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Author Topic: [RP]"End of the World" Pokemon RP [Time:Night /Weather: Full moon ]  (Read 129168 times)

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Re: [RP]"End of the World" Pokemon RP [Time:Night /Weather: Full moon ]
« Reply #510 on: August 22, 2012, 07:22:51 AM »

Sneasel, stop that shock wave with scratch!

sneasel zig zagged forwrds, his claws colliding with one of the shock waves! He managed to stop it with out taking much damage.

Now use faint attack on Elekid!

Sneasel glowed darkly as it drew up to Elekid, swinging powerfully!

Nuzleaf,s top the other with razor leaf!

nuzleaf shot several leafs into the shockwave, causing them both to explode!

Nuzlefa panted heavily, he was getting tired!

Nuzleaf, hang in there! Use Razor leaf on the other two Elekid!

Nuzleaf shot a barrage f leaves at the two elekid Sneasel hadn't attacked!


Ponyta, stomp on the ground! 

Ponya stomped heavly on the ground, jumping high into the air! Steelix barely mised!


Spnning around Ponyta launched ember at Steelix!

Ivysaur, help with take down!

Ivysaur charged at the same Elekid Tylan had attacked with Sneasel, glowing!


He arrived at the scene, deciding to help!

Riolu, force palm on Steelix!

Riolu leaped of his shoulder, his palm glowing as he launched at Steelix, careful to avoid the flames!

Daylin: 35/100

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Re: [RP]"End of the World" Pokemon RP [Time:Night /Weather: Full moon ]
« Reply #511 on: August 22, 2012, 12:45:57 PM »

He laughed his evil laugh, these guys are stupid, but brave.

Alright then, I guess I'll join in the madness!

He brought out his megaphone and turned it on.

Glameow! Use hypnosis on Electrivire! Loudred! Use Uproar on that Alakazam!

Glameow's eyes glowed as she let loose a psychic wave at the Electrivire, while Loudred fired a shockwave of sound on Alakazam.
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Re: [RP]"End of the World" Pokemon RP [Time:Night /Weather: Full moon ]
« Reply #512 on: August 25, 2012, 01:46:38 AM »

Celine returned her pokemon and headed for Group E!


Jack ran up to Tylan and Daylin, Riolu next to him. There was a large Steelix and three Elekid. Who to attack?

Quick attack on Elekid!

Riolu closed in on Elekid, swinging a fist at it instead. Riolu learned Reversal!
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