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Well if you use Dropbox free and don't like the 2GB limit it has, Dropbox's competitor, is having a 50 day promotion that gives you not the regular 2GB space but a whopping 50GB space. So if you have a free dropbox account you might want to consider upgrading. Note this 50GB is yours for life this normally cost like $20 a month.

Ok so now with that said, to get your 50GB all you have to do is download the app (on iPod or iPhone) and either make a new account or login to your current account to get your 50GB activated. And that's it!  ;D

I'm not 100% if it's on the android market but it could be also if you don't have an iPhone but want this just shoot me a pm and i'll make an account for you or login your account activating the 50GB. You can trust me be if you don't not my problem  :-\ just ask a freind with an iPhone or something.

EDIT: Just checked it's on most phone stores
android blackberry ect...


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