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I've been here since 2009, remained patient and waited, waited, and on the side did a little more waiting. But now it seems as though the site is DEAD. The development feed hasn't been updated since august, no one EVER chats on IRC anymore, and I made the last post on the 'Development and Ideas' section. And the most recent post on the 'News and Announcements' (at the writing of this post) is the one from New Year's. The only board that gets updated frequently is the RP board, which unfortunately isn't a sign of productivity.

I just wish the site wasn't dying like this....  :'(

A lot of people get busy this time of year. And though you can't see it, us MODs have other boards that we can post in.

I can't say anything on the activity on IRC but there are quite a few of us that get on our PO server.

Miss Wednesday
+ random strangers that get on. (they sometimes add some fun to the server)

This is true to what you say Roloc but I feel as if the site is slowing dieing off from no one of the pu team actually making a post form time to time to make sure everyone knows the project isn't abandoned, or something like that , all I'm trying to say is that it would be nice for a post from you guys every now and then, it could t hurt right?, and congrats for your baby roloc almost forgot to say that, I'm sure you guys will be great parents

I will work on getting an update for you guys. I'm not sure where things are at myself, and I get what you guys are saying.

I agree the site does seem slow ,and TBH it has for a while. People are not patient ,and other than the initial mechanics(like use any pokemon,guilds ect.) there is really not much to wow people with other than a open beta at this point.  It only makes sense that the site would be slow.

Some more talk about the game would be nice like some friendly  "what Pokemon will you be using?" type threads. When the game is nearing open beta then we will probably see a lot more people hanging around the forum. Until then though I will tell you exactly what you do not want to hear "Just wait.".


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