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Author Topic: (Pixel) Artists, I summon thee!  (Read 13277 times)

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(Pixel) Artists, I summon thee!
« on: April 07, 2014, 12:10:47 pm »
Hello fellow PU members,

The art team is in need of more visual artists! Currently we only have one. Mr_Dark wants artists to focus on:
1. Redoing the tilesets so they look good
2. Custom NPC's
3. Creating custom objects needed for quests

I know I have been calling out for Pixel Artists for quite a long time now. It appears that yet again, our numbers are decreased to one. Therefore I make another shout out, hoping for people out there to answer.  We need more pixel artists! Please help us spread the word to communities out there if you can. And if you think you can help out yourself, I would love to see you showcase your art pieces.

As for deadlines, there is currently no haste to finish all pixel art for the release of the beta. We've got substitute art for that. However, we would like to see the finished product in our own PU work.

What exactly do we need?

- What we mainly need are environmental pieces, the overworld is completely in pixel art style. So basically, we need tiles.
- We need people to design appearances for the trainer overworld sprites. (We have the base sprites ready, so all you have to do is add hair, and put clothes on it.)
- We need designs for buildings. (Concept sketches will do, we can work them out into pixel art ~)
- No use of photoshop. (Bryan caught a lot of it, and therefore decided to remove the whole PU tileset back then. Seriously though, laziness does not pay off. So don't do it.)

If you want to submit to the pixel art team I would love to see samples of your work. ~

That's it for the pixel art section, so I'm moving on to the next point.

As you might know, for the battle segment, we will not be using pixel art for that. We will use Vector art. Vector is an image that is completely clean of pixels. I'll show you a comparison:

Alright, so on the left we have vector art, and on the right the usual "roster" art.

Perks of vector art is that it's possible to resize the image, no matter how large the size becomes. This means that the image will always be clean, no matter what. While the piece on the right becomes completely pixelated when resizing them.

Anyways, the job for the vector artist is to draw the pokémon. These drawings will be used for battles. Due to trainers being very customizable we won't be asking for Trainer sprites.
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Re: (Pixel) Artists, I summon thee!
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2014, 07:19:06 am »
exciting stuff :)

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Re: (Pixel) Artists, I summon thee!
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2014, 09:51:21 am »
I can help with editing the trainers!