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Anyone who wants to learn anything related to Pokemon sprite editing can come here. If any teachers want to teach, they can do so. But you need to show that you have skill to teach a certain aspect.. I for example can do almost all categories of Pokemon spriting. Only 2 students at a time!
Some examples are:
- Fusions (splicing)
- Advanced Fusions
- Recolours
- Advanced Recolours
- Infernoes (pillow shades [glowies])
- Re - Element
- Pokeballs
- Eggs
- Devamps
- Revamps
- Disguises
- Trainers

PS. Before you get to the advanced skills, you must pass the basics.
Currently accepting two peoplez.

i want to learn tell me what i need first

 Please teach me! Here's a splice I did recently:

I also would like to learn how to sprite trainers.

Meowth, what do you want to learn?

Trainerx, that's a cosplay and it's pretty good, do you want to improve on those or splices?

Ponge, what do you mean sprite trainers?


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