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Author Topic: [profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth  (Read 14826 times)

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[profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth
« on: February 19, 2015, 09:25:02 PM »
Note, all profiles are to be PM'd to the GM.

All profiles will be documented here. Follow these guidelines for completing your profile.

-You weapon must have existed in the real world.
-Lone weapons can be large weapon like structures, or simple can't syncs with a meister
-Just be realistic to an extent


Code: [Select]
[b]PU Name:[/b] Your Username
[b]Name:[/b] Character Name
[b]Age:[/b] Anywhere between 15 and 18
[b]Height:[/b] Realistic Height. No more than 6'3"
[b]Weight:[/b] Realistic Weight. Yes, you can be slightly overweight, underweight, but not in a way that makes no sense.
[b]Personality:[/b] Behavior and Mannerisms
[b]Habits:[/b] Things your character does without thought. Can be good or bad.
[b]Biography:[/b] Life story. Must be two paragraphs in length minimum.
[b]Appearance:[/b] For reason I do not wish to explain, please use an image from google or your favorite image site. I want a quick reference for RPers here.

Weapon/Lone Weapon (All above apply to weapons below.)

Code: [Select]
[b]Weapon Type:[/b] Use a real weapon
[b]Abilities:[/b] You start off with one, low level ability. You will gain more at the GM's discretion and through progression through the RP. If this field is left blank, the GM will give you an ability.

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Re: [profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2015, 10:39:51 PM »
PU Name: Tickles
Name: Carter Feahald
Age: 40
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 178 lbs
Personality: Perfectionist, realist. He thinks as logically as possible, which has given him a higher sense of critical thinking.
Habits: He always rubs a specific spot over his right arm. There are many theories why.
Biography: Carter started as any perfect student. Head of his class by age four, found his weapon by 7, got it to death scythe by 10. His achievements have been documented across multiple outlets across the world, including devising a new training technique that gets maximum output in less time with about the same effort as regular training. He does not advise beginners take on this technique. Though he is considered one of the top meisters, he still wishes to attain the title of Kishin Slayer. However, no Kishin have risen since the great madness happened.

When Carter was asked to be the headmaster of the new school, he accepted with posterity. His first order of business was hiring a faculty that was in the elite class. The second was to establish a monitoring network for potential Kishins, treating the new school like a military base. His third, to weed out the weakest students and keep the strongest. It may seem harsh to some, but his reasons are set.


Name: Merlin
Age: 500
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Personality: Slightly devious and mischievous. Kept in check by Carter
Habits: Merlin has a tendency to sneak off while his meister is busy. He gets bored easily
Weapon Type: Crescent Moon Staff-
Magis Missile- Low energy soul attack that can be fired rapidly. Has slight homing effect.

Radiant Burst- A light element attack used as a defensive burst Shield. Illuminates dark areas for a long time.

Raging Inferno- A slow moving, large fire attack that explodes in a large pillar of flames. Dangerous is narrow spaces.

Ice Flower- Quick fired projectiles that leave super frozen ice on contact.

Torrential Sea- An AOE water attack that floods an area. Used to push foes with great force.

Storm Dragons Call- An arcing lightning attack that causes insane damage

Wind caller- A single blade of wind is launched at a foe. Can slice through stone with ease.

Tectonic Onslaught- An earth shattering attack that calls forth tremors and spikes made of solid rock.

Abysmal Grasp- Dark Tendrils hold down a foe, and can be used to crush them.

Soul resonance: Elemental Fury- All elements combined in a single attack. Furthermore, the user's resonance frequency is heightened. Not tested against full Kishins.

Biography: Merlin is an ancient weapon from the ages of old. He has no idea where he got his name. In his youth, he would use his powers to cause minor inconveniences for the people around him. Whenever he would get caught, he would pop into weapon form, easily hiding behind low objects. He did this for years realizing his abilities were becoming stronger. Nothing in the world was going to stop him, that is until he met Carter. Carter was able to deduce that Merlin was the cause of all the strife in the village Merlin tormented. Merlin, upon seeing the small child, simply said "And why do you think a lad like yourself can say without a doubt that I am the cause of the disasters." Carter smiled and said "Because your amulet is the same shape of the staff I seen earlier. The one that was nearby every time something bad happened." Merlin was astounded by the boys perception, and asked the boy to grasp his hand. That is the day their souls resonated.

Merlin still retains his mischievous side, though his master wishes he renounced it upon graduation. Although he never looks the part, he is in fact 500 years old, give or take a few years. After learning that he would be aiding his meister at a new academy, Merlin seen an opportunity himself. Find a student, and train them to be the new school clown. He would indeed pass on his legacy somehow.


PU Name: Tickles
Name: Archie
Age: 30
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 375 lbs
Personality: Quiet and reserved. Though he may seem terrifying, he is in fact a gentle giant
Habits: Doesn't talk. Ever. Not because he can't, he just chooses not too. He also cracks his knuckles on a regular basis
Biography: Archie likes oranges. He grew up on an orange farm. He would spend his days ripping orange trees from the ground, and shaking the fresh fruit off of them. His family was not so pleased with this, as the trees take decades to grow to maturity. They didn't do anything about it though, for Archie had something else. He was freakishly strong. His family went bankrupt when he finally pulled the last tree. He was 4.

Archie is all grown up now, and a lot smarter than he used to be. He now has his own orange tree that he picks the fruit from every day. He carried it in a large pot. The tree was his only friend. People were afraid of Archie because of his size and strength. That is, until he met Mortecai, who saw the true nature within the giant. When asked to be a teacher at the school, Archie pointed at his tree. Carter promised him a private lot for the tree. Archie was happy to have that.


Name: Mortecai
Age: 26
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 130 lbs
Personality: Rash, Self Centered, ego maniacal. The man can be a bit hard to deal with in the beginning.
Habits: Cannot for the life of him stop uttering profanities in every sentence. Not only that, he refers to his lower member as "Long John Masterbomb".
Weapon Type:
"The Tenderizer"

Hammertime: Can't touch this

Fix-it Front Liner: Have you tried hitting it with a hammer?

SMASH: Simply Smashing

Crazy Crusher: Pin 'em down, go to town

Soul Resonence: Wack-o-mole- I get huge, like really huge. Then Archie f***s s**t up all around us.
Biography: Mortecai was part of the Special Unit for Eradicating Radicals, or S.U.F.E.R. He was their acting scout, bomb expert, robotics specialist, driver, and all around cool guy. He was kicked out due to some "misunderstandings" with his superiors. Needless to say, those superiors are breathing through straws now.

Mortecai met Archie shortly after he left S.U.F.E.R. Although he had a meister before, he and Archie hit it off pretty easily. When asked to be a teacher at the school, Mortecai made sure to get full creative rights to teach his students using any methods necessary. Carter agreed without hesitation, in fact he seemed more than eager.

PU Name: Tickles
Name: The Stranger
Age: No one knows
Height: He wears a cloak. It hides his height
Weight: Dude looks like he floats around. Weight unknown
Personality: A very strange man. Seriously, I don't want to talk to him.
Habits: So long as he is away from me, I don't care.
(So far documented)

Super Soul Perception- The stranger can see past all things, and find a person's true soul. Allows him to gauge one's potential

Soul Distortion- A passive aura around the stranger that makes weapons uneasy. He can also use it to tune them to his soul for use

Illusion- Only the strongest souls can see past this. He makes it seem as though he is bending reality.
Biography: If I don't care about his habits, what makes you think I care about his life? Just don't get in trouble, that's all I can tell you


The Biographer

Name: Malencia Vale
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Personality: A polite and calm women that tries to ease tensions in the room. She does have a temperamental side that shows up often.
Habits: She is always found fiddling with her gloves, as well as getting distracted very easily.
Biography: Malencia grew up in a small town. She didn't know much about society outside except for the odd traveler and trader that would visit. Her parents owned a grocery store that she would help out in after school. One day, her mother decided to start homeschooling he so she can work full time in the store.

Malencia met Dagen when she was sixteen. He kind of drifted into town. She didn't seem really interested in him for the first fifty times he came in the store. Slowly though, she began to observe him, and eventually introduced herself. She didn't realize that was the day their souls would resonate.

Name: Dagen Wolfechild
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lbs
Personality:Rude and crass. He, like another noted person, is not afraid to speak his mind. He has a lot of trouble with authority.
Habits: Likes to set things on fire. Just a small one. He immediately puts it out. He carries a lighter for this reason.
Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher

Barrage shot- Four soul infused grenades are launched at the enemy. Has aoe damage

Speed Bomber- A single soul grenade is sent flying directly at the enemy. Blast is focused.

Soul Resonance- Hellfire Reign- Dagen becomes a massive back cannon (shown in picture) that fires a hailstorm of grenades that explode on impact. Just imagine a wall of death flying at you.
Biography: Dagen was part of a long line of weapons that worked especially well with a certain clan [omitted cause he hates them]. His family was known as the White Moon Clan. Dagen had certain tendencies that was allowed to bloom under his family. He let this certain aspect of him out whenever he could. However, society told him it was wrong, so he only lets it out when he deems necassary (and that can be any reason.)

Dagen was only 15 when he finally left his clan to pursue his own destiny, and get revenge on his old meister [omitted cause he hates him]. He somehow managed to find himself ina  random small town. and wondered how much fire it could make. That is, until he seen Malencia. Something about her spiked his curiosity, and he did everything he can to get her to notice him. When she finally did, their souls resonated, and they have been partners ever since.
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Re: [profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2015, 03:42:25 AM »
PU Name: Lunartic
Name: Alexandra Hickton
Age: 17
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120lbs
Personality: Soft spoken, empathetic, and introverted. Not shy, but asocial. She will take a bit longer to “warm-up” to someone, and prefers having a small number of close relationships.
Habits: She often toys with her hair (brushing it behind her ear, twirling the end around her fingers, etc), especially when she becomes bored or disinterested.
Biography: Alex is an orphan, and nobody knows who her real parents were. Her only memory before the orphanage was being laid down in a basket and set on the side of the road. She bonded with Angel early on, and it was impossible for the Hicktons to only adopt one.

Alex's bond with Angel set her apart. They weren't just sisters, there was something more between them. A connection. It became clearer when their parents learned Angel's true identity of a Demon Weapon. Angel was the weapon, and Alex was destined to be her master. Some say the weapon chooses the wielder, others the opposite. But in this case, perhaps they chose each other.


Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhmZ2yQcC20&feature=youtu.be

Name: Jessica Hickton
Age: Unknown (appears 17)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135lbs
Personality: Tomboy, extroverted, a bit of a sociopath and very social. She will “warm-up” to others very quickly and enjoys having many friends.
Habits: She gets bored easily, and if she loses interest she will huff and sigh, cross her arms and lean back on one foot, roll her eyes and shake her head, tilt her head back and stare upward, or simply let her eyes wander around the room.
Weapon Type: Recurve Bow

 • Flurry of Artemis: An inaccurate but numerous volley of arrows in quick succession.

 • Binding of Hephaestus: An arrow splits into four, becoming a heavy and durable net, but a strong enough slash would tear it away.

 • Poison of Hades: The arrow is tipped in a poison that slowly and gradually exhausts the person hit.

 • Gale of Borea: A freezing tailwind follows the arrow, chilling the air around it as it flies and where it lands.

 • Barrage of Athena (Soul Resonance): Alex and Jessie stand side by side as their souls resonate through the bow, enlarging as they draw it back together. One arrow becomes hundreds as they fly through the air, their sheer weight and speed piercing through even the toughest skin.

Biography: Nobody knows where Jessie came from. She has no memory of her life before the orphanage, and could never find answers. This would explain why she was in an orphanage, adopted and raised with Alex as a twin sister. The two were inseparable from the moment they met and nothing could keep them apart.

It wasn't apparent until many years after her adoption that Jessie was no ordinary girl: she was destined to be a Demon Weapon. Her parents didn't hide it from her, she was old enough to understand what it meant. But aside from this oddity, she grew up as a normal girl and is ready to begin her training to become a Demon Weapon.

Appearance - Weapon
Appearance - Human

Name: Dean Samuels
Age: 18
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 120 lbs
Personality: Quiet and reserved with an outspoken mind. He doesn’t talk much simply because he prefers to listen.
Habits: He smokes when he’s feeling nervous, anxious, tired, hungry, bored, or when he’s just gotta have one. (Yes he’s trying to quit. No he’s not doing a good job of it.)
Weapon Type: Demon Gun

-Blasting Powder: A short-ranged blast with an explosive projectile that ignites the first thing it touches.

-Sharpshooter’s Instincts: Dean’s Meister is able to pinpoint a chink in his opponent’s armor or vulnerable part on their body.

Biography: Dean had a Meister once: his oldest childhood friend. They were going places, too. They were going to attend the DWMA together and he was going to live the dream of becoming a Death Scythe. Those were the better days, when he didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, and didn’t feel so . . . empty. So alone. Four years he’s been searching for someone to fill the void. He would’ve settled down if he found that someone. Maybe this new school would hold something for him.

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Re: [profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2015, 03:45:21 AM »
PU Name: Desbear
Name: Hason Eris Rogers
Age: 16
Weight: 145 lbs
Personality: Hason will act rather cautious at most times, staying reserved in her wording, and in how she acts, waiting for an opportunity to present itself prior to acting or speaking. She will often keep her opinions to herself for a long time before voicing them, just to see if she got a 'bad impression' so to speak. She will often attempt to form a plan, but her actions are very prone to being clouded by emotions, and therefor differing from a plan.

She often attempts to make the best sort of first impression that she can on a person when meeting them, generally trying to keep her wording cautious, and broad in meaning, as to not step on any toes. Upon a first conversation, she will attempt to keep them rather short, and short, hoping not to give too much information into herself away willy-nilly. She will often speak honestly, unless it regards certain things. Upon fully trusting a person, she will generally tell them certain things; Things she believes she can trust them with.

For one reason or another, Hason seems to be a rather emotionally bound person, which tends to clash with her reserved nature; She tends to change her actions, views, and plans quickly based on what's going on, making her rather volatile. She can plan to play defensive one minute, but if something sparks anger within her, she will quickly change to an offensive style. If it's bad enough, she will even give into the pull of magic, and grow destructive towards her opponent and the surrounding area very quickly.

Several things that grant her great sadness, will often cause her to grow angry very quickly too, and vice versa. One thing that will cause her temper to get the best of her very quickly, is when someone holds the fact that she's a witch over her head, as if they will rat her out. Another is very similar, when one begins to say that every witch is evil, and that all they do is destroy... She will often panic when either of these are done, and lose control of her magic. However. If she tells you that she's a witch, and it's of her own will, you should be rather pleased; As this means she trusts you, fully.

One thing I mentioned earlier was that she will panic when someone brings up her being a witch; Especially one she hasn't told herself. This will either cause her to lash out, or back away, very, very quickly. However, if the panic subsides, she will either be rather angry, or curious, depending on how the person went about it. If angry, you can expect her speech patterns to change rapidly, the pull lashing out in her voice, and changing her speech to be more defensive.  One of her largest fears even, is someone finding her out, and lashing out at her, physically or vocally, just because of what she is, just because, of something she couldn't change.

If she trusts you fully, one of the things that causes her happiness will become obvious rather quickly; A simple, and nice conversation is among it. A peaceful, and just sort of... 'Chill' conversation will cause her to relax, and even grow a bit happy with each passing moment, where she feels safe. One thing is, water tends to relax her too, either the sight, sound, or even just drinking it. It could be because of her ties to that of the shark, but water tends to just calm her.
Habits: Hason has a tendency to fidget when nervous, and this will grow to be rather obvious the worse she is. This habit of fidgeting also tends to break out when the Pull of Magic is weighing down on her further, and she's having trouble not caving into it. She will often pace, and whenever it's raining she will leave her dorm, specifically to watch the rain and listen to the sound, as it seems to calm her. She will often seem quite tense, this can be attributed to the Pull of Magic, and she will often write in a book to vent this need for destruction, as opposed to giving in.
Spells: Hason has four spells she can do at this time.

 • Electroreception: Like that of a shark, Hason has electroreception, which is literally the ability to perceive that Electricity like we would sight, sound, or hearing, making it something that can be sensed. She would describe the electricity that would come from a living source as 'Red' feeling, and a artificial electricity as a 'blue' feeling, though, what does that really mean? Anyways, this does raise a few problems, as it causes those with it, to be quite sensitive to electricity, causing for them to get disoriented within the city and other places with an abundance of Electricity. Is a Passive Spell.

 • Soul Protection: This spell masks her soul as a witch, hiding it behind the guise of a human soul. There's not much else to this one, other than the fact that it's a passive spell.

 • Familiar Summon: Shark Hason summons a familiar of a shark within the water, riding it and using it for transport. This takes a good bit of energy, but also allows her to move very quickly through bodies of water. She is forced to dispel the familiar upon leaving the water, as it drains more energy the farther away from it she is. This is a active spell

 • Aquatic Predator Missile: Hason fires a pulse of water in the shape of a maw, similar to that of a shark's. The launching of this projectile can be drawn out to fire a large, either in width or length projectile, however this takes more time, and energy to do.

 • Water Familiar: Creates a near identical copy of Hason out of water, however when touched it fades back into water. Can also be dispelled by falling towards the ground, reverting back to a form of water. Cannot cast magic itself, however she can splash water on people, and draw fire.

 • Land Shark: Hason fades into the ground leaving water behind wherever she travels. The ground stays damp wherever she moves. She can spring forth from the water back into a physical form, however this leaves her somewhat vulnerable

 • (Add new spell here)

Biography: "It's been... How many days since I left mom and dad...? I guess it's been years now, hasn't it? I still regret not telling them goodbye, but mother at least knew I wouldn't be able to... Ah, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, aren't I? My name's Hason, Hason Fowler, and I guess I'm a witch, huh? Mother was a witch, and she even warned me about it, bu-

Shit, I'm ahead of myself again, sorry. I guess I'll be going over several things real quick, huh? Anyways. When a witch such as myself hits a certain age, we depart from our families. Sometimes we do it willingly, sometimes we don't, but we always do, and I was no different. Because of that, I've been drifting from one place to another, and it's actually been fun, going on adventures and whatnot. Though, I guess it might be a little more fun if I were able to do most of my abilities and spells more.

See, each witch seems to have a theme, there was a fabled witch who was snake based, or one that was spider based, there was even one that was chameleon based! My theme is sorta stupid, but it's that of a shark, and right now, I know four spells. I'll go over those in a bit, but I think the most important one is called Soul Protection, and it's one of the only ones I can use without consequence. Soul Protection, makes it so that those with soul perception see my soul as that of a normal persons, which is...  Rather handy, as you might expect.

The next one isn't really a spell, as much as it's an 'ability'. You know how sharks can't really see all that well, and instead work off of a sense of electricity right? Well I have something somewhat similar, except it comes from my magic, and I can, y'know, see. I don't really know how to describe it in simple terms, but... Electricity from a living thing comes off as sort of a 'red' feeling, whereas artificial sources come off as a sort of 'blue' feeling. Again, sorry for the crappy explanation, but I'm trying my best! This one also doesn't have any... Long lasting consequence, but it does make me really sensitive to large bodies of electricity, and causes me to get rather overwhelmed quite quickly.

The next spells pretty much go hand in hand. The first one of these two, is mostly for transportation. I can summon a familiar of a shark within the water, and ride on it. I do have to remember to dispel it as it'll drain me of energy, especially if I get too far, but it's really useful as it's fast across large bodies of water!  The last spell is one that I... Really have to be careful about using. I can send out a large pulse of water in the shape of a maw, very similar to that of a shark's mouth. I can also make it larger or smaller, but to make it larger I have to charge it up, and can't move, and it takes more energy to do. Though, I can't really use these last two very often...

Now the obvious question is why don't I use those two very much? Well, there's a couple reasons for that. The first reason, is I don't want to get caught. After all, witches aren't the most accepted thing, and with good reason, I guess... I also have to be careful in my intentions, because of the whole pull of magic thing, since I don't want to acceler-

Shit! I keep getting ahead of myself! Okay so, the pull of magic is basically, a Witch whose magic will eventually grow to be destructive will suffer from this... This... Feeling, this instinct that causes our actions to always destructive in nature. However, the younger a witch is, the weaker it is, and it grows a hold on them over time. The more destructive a witch is, and the more they embrace it, the faster it grows. I'm trying to slow it down as best I can. I don't really want to be one of those horror story witches, who blows Shit up for no reason, you know?

Anyways... Where was I? Ah yeah, I was trying to bring us up to speed on who I am! So I've been drifting from town to town right? Well, one thing I've found, is it's somewhat hard to live for very long off of a small amount of money. Because of that, I've started taking every job I can, and living from a day to day basis, and while it's not much better, it's not that bad. I've heard this described as a rather reckless life style, but hey, gotta live with what you have, right?

Though, I guess not everything I've said here is true, huh? I've not been drifting from town to town over the last couple months, have I? I've been drifting from section of town to section of town, after taking a boat ride into New Death City! Everything here's so...So... Fancy! So far, I really enjoy life here, everything here's so new and cool! However, I guess it could be much better if there wasn't so much electricity, as that's sorta overwhelming. Though, I guess the real reason I'm staying is because I've met a friend, huh? The guys name is Steven, and he's a year or two older than me, but he seems to know what he's doing for the most part, so that's cool. I also like him because... Well, he doesn't really ask questions. He doesn't inquire as to why a girl such as myself goes from place to place, where my parents are, why I'm alone.

Ah... But anyways, I guess I should talk a little bit more about why I can't leave now, shouldn't I? See, Steven is a Demon weapon, which means he's a person that can turn into a weapon, which is why he's a drifter, since they're feared and all. Our souls resonate, which means I can wield him as my weapon if I so choose, and he assumes that I'm a Meister, since I truly can wield him and whatnot. So, he's proposed the idea of joining the academy here. There's a problem with that, though. There's a large risk in attending here. See, this is the Death Weapons and Meister's Academy. The people here... They hunt witches, though, not without good reason, after all, there's the 'Pull of magic' and all that... I guess for one of the first times in my life, I'm scared. I'm scared one of them will realize what I am, see me for what I truly am. I mean, I know I have Soul Protection, but I know that one day I'll slip up, or someone will see through and that I'll fail, and my path will end...

Though, I guess I'll do it. I mean, what's life without taking a couple risks?"

Name: Steven 'Discord' Williams
Weight: 150 lbs
Personality: Steven's a person that's quick to gain an opinion on others, but is not liable to make it known, rather ignore it and continue a conversation, no matter if he likes or dislike a person. He almost always attempts to word things in a way to gain the most information that he can in the shortest amount of time, without revealing why he wants the information, however, he will not push you for information about your past.  He will usually try to strike up a conversation with anyone, and try to learn about those around him enough so that he can start a conversation whenever he's bored.

Steven comes off as a bit of a relaxed person, being quick to speak but not to act, and this would be truthful for the most part. He's also a very sarcastic person, who's quick to make a crack at others, however, there's a bit more to it than that; He expects just the same from others. He finds it odd when other's don't return the insult, or even when people get offended at his jokes, to the point of usually not shutting up when he needs to.

His emotions are a bit disproportionate, as there are many things that can make him happy rather quickly, but very few things that can get you on his bad side in a flash. On one hand, there's very little that can raise you in his standings than returning a sarcastic comment, or one of his cats finding him, and being in a playful mood.  Now, on the other hand, to get him sad, or depressed, there's two specific things you can bring up; The first is something he shares with Hason, in that bringing up his family can... Quiet him down, to say the least, as they never really got along. The second, isn't something you do, it's a place, and it's not somewhere you can just find, but, every now and then he'll go to an area with stone's, and a shovel. This area, is where he buries each cat that dies in the city, and he jots their name down on the stone that marks their grave.

Now then, there's two things that you can do in a regular conversation to piss him off. The first, is to give him false information, nothing worse than working off of information that turned out to be completely off. The second, is to force a conversation with someone who obviously didn't want to speak in the first place. See, he gets it. You want to talk to someone, and as a talkative person, he's liable to understand not realizing someone doesn't want to talk, but if they make it quite clear, and you keep forcing a conversation? That's another story.

Now, here's the thing; We've talked about what gets him angry, but what happens when he's angry? To be honest, he generally attempts to conceal it, however his words become laced with sarcasm, and his movements get less fluent, and a bit faster and more spontaneous.
Habits: Steven is a expressive and moving person. Whenever speaking, his hands tend to move, as if trying to convey his meaning in a quicker, or better fashion, no matter the circumstances. He's very friendly towards animals, however, this is on a new level for the cats around town, he's even given most of them names, and will refer to them correctly, despite there hardly being any tells to tell which cat is which. He's likely to sit down whenever given the chance, and to just... Sit there. At times, even trying to sleep or just relax.
Weapon Type: Chakram and Chain

The Chakram is attached to the chain.
 • Ouroboros' Cycle:: The Blades on the chakram at the end of the chain begins to rotate, similar to that of a saw blade. This defies all laws of physics as it doesn't harm the chain. #SOULEATERLOGIC

 • Coiled Serpent: Hason constructs a a large, temporary shield in the image of a coiled snake with her chain. It is durable, but not impenetrable.

 • Binding Serpent: Steven gains slight control over the chain, throwing it and causing them to snake around the subjects body, before tightening. Will mostly be used in conjunction with transform the end back into a hand, so he can grab onto them before attempting to constrict their movements. Relies on the chain to connect in the first place.

 • Serpent's Fangs: The chakram disassembles into four spikes, tethered to the chain by soul energy. The spikes can slam into objects such as concrete to be used like a grappling hook, or into enemies to rip out sections of flesh.

 • Soul Resonance - Myth of the Serpent: The Chakram changes into the head of a snake, and the hilt into that of it's tail. The chains in the center become encased within Soul Energy, also increasing in length. The snake is controlled by Steven, and feeds off of Hason's soul energy. Hason can grab a hold of the large snake, or even ride on the weapon, granting her increased mobility as Steven snakes across the battlefield

Biography: Steven has something he's done for awhile, something he's good at; Running away from his problems. It's just what he does, and I honestly don't think he would stop if he could. Now, where am I going with this? Ah, yeah, that's right. What exactly is he running from? Why is he here?

Well, here's the thing. Being a weapon in Death City, or New Death City, is seen as a good thing! It's seen as a blessing to some even. However... That's not the case everywhere, now is it? When he first showed signs of being a weapon, he thought it was fine. So what? He was different than everyone else, but he figured that the town was tightly knit enough that it wouldn't change anything. Well, he was wrong. After awhile, he noticed people were avoiding him, people were seemingly afraid of him... And so, he took the hint. He started running from his problems, and never stopped.

Now, where do you run when your problem is being a weapon? You run somewhere where weapons are accepted, where they can help, or be helped, though, I wouldn't imagine he meant to do it. He just sort of... Went from town to town for awhile. Drifted, living as well as he could, taking oddjobs and living to the best of his abilities. He didn't even realize what he was getting himself into when he took a boat to New Death City, he just knew it was what he could afford at the time.

When he first arrived in New Death City, he continued like he always had. Drifting from one part of town to another, living wherever he could on whatever money he could get from jobs, and he lived his life like he always had; He got money, lived off of it, took jobs, and over time, he gave himself a secondary objective. He began to watch over the city's growing cat population,  naming each one, and attempting to keep them out of trouble, it was just something for him to do. This, was where and when he stopped running, but there was a reason for that.

He had met another, one named Hason, she was like him, in that she ran from her problems, and was living life as she went, drifting from palace to place. He didn't know what her problems were, but he could see very plainly, that she was running from them, ignoring them, and continuing on with her life. Truly, this kinship compelled both of them to work together, and they began to form a friendship, even beginning to watch over the other, and help when they were unsuccessful in getting a job. Eventually, they found a solution; Something that could help them both, as they realized something; He was a Weapon, and she was a Meister... They joined the Academy, their letter of acceptance getting sent to them rather fast all things considered, and began a new life. Not as Drifters, but as partners.

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Re: [profiles] Soul Eater: New Earth
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2015, 05:36:47 AM »
PU Name: The-Blades-Slave
Name: Warren Renniger
Age:  18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 164
Personality: Warren is an apathetic person, for the most part. He doesn't take interest in the happenings of day-to-day life, and he generally doesn't listen to the lectures in his classes. The most his teachers can generally get out of him is a sarcastic one liner before he goes back to his nap, and most of them have given up on him. Despite this, he maintains a 3.0 GPA.

His general demeanor, to those who know him well enough, is very lazy. In spite of his criminal-like image, he cowers in the face of work and prefers to procrastinate for as long as possible, something which irks his weapon to no end. The thought of extra work is enough to send him scurrying for the hills, and when it is forced upon him he will do nothing but grumble. 

Thanks to his family's fearsome reputation, he doesn't have many friends in school. Most people avoid him like the plague, scared he'll blow them to smithereens, and they aren't too far off. He, like the rest of his family, is desperately addicted to causing explosions. It is severe enough that if it has been more than a two days since the last time he destroyed something, he becomes a live wire, waiting to to spring on whoever wrongs him next. At the advice of his best friend and weapon, Silene, he has taken up chewing gum to try and curve the need to destroy.

Because of his...violent tendencies he generally avoids growing close to people; this goes deep enough that he is terrified of committing. The thought of hurting someone he cares for makes his skin crawl, and it is why he desperately stays close to Silene. Her upbeat wavelength can generally bring him back from the edge and stop him from attacking anyone. For this, she is the person he cares for most, and his biggest fear is that he will turn on her.

Habits: He is always chewing on gum, and his first solution to a problem is to offer someone a piece. From years of chewing it, he now permanently smells like wintergreen. The scent is strong enough that people mistake it for cologne, and you smell it before you see him.

November 13, 2014

Dear Silene,

If I tell you more about me will you stop bugging me? I'm gonna assume your answer is yes, though I don't really believe you. Okay, fine, here goes. My full title is Warren Nathaniel Renniger, heir to the Black Sun clan and eldest son of Kyros and Leira. As a kid my life was boring, so I'm skipping that part. At about twelve my soul wavelength began to really grow in power, and with it my urge to... create art. For a while, I was just lost in the fun of blowing things up, but once I got a bit older I realized what we really used our ability for.

We're a criminal syndicate, Silene. We sell our wavelengths and Demon Weapons to the highest bidder, and if we're really bored we just blow things up for fun. I didn't really like the idea, told my parents I wasn't gonna do it, but of course it wasn't that easy. They didn't take kindly to that, said I wouldn't have a choice. I told them they were full of sh*t, I was my own person. Turns out what they said was true. Most people won't even speak to me because of my past, and it's pretty hard to resist blowing them up, but I get by (with your help, mostly. I know I don't say it much, so thanks).

After that little falling out with my Dad, I ditched home. They thought I would come back soon, but they didn't really count on something; I met you. Well, hell, I didn't count on it either. I was just out to distract myself before I blew something sky high, then you showed up smiling and happy-go-lucky. You remember, right? I called you annoying and you punched me in the face. Truly the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

It was that moment when I realized you could help me, though. The second your wavelength even touched mine the desire to see everything blow up lessened and I had to know why. I followed you home (kind of creepy, now that I think about it). When I couldn't think of anything, I made your door explode. You weren't too happy about that, tried to stab me with your knife arm. That's when I figured out you were a weapon, and once you calmed down it was smooth-sailing from their.

You know the rest, really. We're in the New DWMA now, meister and weapon. Family's out to get me, but hey, at least I'm not psychotic like them anymore, right? Right...? .....

Do you want a piece of gum?


(Warren is seventeen, tall, muscular and lightly tanned. His features are young: long, unruly blonde hair, stormy grey eyes, and a lean frame. He wears a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up just above his elbow and the phrase "END OF THE CENTURY" in bold white letters, baggy black sweat pants and argent sneakers.)

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTRnQ4sMdpc

Name: Silene Delacroix
Age: 17
Height: 5'6 1/2"
Weight: 126 pounds
Personality: Silene is a kind person, willing to go out on a limb to save a total stranger. She however, has a temper that, as Warren put it, 'was hotter than any dragon flame'. The few times they have tried anything akin to resonance, Warren's soul has completely overpowered hers. This has led her to believe she is not strong enough for him, and her main goal is to become the weapon he deserves, something that can fight back his family- a Death Scythe.
Habits: She bites her nails to the nub when she is nervous. She also isn't good with money, spending it on trivial things like the items you see on infomercials. Because of this, Warren carries all their money.

Weapon Type: Demon Scythe-

 • Hexanite strike: Warren gathers his explosive wavelength in the palm of his hand or the tip of Silene. It explodes on impact with something, giving the strike much more destructive force.

 • Semtex kick: Using Silene as a pole vault, Warren creates an explosion that propels him into the air, foot extended. Due to the momentum from the detonation, this is much more powerful than a normal kick.

 • Sixth sense: The wielder of Silene can use this power in order to alert themselves about any deadly threats in combat, even from behind them. They are warned by a biting chill on their spine just a brief instant before the attack happens, so they must react quick. This power can't be controlled and it activates automatically.

 • Spectral laceration: Their second most powerful ability, spectral laceration turns Silene's scythe form intangible for a strike. While intangible the weapon can pass through solid objects, though it can still be blocked by other demon weapons, and it leaves no physical wound; instead it strikes at the soul, injuring on a much more personal level. This attack can very rarely be used, and while it is in use their Sixth Sense is disabled.

 • Soul Resonance: Damned of the Black Sun- Warren and Silene resonate, amplifying his destructive wavelength and changing her form to a more wicked blade engulfed in fire. Each swing is backed by an ethereal trail that increases damage. If an enemy is killed during this attack, they explode, causing more damage to anything nearby. The meister seems to be unaffected by the trailor the explosion

Novemer 15, 2014

Dear Warren,

Thanks for letting me know about you, it was about time! I know you don't like talking about stuff like this, so I figured I'd respond in writing too. Since you told me about your past, I'm gonna tell you about mine! Let's see... I grew up pretty normally, too. I've known I was a weapon since I was little, but my Dad was too. He taught me to control it enough to hide it from people, so I got away with attending normal school and fit in well.

Right before we met, I had an argument with my parents. It ended up with me moving out. I was pretty upset, but I found an apartment pretty fast. I was at the store to stock up my fridge when I ran into you, and I was still pretty pissed at my parents. When you called me annoying you sounded so much like my Mom I lost it just swung at you. I felt so bad I just left the store and all my groceries there, but I guess it turned out for the best. Like you said, you followed me home after that (creeper!). When you blew open my door I thought you were some robber there to take my stuff,  the only thing I could think to do was attack you.

Good thing I didn't kill you, because we make a good team. Wasn't really interested in finding a meister before I met you. Something about you just made me want to go along with you to the New DWMA, not sure what. Finding out about your family, I guess I know why you did it. New DWMA is neutral ground, not even your family would come here. I'm still not sure what made me decide to do it, though. Guess we can find out as we go, huh?

P.S. Thanks for the gum.

(She's the one on the left. Average height and slender, with pale skin and long black hair. Her eyes are a bright, cerulean blue. Her shirt is short-sleeved and baby blue, her jeans are black with gold trim, and she wears bright purple sneakers.)

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkOFSejV_Kw

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