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Just while I remember... If you gotta transfer Celebi or the Shiny Beast to B/W, use the Relocator and not the PokeTransfer.

If you use the PokeTransfer, you'll be unable to get Victini, Zorua and Zoroark.


There is a sort of quiz in game for the Relocator.
The answers are in the spoiler below:
Answer 1 left: "Everyone"
Answer 1 right: "Happy"
Answer 2 left: "Simple"
Answer 2 right: "Connection"

 Can't you trade them from the Generation IV games in the pokemon center?


--- Quote from: Trainerx on March 04, 2011, 04:17:49 pm --- Can't you trade them from the Generation IV games in the pokemon center?

--- End quote ---

No you cannot TRADE from Generation 4 to Generation 5 in a Pokemon Center.

Either you use the Relocator: (for event Pokemon)
The Relocator is unlocked the same way as the Mystery Gift feature is unlocked in previous generations—by inputting certain phrases. In this case, the phrases are used when talking to a scientist in Castelia City, which can be done as soon as players arrive in the city for the first time. After unlocking the Relocator, it may be accessed in the same screen as the options for Continue and New Game.


The Poke Transfer: (for every other Pokemon or if you just don't want the event)
Located in the Poké Transfer Lab on Route 15

 Can you get the gen 4 pokemon back? You probably can't...

Not when they have been in a Generation 5.


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