pokemon button
* Flee button
And of course improve the battle UI a little bit more.
I'll upload a screenshot when the battle concept has been finalized.

The mapping can once again begin.
Wkter and Raiden are however, still working on the editor as we develop the maps and are in need of new features. We are planning to release a "light-version" of the editor, so all those who have a little mapper in their stomach got some free tools.

A final little surprise. Some time ago we made a wikia. Well... started it. But we felt that something was wrong since a wikia is normally made by the fans.
We are hereby giving you the chance to develop the pokemon-universe wikia at wikia.com

week 3 and we have some exciting new updates for you.

First of all, CounterBug joined as mapper on trial. We will see how he will do under the PU command.

The PokÉditor 3.0 is of course still in progress and we will make it public as soon as possible. Meaning that everyone who have a slight interrest in mapping can now try it out - for free. The public editor will not contain as many features as the one the PU-team members will use.

Please remember that the editor is still in development.

The BattleUI is comming out nicely. We have got ourself some floating text now and Mr_Dark is currently checking all (467) attacks for special stuff like multiple hits and so on. (list).
Please notice that the move Fling will not appear in the beta due to major work.

Urmel have changed the convo system to the one Bakagringo designed months ago and NPCs now have more functionalities like; give/take money and quest suppert has been added.

As some of you might have noticed, the karma has changed. You can read the thread about "why" here.

One more week has passed and once again the karma system was a major subject.
We chose to entirely erase the function. It has been too much trouble and it took a lot of our time. Time that we could have used on the game itself.

Spirit, who joined on trial as quest/storywriter some days ago, is making a lot of quests for your entertainment. It is a harsh and long process since we don't have a fully functionally questsystem yet.

Furthermore Sakaa a vector artist joined on trial - today actually. 5 minutes ago.

CounterBug is still on his trial.

The mapping is as always, progressing slowly. I am adding new questhubs for Spirit and altering some terrain. I am also waiting for Sakaa to finish some updated mountain tiles and we'll have nice mountains that fits with everything else.

Since this has been a "sleepy" week for most of the team members due to real life stuff there is only one more thing to say: Join us at the chat


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