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Hi, i really need help with compiling the PU source.
My OS is Windows and i already have Eclipse and Golang installed.
I can't get it compiled, can someone make a video tut or sth else?
Golang is ea easy lang and i want to take a look at the source and maybe start to code.


I'm sorry but what the heck are you or is he talking about

I'm talking about the Pokemon Universe Source Code =>

It's the Source of this Game.
I need help with compiling

Edit: I also have goclipse installed, but i don't know how to start, the compiling guide is very tiny and not meaningful. Sorry:D

The compile guide on the wiki page is pretty outdated. As for compiling the server it should be pretty straight forwarded.

--- Quote ---1. Open terminal window (command prompt)
2. Navigate to the Go/src folder
3. type this `go build puserver`

If you get errors about missing packages you might have to install those separately by using `go install <packageename>`

--- End quote ---

As for compiling the WebClient (the other Client is deprecated), you need to install GWT.

ok, go trys to compile the server, but i get this now:

How to set $GOPATH?

btw thanks for the help!


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