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Dont be afraid to post


I just wanted to make something very clear to everyone.

Please post any one suggestion you come up with, dont be scared, we wont hold it against you and you wont get kicked / banned for posting a "bad" suggestion.

The only thing we really ask is this:

1. use the search function before posting
2. Write down as much stuff you can think of that would clarify your suggestion.

Example of bad suggestion:  "I want to make pokemon cool for myself with colors"

Example of good suggestion: "I want to be able to change the color of my pokemon, with a limited set of colors to chose from depending on happiness level and the type combo it has, here are a few examples... ETC."

While the suggestion in itself is not something we would consider putting into the game at this stage, you have a much higher chance to get a discussion going if you just take the time to state your point, and explain it as much as you can.

The worst thing that can happen is that we simply state why it wont work, and lock the thread.
But this should NOT influence your idea posting.
I would personally rather see 50 bad ideas being looked at and shot down, than having no ideas posted at all.

So keep posting guys!

I just posted something-thank you for the courage.


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