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On popular demand, now stickied.

--- Quote from: genbor on July 31, 2011, 10:15:10 am --- Ez, what you might have noticed is not directed at newcomers. I joined during April and I never experienced any problems. Why? Because I was capable of piecing together a normal, comprehensible sentence and respectfully lay down ideas or have discussions.

 I know I posted some things that have already been said, but I at least tried to search on that particular idea. It's toward newcomers that hostility is shown, it's toward those people who clearly did not take the minimal effort of at least searching for it, or look it up in the Game section. If they can't follow the rules and regulations because they stand above reading a text that was designed to give them a better time here on the forums, fine. But when somebody makes the thread about when the game is coming out, that's a bit too much.

 So all you newcomers who read this post, here's my advice:

- Your posts should be comprehensible, in the sense that you should at least respect the people who will be reading your post with a readable sentence/wall of text.

- Please try to read up on the subject that you are interested in, whether about the Game or else. 'THE GAME' button is there for you to read about.

- Use the search function, I know it's not perfect and it's a bit hard to use, but once you get used to it, you will be surprised that it actually works. So please give the search bar a chance to prove useful.

- Read the rules and regulations, and try to keep to them. It provides a better experience for both you, and the readers.

- Try not to be offensive or inappropriate, you won't make too many friends that way. I'm sure you must know this by now.

- If you looked up on it, and still didn't find what you were looking for, we will be there to help you out.

- Although there's probably some more advice I could give you, my last one is this: Listen to what Jerry says.

 Hope that cleared up this little misunderstanding, and of course we are looking forward to have more active newcomers. See you on chat or on the forums.

                                                                                              Cheers, Genbor

--- End quote ---

ok then how do i get into the game and actually play it instead of look around and find nothing?


--- Quote from: zexionsgirl on August 17, 2011, 09:49:10 pm ---ok then how do i get into the game and actually play it instead of look around and find nothing?

--- End quote ---

The game isn't released yet, but the public beta comes out this december.

I dunno how to grt on the game can SOMEBODY TELL ME.

Since I have promised to be nice, i shall explain.

On the homepage, we have in large red letters that say the beta is delayed.

In the downloads section, it says nothing there, because we have no download.

You see, the game is still in development, and we here in PU are working our best to provide an awesome game, and an awesome game takes time. All we ask is that you, the potential player, remain patient.

We do invite you to join us in chat, or hang around on the forums, as we have plenty for you, the potential player, to do while you wait.

Any an all new members that read this from now on, I hope I have answered your questions appropriately, if the first post has not been sufficient in your information gathering needs.


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