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Author Topic: Confessions of a Shipper (controversial topic, don't like don't read)  (Read 4791 times)

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I have seen enough of the anime world to know one thing

People fantasize about two characters getting into a romantic relationship all the time, to the point where they do fan art and fanfiction about it.
 I dare you, go to google and type in any character X any other character and you WILL find art about it, no exceptions.

With that being said, who do you ship? What anime or game are they from? Why are you interested in them getting together? What evidence to you have that supports that pairing?

This is an EQUAL opportunity thread, I don't care if the pairing is strait, yuri, or yaoi, I just want too know who it is and why you would like them together


Let it be known why your pairing is your favorite, give reasons why you think they would be great together, or why it would be funny if they did

Lets keep it PG, just the romantic side of the pairing

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Re: Confessions of a Shipper (controversial topic, don't like don't read)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 10:39:09 PM »
To get the ball rolling for others that are interested I'll go first. One of my fave pairings comes from the show Soul Eater

Crona: Nervous and of unconfirmed gender, Crona is the child of Medusa and is at first on of the first foes that is introduced in the show. Crona has no idea how to handle things and while he(or she) was under the control of medusa, Crona was nearly insane. However their was major character development after he(she) was saved by Maka.

and Death the kid: Son of lord death, he is going to inherit his fathers role of fighting witches and running the DWMA. He is obsessed with symmetry, in the beginning of the show he could barely function unless everything was perfect, though he gets better as the show progresses.

Reasoning: While they don't have any real interaction in the show, save for some brief moments here and there, there personalities would make them an interesting Couple to watch. Crona for instance doesn't know how to handle people, so if their were to be feelings, Crona would be vary flustered indeed. On Kids end, Crona is incredibly Unsymmetrical, so he would grow as a character if he could learn to love something that wasn't his definition of "perfect."

They are both neurotic and dysfunctional characters on two different ends of the spectrum, so if they were to find a romantic connection, they may be able to "pull themselves together" as the Late Ragnarok put it.