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Author Topic: [Pokedex Entry] Aerodactyl  (Read 2407 times)

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[Pokedex Entry] Aerodactyl
« on: May 07, 2014, 08:41:32 pm »
Pokemon #142, Aerodactyl, Rock/Flying type, Fossil pokemon.

Intro: Aerodactyl was an extinct pokemon that was revived using DNA extracted from Old Amber. These days, Aerodactyl are a rare sight amongst elite trainers, and some can even be found in certain regions very rarely. Aerodactyl is a large grey pokemon with purple wings membranes. It has two wings with small, three-fingered hands close to the end, as well as two two-toed legs and a long tail with a arrow-head shaped end. Aerodactyl’s mouth is rather large, and is filled with razor-sharp teeth. It has two spike-shaped protrusions on the back of its head.

Habitat: Though Aerodactyl is officially regarded as extinct, fervent trainers have released many newborn Aerodactyl into the wild after breeding. These pokemon now find their home in mountainous regions.

Diet: Aerodactyl’s is primarily carnivorous, and will use its fangs to rip apart prey to consume its meat. However, it will also happily eat some fruits, so it’s not completely carnivorous.

Biology: Aerodactyl is amongst the fastest pokemon in the world. With its light-weight build and its powerful wings, it is able to reach speeds that even legendary pokemon cannot match. In ancient times, its unmatched speed made it the King of the skies.
Aerodactyl’s entire build seems made for hunting. Its serrated teeth are ideal for ripping apart prey, its talons and sharp claws can pick up most animals, and its powerful wings can carry them very far. In combination with its speed, most prey were incapable of escaping.
In ancient times, Aerodactyl glided through the air while screeching high-pitched cries most of the time, striking fear into any prey below it.
Under the influence of Aerodactylite, Aerodactyl can Mega-evolve into Mega-Aerodactyl.
Mega-Aerodactyl’s build is roughly that of Aerodactyl, but it has rock-like protrusions all over its body. Especially its hands have been replaced by large rocks. The rocks come from its wings, back, tail, chin and the back of its head. Its eyebrows are also thicker and black, and three stripes have appeared on its chest. Mega-Aerodactyl boasts the rare ability Though Claws, which increases the power of all contact moves considerably.
It is quite difficult to identify the parts of Aerodactyl that make it a rock-type. After closer inspection, it was discovered that Aerodactyl’s skin is rough like sandpaper. Though the texture gives it higher aerodynamic properties, it also grants a weakness to water, as is usual with rock-types.

Pokemon League Commission notes:
Class F. Aerodactyl is regarded unobtainable through regular means. A trainer may find an Old Amber in the Sinnoh underground, Mount Moon or another site, and resurrect it with modern technology according to the regular PLC guidelines.  All resurrected pokemon need to be registered in order to keep track of them.