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That might take a while seeing as how most of them are inactive except for a few including myself.

But, yarr, let us assemble.

I had an older account, but I forgot the password so I made this one. I've been here since like 2010 I believe. Does that count?

How have you been Wailord? I haven't seen you since like last year (or maybe even longer).

I hope to god that other lurking PU veterans become active again. I miss the old PU. Hopefully now that it's almost summer some of the old members will come back.

Also, how are Fry and Silver? I haven't seen them in a while. They don't seem to be on IRC anymore. That's understandable though, since they were the only two on IRC that were active, besides me.

Some things from the old PU would be nice but lets hope it doesn't go back to far. To much crap getting thrown at new members and making them leave is something we don't need anymore. Also, when did you get active on IRC? Back when I was on it all day every day I saw you log in maybe once a week at most. xD


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