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I recently found out about this project on IRC and was immediately intrigued. Don't know how much help I can be, but i'd be interested in offering my services for what i believe is a pretty cool idea.

A little bit about myself: I studied Computer Science in College and been working as a Software Engineer the past 3 years. I have experience in both Java (College) and C# (first job), but the language i'm currently strongest in is C++.... regardless know, one language, know them all. My main area of expertise is currently in the development of embedded systems concentrating on GUI and peripheral device implementation. I have little to no experience in game development, but have extensive experience in GUI development and some knowldege of OGL from my current job.

We'll leave it at that for now. Please feel free ask to any questions. State your requirements. What is your team looking for in a developer?


Hello there, LA_Engineer!

If you're looking for information about the programming skills we're looking for the least I can do is give you this link:
This is most of the PU code we got so far.

We currently got these:

* MapEditor - C# and OpenGL
* Server - only C#
* Client - Java, WebGL
This is all the information I can currently give you of the programming part, but you can use the search bar on the top-right corner of the website and look for some more.

The project's creator, Mr_Dark, also the leader of the programming team will most likely reply to this thread as soon as he gets on the computer.

Thank you for the interest in helping! Feel free to visit our IRC Chat for more information about the project. :)

Armand said everything that needs to be said really. Mr Dark is definitely the guy that you need to talk to.
Though, Jerry may be able to shed a little more light on this matter.

I don't know anything at the matter unfortunately :(

And I had a look at the current progress in the past, and I'm afraid I didn't understand where it started and where it end ^^; So far, I like know only a little portion of C# and Java. I know Tcl and Python best; though then again, not as much as I'd like to. I think it'd be really cool if I kind of had someone who'd guide me through learning more of C# or Java. I don't really know where to start or what would be really useful for the development of PU.

I am on IRC as much as I can and am usually doing some other things, so type my name in there to ping me :) My timezone's GMT+4 with no daylight adjustments ever.

Accidental post.


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