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Author Topic: Legend Of The Dragon And The Wail  (Read 4851 times)

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Legend Of The Dragon And The Wail
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:28:30 AM »
Hello everyone!! Happy New Years!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Holidays. Anyways I have finally gotten the time to complete the first part of Dragon and the Wail. I've been working on this for the past couple months and with College it's been hard to have the time to complete it. Anyways Here is Part of the this story and i hope you all enjoy.

Legend Of The Dragon And The Wail Part 1

3000 years ago the island of Upo’o flourished with palm trees as tall as the sky’s and forest’s that played wondrous melodies as you would sleep in the night a tune of joy and happiness. Back in ancient times all islands were inhabited by natives and as such tribal warfare was common among the isles of Sungivai.

In those times all but two islands in Sungivai were at war for more territory to control. The Island of Vai’taku was actually feared by all other islands for its sheer size and army of powerful ghost pokemon. 300 years ago prior to the events of the dragon and the whale, the power of Vai’taku was tested when 600 double hulled Rutu’o’an war canoes, with a total of 100,900 Rutu’o’an warriors and Dragonite pulled into Vai’taku’s Vai’lima bay with only one resolution in mind, the complete annihilation and takeover of the Island and its natives. That legendary battle was called “The Devourers Feast” For when the Vai’takuan High Chief Humu’humu’apua’a’kamaika’wiwo’ole came into battle with his legendary ghost pokemon known as Po the Destroyer, they single handedly slaughtered all Rutu’o’an warriors sparing only Dragonites that would flee, leaving the opposing High Chief Tamasese Ava’sei’a and his prized Legendary Red Dragonite left standing.

High Chief Humu quickly subdued the powerful Red Dragonite and ordered Tamasese to bow before his might and overwhelming power, for that may whatever sympathy Humu had left, he may let Tamasese live in exile. But stubborn was Tamasese who spit in the face of Humu stating “No matter how powerful the enemy, the Dragon always Devoures it’s prey” and with that High Chief Humu cut Tamasese into 100 pieces and force fed the Rutu’oan High Chief’s remains to his prized Red Dragonite known as Fa’a’ule the Devourer. Never again in history was Vai’taku’s might challenged again.

Upo’o was a pacifist island wanting no part of the violence and as such remained a neutral island for 1000 years, only leaving when it came to trade between Vai’taku.
The islands of Rutu’oa which trained Dragonites, and Lu’kuka who trained Wailords, were two rival islands that had been fighting for more than 500 years. Upo’o was unfortunate to be the only island located in between the warmongering Rutu’oa and Lu’kuka. Upo’o had always remained untouched and enjoyed its peaceful way of life. But all that was soon too change the day the moon covered the sun, while the winds blew a cold deathly chill threw out the isles. It was that day a Dragonite fell from the sky, and a Wailord washed onto the Shores of Upo’o. A Grandmother and her Granddaughter lived in a hut on the beach not too far from the injured pokemon.

They offered the two pokemon herbal medicine and care. At first the two seemed troublesome to control seeing as how they were still bitter towards one another from their earlier battles. If it was not for the interference and care of the young girl the two pokemon would have surly killed one another. It was her kindness and love that ceased the fighting; and after she had calmed their hearts, she tended to their wounds. For three days the moon covered the sun, and for three days the Grandmother and Granddaughter tended to their new guests, until finally on the forth day they were fully healed.

The two pokemon roared in excitement as they thanked the kind old women and child.
The Dragonite and Wailord offered to stay and serve them but the old women knew all too well if they stayed their masters would come looking for them. It was then that Dragonite telepathically explained to them that their masters had killed each other during battle and that they were left to finish what was started. Dragonite insisted that they stay but the old women knew that matters of this scale would turn grim for Upo’o if a Dragonite and Wailord were found on the Island with both masters deceased. As much as she wanted them apart of their little family she knew it could never be. She told them they could always visit and would always have a place to eat and rest if ever they were left astray, and with that the two pokemon prepared departure.

As they set off the little girl waved to the Dragonite shouting “Never to forget her, and that no matter what they would always be one with the heart”, for she and the Dragonite had grown attached to one another over the past four days she spent tending to their wounds. The Grandmother had also shouted to the Wailord “No matter how far you may be, the ocean will keep us as one.” And with that the two pokemon departed promising to come back with bountiful gifts of fine mats made of gold, jewelry made of diamonds and the purest of pearls, unfortunately for the old women a native spotted the two pokemon and without hesitation rushed to the Village of Po’rungu where the Head Chief and Chief Elders resided to inform them of the unfortunate news. Once informed Head Chief Pau’pulei fell in despair for he Believed Upo’o’s 1000 years of peace was threatened with the kindness the Old women and her granddaughter showed towards the Pokemon of Rutu’oa and Luku’ka. Pau’pulei sent word out for the summon of the old women in hopes he could come to a decision on how to handle the situation with further detail from the Grandmother who’s kindness might very well be the downfall of the island of Upo’o.

The Old Women caught wind of her summoning and journeyed to the village with her granddaughter. Once she arrived she immediately informed the Head Chief that there was nothing to worry about, and that the two pokemon were kind and said they would bring back bountiful treasures, she stated if they do return it will be in great gratitude and she would kindly give the villages her bounty for she would have no need for such things.

As the Head Chief smiled in relief the Chief elders were not so convinced Upo’o was safe. They insisted that Rutu’oa and Lu’kuka were savage like in nature and that they could very well bring war upon their shores. A Meeting followed between Pau’pulei and Elders regarding what plans should be made to keep the people of the Island safe incase of an invasion. After intense waiting they announced that the village would journey to Vai’taku leaving the old women to serve as the ambassador of Upo’o. If Rutu’oa and Lu’kuka do return with gratitude and reward’s then the villagers would return, if not, and the island is taken over, then they will have no choice but to leave Upo’o, their wondrous and peaceful home forever.

While the Upo’oans depart for Vai’taku Pau’pulei gives the old women and the young girl a ruby and sapphire necklace, for truly these were enchanted with magical powers. The Head Chief explained to them that if ever they would be in danger and the fall of Upo’o was imminent all they would need to do is throw the ruby into the air or the sapphire into the sea and it would reunite with the Head Chiefs own Emerald necklace. He further explained that escape precautions were already set for the Grandmother and her granddaughter should hostility arise with an escape boat on the eastern side of the island waiting for them. And with that Pau’pulei and the rest of Upo’o set off into the sunset for Vai’taku.

To Be Continued..... 

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