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Okay, so it's great that everybody wants to chat again, but this has lead to lot of off topic posting. So I have decided to resurrect the long dead Chit Chat Thread for all your chatting needs!

Anyways, has anybody else been watching Twitch Plays Pokemon? It's strangely addictive...

Seems like I'm the only one who thinks it's stupid. :(

Roloc, you're not alone. If I wanted to watch chaos, I would go to my parents house, which is guaranteed to be much more entertaining.

Nah that things dumb. i tried to play it couldnt even see my command amoungst all the other spam >:I

I haven't watch much of it, but about what I've heard:
amazing what all those people actually managed to do!

I would've never thought they would come that far. :P


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