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Author Topic: [RP]Final Fantasy[Profiles]  (Read 2564 times)

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[RP]Final Fantasy[Profiles]
« on: October 17, 2010, 02:34:13 am »
  I will post profiles here. Nobody is allowed to post here but me. I will post your profile once you've messaged it to me. There is no reason for you to post here. Unbreakables profile is an exception, since I had the Profiles and OOCC in one thread, and I didn't have this rule before.

  The classes are: Swordsman(obviously, they use swords)
                         Archer(uses a bow)
                         Assassin(masters of stealth. They use light swords,small weapons like daggers,
                         bows, and other weapons an assassin might use)
                         Gladiator(Uses Axes, Maces, etc.)
                         Ninja(Masters of stealth, uses light swords and weapons an assassin might use)
                         White Mage(defensive and healing spells, and weak black magic spells)
                         Black Mage(uses spells that cause damage)
                         Red Mage(skilled in slightly weaker spells from both kinds of magic,and
                         with many kinds of swords)
                         Summoner(summons creatures and weapons from other realms)
                         Dark Mage(only Shadow People can be Dark Mages)
                         Dark Knight(Drogan's army only)
                         Dark Archer(Drogan's army only)
                         Dark Gladiator(Drogan's army only)
                         Monk(uses fists, nunchakus, and small weapons)
                         Pm me if you have any ideas for other classes

                         Profile Skeleton:

                         PU username:
                         Character name:
                         Character's age:
                         Character's Race:(Shadow person or human)
                         Character's Class:
                         Army:(Shadow people's army, Drogan's army, or the Warriors of Light)
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Re: Final Fantasy:The Crystal Chronicles [OOCC and Profiles]
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2010, 11:24:39 pm »
I hope you don't mind, but Im kinda rushing...

Have to edit this, due to New skeleton

 Username: Unbreakable
 Character's name: Starrite
 Gender: Female (for fun.)
 Race: Human
 Army: Warriors of Light.
 Class: Summoner
 Personality: She is upbeat, kind but a little shy about leading the people forward. Even so, she is bold, and protects those dear to her.
 Bio: Starrite is usually a passive girl, but when a band of muggers and drunks ravaged her home, something awoke inside her. A mythical creature, resembling a Paladin/Tiger fusion came to save her. Since then, She has been defending her village with her Summoner's Gift.
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By loving so many, I have touched their lives and helped them rebirth as well. To be strong is to instill strength in another.

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Re: [RP]Final Fantasy[Profiles]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2010, 10:07:13 pm »
 PU username: Trainerx
 Character name: Trystan
 Gender: Male
 Character's age: 15
 Character's Race: Human                         
 Character's Class: Red Mage
 Army: The Warriors of Light                         
 Personality: Careless, but he's very serious about his battle strategies.
 Bio: When he was 13, he was going to become part of Drogan's army. The day of the ceremony that would make him a part of the army, Drogan made Trystan watch all of his family and friends get killed. Drogan told Trystan it would make him more powerful, but Trystan couldn't understand how watching his friends and family die could make himself more powerful. That night he left the castle. On his way to the small province that the Warriors of Light had taken from Drogan, he met a Red Mage. The Red Mage took him to the fort that the Warriors of Light were, and started to train him. He has been waiting ever since then to get his revenge.
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