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This personality test was made by the best Europian and American psychologists. Results are extremely correct and they describe your personality. Test is made of one super easy question on which u must sincerly answer.

Question: What is your favorite Teletubbie? lol.
A) Tinky Winky (purple)
B) Dipsy (green)
C) Laa Laa (yellow)
D) Po (red)

OK i am not screwing with you.
In post bellow write 2 very important things: 1. Your answer and 2. Your sex.
I answered D and i really got suprised.

I will post results as soon as there are a least 5 posts....

Yume Tsuki:
D and i'm female

I'm too damned old to know any of the Tubbie things you speak of...

And I'm male.


Miss Wednesday:
B and Female ._.

This test is really lame if you ask me...


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