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Well, this is goodbye. For now.


I tried to do this before, for various reasons. This time it's different. I am resigning from the PU writing team. I have changed my focus in life. I'm going for a career in video production and editing and looking into going back to school so I can hone my skills. I enjoyed my time here and have met a lot of amazing people. I might return sometime in the future and wish you guys the best of luck with the game. If any of you have me on Steam or Skype and want to stay in contact, feel free. My Skype name is Tickles Ticklesword. Also, feel free to look into my channel, as I will be posting some gameplay vids here.

We'll see what the future holds

Yours Truly

Cortex J.

Miss Wednesday:
That sucks that you're leaving but I understand, good luck and I hope you come back! C:

Gonna miss you Tickle/Cortexj. Best wishes!!!

Good luck cortexj. Hope to see you soon.


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