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Author Topic: [RP] Pokemon X-Fusion 2! (remastered)  (Read 2703 times)

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[RP] Pokemon X-Fusion 2! (remastered)
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:13:03 pm »
          In the world of Pokemon, a new region was discovered by the famous Poke-Maniac Bill, and a new kind of pokemon battle was discovered as well, where the Trainer and pokemon become one, boosting their power by 25%. In the region of Obligate strange purple crystals, believed to have come from space, gave the inhabitants the power to fuse with their pokemon. Word of this strange power quickly spread to all regions, causing many trainers from different regions to go explore Obligate. Soon The region grew in technology, causing the creation of both the Arena, and the Oblivion League. The Oblivion League was like the Indigo Plateau, with 8 different Gyms across the region, the only difference was that the Gym leaders were much more powerful with the power of X-fusion, and are difficult to defeat(lvl 25-40 average).
          The X-fusion matches aren't the only thing attracting trainers, it's the pokemon available there that are attracting many pokemon breeders and collectors as well. Obligate has an assortment of pokemon from all the other regions, and certain areas have certain pokemon types, making it fairly easy to get your favorite types of pokemon. However, the region is not completely at peace, because a secret organization is hoping to use these crystals for their own malefic purposes.



From top to bottom:

Terraine Town - A small town that's a popular place to train, and a place where crystal shards are scattered about, making X-Fusion possible there. There are also some Normal, Flying, and Psychic Pokemon found here. There is also a Gym found here with Normal Types.

Montain City - A city found near Mt. Mortar, the source of many fossil fuels used to power machines. There are also Fire, Steel, and Rock pokemon found in the mines, along with Zubats. There are a lot of crystals found here, making X-fusion possible here. There is also a Steel Gym found here.

Fetrit Town - A town near Lake Obliv, surrounded by plains. Normal, Poison, Ground, and Flying pokemon are found near the town, and Water pokemon can be found in the Lake. There are few crystals found here, making X-fusion possible only in certain areas. There is also a Flying Type Gym here.

Gate City - The main city, and the main place for X-Fusion battles and tournaments. Since it's a large city, Crystals can only be used either in the Dome, where large tournaments take place, or the Gym, where the leader uses many types of Pokemon. There is also an egg adoption program going on in the Pokemon Daycare, where you can get one random pokemon egg(only one), because of irresponsible trainers that abandoned the eggs. The Gym is located in the bottom floor of the Power Tower, where the Elite four and Champion also reside.

Port Portugal - One of the main ports for the region, and popular place for fishing(Fire type trainers beware). Water pokemon can be found on the Port and in the Ocean. The gym leader there is an odd-ball that uses Electric Type Pokemon. There are no Crystals found here, meaning other than the Gym, there are no X-fusion battles here.

Port Danube - The main Port, and starting place for most trainers new to the region(except people that come to the region by plane). It's the same as the other port, only this port has a Water Gym and has a few more attractions for tourists, like the Gambling Corner, or the Game Corner, and not to mention the fact that it's the only way to Crescent City.

Naturia Village - A village that does not allow any sort of machine or electronic that can harm the environment into their forest. It does not have a gym, and many Bug, Poison, and Grass types can be found here. Ghost types can be found here at night as well. There is no gym here, or crystals, making it old fashioned and ECO-friendly.

Crescent City - A city with many tough Ice trainers, and is home to the toughest Gym Leader, who uses Dark and Ice types. Dark, Ghost, Ice, and Normal types can be found on the Island, and There are many shards there, making X-fusion possible outside City limits.

Honour Town - A Town where many trainers go to for Dragon Type pokemon, thought to be the most powerful types of pokemon. Only Dragon types and Normal types are found here because this is a migration spot for many dragon types, but in order to protect the dragons from all being captured, the city has limited the amount that trainers from other regions can catch to one per trainer, knowing that many trainers from other regions would try and take more than they can carry. It is also a sacred town where special techniques are used to fuse with their pokemon, but only a few people know how to use this, and they take a vow not to share their secrets to any trainer, unless they believe they have pure heart and a strong bond with pokemon.

All other details will be moved to the OOCC, for the sake of space. ._.

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