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Author Topic: [QUEST]Into the dark (debatable title)  (Read 1702 times)

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[QUEST]Into the dark (debatable title)
« on: November 21, 2011, 12:43:09 pm »
Time: Any

Setting:A cabin that leads to a cave hidden in a forest.

Suggested Pokemon Level: 20 and up (leveled with player)

Pokemon in area: Grass, bug, normal, ghost, dark, and flying types in the Forest (Lv 10-16), Dark, Ghost, Rock, Ground, and water types in the caves(Lv 17-22) (There can be water, debatable)

Plot: Strange things have been happening in the forest. Loud cries can be heard from the one cave everyone avoids. Is someone lost, or is it a trap? Will you solve the mystery?

Start- The player finds an old woman sitting in front of her cavern, talking to her will trigger the quest being available.

Old Woman-Get back whipper snapper, this is my property. No hooligan will force me out of this.

Player Options
-Relax, I'm not here to cause trouble, just though this was a place to rest.

-...I guess I'll be going then. (This choice will allow you to take the quest later if you so choose.)

From "Relax"

Old woman- What kind of berries have you been eating? Do you honestly think I live in a cabin in the middle of the forest to take care of brats like you? I live here alone for a reason. Now get!

-Is anything bothering you? Maybe I can help.

-Ok, fine, I'll leave. (Ends, like before you can come back)

From "Help"

Old Woman- Oh, now you think i can't take care of myself? You think a poor old woman like me can't collect five pieces of timber for her fire? I'll show you....(Attempting to get timber)...Ow, my back. I guess I am older than I thought. Look, if you really want to help, bring me five pieces of timber. You can find them all over the woods, sometimes Nuzleaf can be see playing with them. If you find one, they may attack you, so be on your guard.

Player sets off to find timber. There are 7 locations, so as not to make it really difficult. Each piece you find will trigger a Nuzleaf to battle you (Lv17-19) and are catch-able (Debatable). Every win gets you the timber. Once you have five pieces, head back to the old woman to do the next task.

Old woman- Huh, look at you, you're a mess. Give me the timber, and get cleaned up. If you're going to continue to help me, I want you to look at least halfway decent.

Player's Pokemon gets healed.

Old woman- Now that you don't stink like a Muk, how about finding seven Apricorns for me. I want to make Apricorn stew. And if you can find me 3 red ones, I will consider letting you have some.

Player sets off for the Apricorns. The forest is full of these trees (Hinting this to be Apricorn woods). The three reds ones will be harder to find, but it really doesn't matter what you bring. Once you have your bounty, head back to continue.

Old woman- Ah, Apricorns. *Takes time to make stew (Special quest item, works like a full restore, because that's what it is. If you have the three red ones, you get bonus berries.) Eat up.


Player- What was that?

Old woman- I have no idea, but whoever it was, they are in for it. Probably another poor soul wandering Ominous cavern (debatable)

Player- Ominous Cavern?

Old woman-A dangerous place, flooded like there is no tomorrow. Pitch black too, so you wouldn't know if anything was waiting to grab you. I wouldn't recommend going there, unless you want to end up like all the others.

Player- There were others? Why didn't you stop them?

Old woman- Child, I'm 76 years old, I couldn't stop a Caterpie from shooting string shots at my cabin if I wanted to. But I can tell you want to go check it out. It's to the west of here, near a waterfall. Hard to miss the opening, not like it's hidden or anything.

Player follows the old woman's instructions to a cave. I suggest having a Pokemon that knows Flash (If implemented) or just try to navigate without it. The cave is large, and has enough twists and turns to get you lost. At some point, you will find three openings and a warning, stating that if you choose the wrong one, you will be taken back to the beginning.(I'll leave that for the mappers to decide.) You must do this three times.

After exploring for a while, you notice that you haven't found anyone yet, and after solving the last door, you will be transported to a place covered in snow, with a night sky. (Yes, still inside the cave) You will see the old woman, she is unconscious.

Player-Hey, wake up? What's going on?

Mysterious voice- Humans are fools. It's not even a challenge anymore to lure them here.

A man appears, he is dressed in all black, and has black hair with red streaks.

Man- You there, I sense your power, battle me. Prove me wrong, prove to me that I can be challenged.

Battle begins- The man has two Pokemon. One is Zoroark, the other is Mismagius. Zoroark is Lv 21, and Mimagius is at 20. defeat him to continue.

Man- Bark? Aroo!

The man becomes a Zoroark, and a Mismagius. (Zoraork made the room, Mismagius was the voice.) They disappear, and the old woman wakes up.

Old woman- Oh my, I must have dosed again. Hello there, I'm Leanne. I live I these woods. You must have met Spike and Missy. They tend to be really playful. Come now, we shouldn't stay too long here, you look exhausted.

Player is teleported back to the cabin.

Leanne- Thanks for playing with my friends, they tend to get really excited when they sense a new person. I guess I caught what they felt because I got all tuckered out. Ha ha ha!

Player- I have a question, how did you get there before me, and why are you so nice now?

Leanne-I guess you met my twin sister, Loranne. She can be a little cranky, but she is strong at heart.

Loranne appears from the cabin.

Loranne- You're darn right I am. You were off playing again with those Pokemon, while I was left to make the stew. I kept it warm, I didn't need to. I expect you to make dinner for the next week, since I had to get all the ingredients for it myself.

Leanne- It's a promise, sis! This stranger seems to have calmed down Spike and Missy for today. And I'm starving, you always make the best stew between the both of us.

Loranne- You're darn right, I do, but charming me ain't going to make me forget.

Player- I thought you said the cavern was dangerous. Where were the other people?

Loranne- Oh them? Never were any, made it up. I knew Mismagius would do something to lure you to her, and I didn't want her to be disappointed. Ha Ha Ha!

Player- ........

The quest is over, you receive another Apricorn stew, some Exp, and you can return every 24 hours for more Apricorn Stew. You will find one of the sister depending on the time of day.

Loranne- Day

Leanne- Night

And as an added bonus, you can rebattle Spike and Missy, who Leanne caught, or battle Loranne, who uses Lucario Lv 21 and Honchkrow Lv 20. (Can be leveled with player.)

Post Comments, Criticism, or suggestions, as I use them to write better stories in the future.


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Re: [QUEST]Into the dark (debatable title)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2011, 03:30:27 pm »
As of apicorn stew, I suggest putting some generator, such as a certain combination of apicorns give a certain apple stew level.

Say, that red is one of the 'higher' levelled ones R R R X X X X (R-red, X-anything but red)

Something maybe like... (R R R Be Be Y Y gives a higher level of stew)

And obviously, the R O Y G Be B W (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white doesn't give anything particular or it'd be to easy :P)

Otherwise, nice short quest! :)
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Re: [QUEST]Into the dark (debatable title)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2011, 03:41:10 am »
Yeah, the Apricorn stew was just a suggestion, but ultimately, I have no control on what is going to be in the game, and if they do use this quest, they can change whatever they wish.
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