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Hello everyone (or the one, dedicated person who is reading this)! So, as we wait for the PU Beta (or full game, I haven't been here in a long time) to fall from the sky, I want to start some discussion/predictions on Nintendo's next offering.

So far, I've heard no rumors and/or leaks regarding the new games. I personally believe that a Gold/Silver remake could be on the way, or even a Diamond/Pearl remake (the latter of which seems more likely as I write these words you're reading).

Yume Tsuki:
To be honest, I don't see any reason for them to make another remake right now. DS generation doesn't feel that far away. Either it's gonna be Gen 1 or some new game for a new console.

A Red/Blue remake would be viable, but not likely due to the fact that the last game was a remake. I've heard from some people that a new game would include a type to check Fairy-type Pokés. I would love that seeing as almost nothing can stop fairy types except for steel (which makes no sense from a logical standpoint) and poison types, which don't have prevalent movesets.

Miss Wednesday:
I'd like a Gen. 1 remake but I still think they might come out with a new Emerald or Pokemon Z... Lql

Pokemon Z
Gen 7
Gen 1 remake
Pokmemon emerald remake

One of those above is what I think may come next. In that order of what I believe to be most likely.

Fairies arent under checked. If anything they could have used a buff. There is an abundance of counters to fairies and they are quite common and very powerful. Metagross, scizor, gengar, bedrill and scolipede to name just a few, and are all hard counters and often ohko any fairy poke.


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