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So I haven't watched Pokemon the anime in a very long time, but I recently got a glimpse at Black and White and my god... whats up with the voices? Ash, Oak, James, even Meowth, they all sound terrible! The animation itself has seriously improved and the story isn't so bad considering its aimed directly at kids, but the voices are horrid. I couldn't take anyone serious!

i just checked the first voices from the original Pokemon and one example in each season, the voices are the same, i dont know why you think they are terrible ???

Thas what is known as english dubs.
95% of them sound like that.
You know how to get rid of it?

Stop watching dubbed anime.

I hate dubbed anime I can't watch anime with horrible English voices that make the characters seem wrong and stupid.
The only anime's if completed in English were Inuyasha season 1, Full Metal Alchemist, Fooly Cooly, and Dragon Ball series.

shin21: I'm referring to the English dub if that's what you checked.

And to everyone else, well, fair enough. Pokemon is probably the only anime I intentionally would watch in English, simply because it was what I watched as a child, so it seemed only natural to watch it in English when checking out the latest season. All other animes I just watched subbed.


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