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So you wanna get on the Pre-Beta 2.0 List

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*/So you wanna get on the Pre-Beta 2.0 List\*
[~A Guide~]

Time's counting down fellow PU members, and that list for the Pre-Beta isn't going to stay open forever. If you've already got your slot then turn away, this guide isn't for you. However, if you're one of the tens of new members clamoring to get your rightful place on that Pre-Beta List, then you need to park your butt right there and listen up! This guide's for you.


[~Important Things To Remember~]

(o) Nobody on this site really cares that you played Pokemon Crater, Pokemon World Online, or any other Pokemon MMO. Really. I don't care, the PU Team doesn't care, nobody cares. So don't mention it, unless you are on a forum designed to talk about those sites.

(o) This and this should be read before anything else. Mr_Dark did not just put them up for giggles chuckles.
No excuses either, as they'll be above every thread on the forum.  ::)

(o) There was a great invention created some time ago called a Search Bar. Use is, and your chances of getting one of the Pre-Beta invites increases, but we'll get into that later.


[~The Dos and Don'ts~]

Your posts on the forum can either make you or break you. I'm going to go through some tips, rules, and even examples to help show you what's going to either get you the banhammer, or a spot on that list you've been hearing so much about.

[The Do's]

1) Be active but not stupid. If you just clicked on a topic with, say, five or six pages worth of replies already, it would be a good thing to go back and read not only the first post, but also the ones that come after it. This way, you don't look like a moron sprouting off things that have already been asks, picked apart, and/or verified.

2) Type correctly. It's a sad thing when second-language English speakers can type better than first-language ones. No this isn't school, no this isn't a letter to your grandmother, but trust me when I say that if you put in the effort to type using the basic rules of grammar in every one of your posts, you come off sounding much more mature. And maturity, I might add, is something the PU Team is looking for. ;)

3) Don't be afraid to speak your (marginally intelligent) thoughts. If someone has an idea you don't like, pick it apart (without insulting the poster). If someone asks for help on expanding their idea, don't be afraid too. Insight is something the PU Team is looking for. If you agree with everything a poster says/thinks up/suggests, then it sways towards the idea that you're just posting to post, or build a reputation of being a 'nice person.'

--- Quote ---Remember, a closed pre-beta is not just a ticket to have fun, we are looking for serious feedback and testing.
--- End quote ---

4) It's not just in the Pokemon Discussion you can show your worth. There are a number of topics in other sections that give way to the opportunity of building that chance of being put on the list. Nobody said you have to look in the PU threads specifically to post. Branch out a bit. ;)


Topic: "I think we should be able to see the Pokemon before we battle them."

Response: "I don't like that idea. The game screen might lag more and it'll cause a lot of cluttering onscreen. Plus the number of sprites the PU Team would have to make."


[The Don'ts]

1) Beg. Nothing will get you farther from that list then begging. In fact, given the times you try to pull this kind of crap, you might find yourself banned from the game entirely.

2) Ask stupid questions. Yes, I said it. There is such a thing. Questions such as: "Is this going to be a multiplayer game," or "Are there going to be Pokemon in this game," or even, "can i plz be on teh list."

3) Reposting topics. This goes back to the Search Bar feature. The Team wants to finish working on the game/have a life, not have to deal with deleting your posts. You can always just go reply to posts of the subject that have already been made. You do not need to have discovered the 'bestest Pokemon idea evar' to get on the list. Trust me. Calm down, the Beta isn't for another couple months. You have (some) time.

4) Don't keep posting on a topic already deemed a repost of something else. If the admins haven't already locked/deleted it for God knows what reason, don't keep bumping it. Agreeing with a lazy post is just as bad as posting it in the first place. It's a waste of your time, and will not get you on the list.


Topic: "i thnk id b colz 2 see the pokemon befor we batlet them id be sewper uniqe an not lyke pokemon crter"

Response: "omg thts a good idea  ;D ;D ;D :D ;) :D 8) :) :D ;D"

...That reminds me. The overly excessive use of smileys in the posts are a good way to NOT get on the list.



At the end of the post, the only thing keeping you off that list is yourself. Follow the rules set in this guide and you'll be on that list before you know it.

I'd like to point out that I am not on the PU Team, nor did I consult them before making this guide. I am, however, already on the list, and have a general idea of what they are desperately looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I look forward to beating seeing you all in the Pre-Beta.

I agree with this thread :D

Let's see if it stops people making stupid posts (I'm not holding my breath, lol, but good job anyway).

Also funny how Kuhns doesn't like excessive smilies but uses one of the most revolting smilie sets I have ever seen. xD


--- Quote ---Let's see if it stops people making stupid posts (I'm not holding my breath, lol, but good job anyway).

Also funny how Kuhns doesn't like excessive smilies but uses one of the most revolting smilie sets I have ever seen. xD
--- End quote ---

I'm not either. But maybe 2% of the 'new' members will take some of this to heart--err, their brain.

Hey! Leave my smiley face alone. xD

Nice post!

--- Quote from: Kuhns on January 28, 2010, 07:14:32 pm ---(o) There use to be two posts about the Rules and Forum Etiquette. If they ever resurface from wherever they went, go and read them.

--- End quote ---

Ever checked the top of the topic lists (on any board)


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