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Author Topic: Meeting with The Stranger  (Read 2481 times)

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Meeting with The Stranger
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:42:43 pm »
As most of you know, The Stranger is a character I came up with for the game. However, I decided to show you guys that I use him in pretty much anything I can write, since he fits about anywhere and in mot jobs. This is a story of one epic hero's encounter with the strange fellow, who may or may not be a representation of my mind. Also, I am bored, and want to be creative, and see if I still got the talent for this.

Iron Strongarm, a warrior of many talents, who holds titles such as "Orc Crusher", "Mountain Eater," and "Sewing Champion of 2279" is about to face his next chalenge, to slay the evil Dr. M. His eyes ablaze, he set hs sights on his foes floating ship, now stationary in the middle of the Death Dessert.

Out of nowhere, a voice rang out, "Hold on there stranger, you look like you're about to face a powerful enemy. Might want to reconsider, you do not look ready."

"Who the hell are you to say I'm not ready. Do you know who I am?" Iron spoke as he started down the tiny man beside him, unimpressed by the words, nor giving the slightest caring for this creatures well being.

"I just called you stranger, so obviously not. For a large man, you seem to lack the brainpower for the challenge ahead." The tiny man took a seat in a chair that also appeared from nowhere, and had a large mug which smelled of strong coffee. "You may call be The Stranger, stranger."

"Wait, if you're calling me a stranger, why are you named the stranger? Why can't you call me sir, or better yet Iron Strongarm."

"Because you're still a stranger, and I practice stranger danger."

This made Iron's head spin. Probably another wizard who talks like he knows everything, but this man didn't look like one. He wore a rogue's outfit, but no weapon, even with his jacket open Iron was able to notice this fact.

"How did you get out here without a Cannonsword? You don't look like the type to fight." He stared into this man, until a literal hole appeared in his body.

'Watch that gaze, you might see more than you need." Iron jumped in shock, was this man some kind of zombie instead? "No, I am no zombie, nor wizard, nor rogue. Just a stranger talking to a stranger."


"Someone's impatient. Well, your burning question seems to be why I said you're not ready." Iron nodded.

"And you wish to know why I said that." Iron nodded, but a little frustrated.

"And you inquire why I would make such a claim."


The Stranger held out a hand to calm the beast, who's heavy breathing drowned out the few noises around them. The stranger leaned back in his chair, which was now a recliner for some odd reason.

"Simple, you're too stupid to face a technomancer. How can you face him when you can't even see past me?"

"So you work for him? Very well, I will slay thee to prove I am ready."

The stranger appeared behind Iron and leaned close to his ear. "I am no ones servant, nor do I have a job."

Iron nearly jumped out of his skin. How was this man able to perform such feats without magic? He kept thinking to himself that this must be Dr. M's doing, some kind of illusion to disorient him.

"I'm not an illusion eith..."

"KNOCK THAT OFF! How the hell can you tell what I'm thinking?"

"Simple, it's written on your face, see?" The stranger held up a mirror, also out of nowhere, and Iron read on his face "You are now thinking about where this mirror came from, and where this writing is coming from, and oh god why can't I stop reading it." Iron shook it off once more.

"Listen stranger the things I do are not explained easily. What I will tell you is that you need to do a bit of research, which I have compiled for you in the thirty-six hundred page dossier on your foe. Inside, you will find his weaknesses, resistances, likes, dislikes, and schedule, along with..."

"I refuse to read something that big. Is there a shorter version on you?"

"Have you tried checking his eHarmony?"

'Why would I do that?"

"Because he says his weakness is women who are strong willed and occasionally give puppy dog eyes."

"That seems more like a preference than an actual physical weakness"

The strange laughed at his own joke. Iron just stood there, perplexed at this vaguely terrifying man. He drew is Cannonsword, and placed it at the strangers face.

"See, this is what I'm talking about stranger..."

"Say stranger one more time, and this dessert gets painted with your brains."

"Very well stran.."

Iron pulled the trigger, launching a sword through the man's skull. With that done, he moved onward to the ship, which landed on Iron, killing him instantly. The Stranger, sitting in his chair, simply looked on.

"Nice knowing you stranger, at least you had a quick death." The stranger walked into a portal, ready to chat with the next imbecile he finds. Maybe this one will prove to be much more entertaining.

Comment or don't don't really care. Kind of a one off story.
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