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Author Topic: [Quest] Raging Harmony!  (Read 1774 times)

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[Quest] Raging Harmony!
« on: January 05, 2012, 08:15:16 pm »
This quest starts in any town with a forest nearby, a man named Harold will come up to you and say...
"Please help me my daughter has been taken."
Player"What happened" or "go away!"

from first choice on

Harold" Me and my daughter Lisa were walking in the forest when the grass pokemon went crazy, they attacked me and took Lisa"
Player"Where did they take her?"
Harold" they ran off in the direction of the clearing in the forest though before going in i suggest going to a pokemon doctor first(put in NPC called Pokemon docter or nurse joy)."
player"ill see what i can do"

Go to the doctor/ nurse joy and they will tell you...
Doctor"There must be something bothering them but you said he said that they went crazy..."
Player"yeah he said crazy"
Doctor"Oh i think i know there was a relic here called the bell of harmony deep under the forest that has been keeping all pokemon sane. there must be something disturbing it but if we dont keep it untouched the bond between  pokemon and humans will break."
Player"what do we do?"
doctor"go to the bell its buried deep under the clearing in the forest."
Player"ok i will"

Go through the forest while fighting grass pokemon (if possible i know this is a long shot but maybe make their pic enraged?)
Get to the clearing and you will find that (team ??? in new region) is digging up the bell and are nearly done.
Fight 5 grunts with 1 or 2 weak pokemon depending on if the town is one of the last then hard.
beat them and they will leave, you notice a rustle in the bushes and a Lisa comes out says thank you then leaves.
go back to Harold he will say thank you and give you
money depending on difficulty,
he says..."go see the doctor i heard he was calling you" and walks off

go to the docter he says..."thank you for your help it could of ended much much worse, here is something for your help it is said to have some of the harmony bells power"

REWARD for whole quest: 3 potions, money maybe 5000 Poke and a soothe bell

hope you liked this its my first quest story  :-[
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Re: [Quest] Raging Harmony!
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2012, 08:23:26 pm »
Again, as i tell other people who write these, limit the reward on the difficulty of the quest. 10000 anything is excessive. Also, organize your ideas, don't just typed from the top of your head unless you're good at doing it.
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Re: [Quest] Raging Harmony!
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2012, 09:29:39 pm »
 I was curious after the comment you made on the Weekly Story Updates thread. After reading it, I have to agree with CortexJ. Reality is sometimes harsh. Don't take critics as arrows aimed at you, but try to listen to them and by doing so, you will most likely improve. Seemed to me like a fairly simple quest so I would say for the reward to be a small amount of PokéDollars with the Soothe Bell or a number of Potions equal to the PokéDollars amount and the Soothe Bell. Giving the player to choose the reward is never a bad option in my opinion. Don't make the reward too big unless the Quest-giver is rich enough to not care about it. A few easy quests with high rewards might not hurt from time to time.
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