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Which theme song was your favorite?

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I have to say the first theme for the original series will always be my favorite, but some close seconds would have to be the Advanced Battle theme as well as the second season theme. You know... "We all live, in a Pokemon World.." ... that one was good. Also, I think Battle Frontier's theme was kind of bad but then it caught on to me after a while. The new themes, however, are just terrible.

Advanced Battle ;D

Reminds me of me in the games.... That's gonna change in PU

First opening, but Japanese version.  The English dubbed first is good, but Japanese are way batter :D

I remember a lot of themes being best, though I'd probably vote the first because I remember it the best.

I wanna be
The very best
Like no one ever was!
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause!
I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide.
These pokemon need to understand
The power that's inside!

I can sing it from memory, even though I haven't watched pokemon in a long time.

Mine's this one:

Every trainer has the choice,
To listen to the voice inside.
I know the battle may be long,
Winners may have come and gone,
I will carry on.

Yeah this dream will last forever,
This dream will never die,
We will rise to meet the challenge everytime.

Yeah this dream keeps us together,
I know that you and I,
We'll be the best that the world's ever seen,
Because we always will follow this dream.


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