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pokemon sprite's and splicing sprites together


--- Quote from: Monzta on March 13, 2011, 02:29:55 am ---Meowth, what do you want to learn?

Trainerx, that's a cosplay and it's pretty good, do you want to improve on those or splices?

Ponge, what do you mean sprite trainers?

--- End quote ---
That was just something I did when I was bored. I want to learn everything that you can teach.

Mr. Fox:
I want to be able to splice and give the sprites a glow like you did with that Ho-Oh.

This is how to recolour (basic). For the harder parts, just zoom in ;). 5 min, and you know how to do it.

Basic indeed. Trainerx, umadbro?
I'll start with splices for Mr._Rex.
Eg. I'll tell you to fuse Squirtle and Pikachu. (Always the easiest)
So you get them, put 'em on paint or whatever program you use, and choose the base sprite. Say it's Pikachu. So you recolour Pikachu with Squirtle's colours. Then, start with the fuse. Search for something they have in common. A tail.. and.. that's it. You could also add the shell to Pikachu's body. Start with the tail. Take off Pikachu's tail with free-form select, and delete. Move Squirtle's tail near it, and put Pikachu on it. Now it's a whole sprite. Now start with the shell. Chop Squirtles arms and legs off, so the shell becomes easier to move. Then temporarily move Pikachus arms (move em somewhere). Select the shell and put it where it belongs. Don't forget the back part! You may need to move Pikachus Squirt-tail to put it on. You also might need to change Pikachus right arm if it doesn't look right. So now you're basically done. Get rid of the Squirtle head and zoom out.
End result:


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