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So, the contest ended (about a week ago), and yes, winners have been chosen!
If you don't know what I'm talking about go here
I won't tie you down with boring chatter, so lets get straight to the announcement!
drum roll please


ChaoticXSinZ entered a quest about a village called Yonma, and a Lake called "Fukakimi Lake" (Fukashiki [????]) and eerie (Bukimi [???]).
Very cool!
Congratulations ChaoticXsinZ, You have won your contest being inserted into the game. I don't know yet where, or when, or what details will need to be slightly modified for playability, but we can figure that all out later!


Declan_23, come on down, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!. This contest was a very cool story about an organization called NERD, it was made up of all the members of the PU team (National Eevee Research Department), and gave us a little insight, if not more confusion into the evolutionary abilities of that adorable little creature.

Congratulations Declan_23, your quest will be put into the game; too cool eh?


Jerry, who is probably best known for attempting to trump Mr_Dark's post count, earned himself 1st place, for his chain quest about a guy named Byron. I don't wan't to go into too much detail on this one, cause it is pretty cool.

Congratulations, Jerry, you too have earned your contest a place in the glory that is Pokemon-Universe.

--- Quote ---Now, you may recall that I stated the 1st, and 2nd place winners would also get on pre-beta, you may also notice, that all three of our winners are already lined up for pre-beta, so what do I do?
Well, I'll tell you, both Jerry, and Declan_23 will also !#@%%^$@&*%^$$#&*%%()*&%*$$#@%$$*%$#$*&^%&$^#%$#$*%^*$#$%*^%*&%*%$

I guess I can't tell you that yet, but you will see soon enough (hopefully around pre-beta release),.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Alright, you wanna know? They will both be featured in the first part of the PU webcomic, when it finally releases,788.msg9779.html#msg9779
--- End quote ---
There is also the matter of the mystery prize for Jerry, well....I figure I'm going to keep that one a secret until around pre-beta release as well, but it is uber awesome to say the least.

Now, I command all forum members to go to each of these three guys' pages and spam them with PM's for the next 24 hours, so every time they click a link on the site, they get a little pop up telling them they have like 20 new messages.

And congratulations again, to Jerry, Declan_23, and ChaoticXsinZ

Congrats guys!

Errrr WOW... To be honest, I really didn't think that I was in with much of a chance of winning. This means a lot to me thanks spirit :). I'm absolutely over the moon. I'd like to congratulate Jerry on winning first prize :D. Oh and just a few side notes in case you were interested:
1) My quest actually happened to be about 500 words longer than my first Stalin essay draft (so you know where my alliegence lies)
2) I actually went over some of my Biology and Physics notes when I got to the really nerdy stuff concerning DNA and endorphins
3) I got the beginnings of my idea from the first pokemon movie.

Oh and you have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw this

--- Quote ---Jerry, who is probably best known for attempting to trump Mr_Dark's post count
--- End quote ---

And finally Spirit how many enterants did you receive?

I'd like to congratulate all winners and I hope we can implement your quests are accurate as possible :)

--- Quote ---Jerry, who is probably best known for attempting to trump Mr_Dark's post count
--- End quote ---


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