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Title: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 23, 2011, 07:46:03 pm
Alright then, Jerry approved last night, so we can get going as soon as we get some more profiles.
Including myself, theres 3 people so far, and I amde this last night, so I'd have to say thats not too bad.
Main RP is here:

Whats going to happen is I will slowly draw out a map as events unfold to help the players visualise the area they are in.

Because I'm me, I'm going to help out both sides in-character, and therefore be neutral, in a neutral area.

Profiles that have been posted may begin, if you haven't been posted yet, thats because they're being posted in pairs and/or you were denied.

Username: Frenchfry
RP name: Chernobog
Faction: Temple of Black Light
Personality: Holier-than-thou, with a superiority complex. Talks like a King from the fourteen hundreds.
Bio: Chernobog means Black God. As far as Chernobog is concerned, he is the rightful dictator of humanity. This particular belief stems from a complex rooted in his childhood. His father never loved him. Oh well.
 That aside, his born leadership and close quarters combat finesse have placed him at the right hand of the Minister of the Temple of Black Light. He is also somewhat deluded in that he behaves and dresses like a Dark Knight, despite his presence in the modern era.
Image: (http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/d/d2/DS_Golbez.jpg)

For the Greater Good application
Username: St. Jimmy
RP name: Joseph Abernathy
Faction: The Government
Personality: Manipulative, deceitful, will do anything to get the job done.
Bio: Joseph has been a government agent for many years now. When the Temple of Black Light appeared he thought it was a joke and that is posed no real threat. But when they threatened to blow up an entire mall he was first on the scene.
Image:   (http://www.instantz.net/wattup/images/HunterXHunter/leorio.gif)

Username: Aka-Kami
RP name: Ruby
Faction: Temple of the Black Light
Personality: She's tough, a little tomboyish and will not take insults lightly
Bio: Ruby's life was going all well until the new laws of the government. Her family was oppressed, and she wanted to make a difference. She then fled and joined the cult of Temple of the Black Light.
Image: (http://p1cture.it/images/78069864254326849539.png)

Username: LittlePony
RP name: Bastion Curtis
Faction: Government
Personality: He can be a tad sarcastic but he is usually serious. He can occasionally be blunt and straight forward.
Bio: He is a trained profiler, but does not always get things right. He is very educated as he has a law degree. His mother was murdered nine months after he turned fifteen. He identified the killer five years later. That is when he has gotten interested in profiling. His father is a rich man that he has only seen three times. His father sends him money, and his son is expected to inherit his one hundred million.
Image: (http://www.court-records.net/arts/hugegaryuu.png)

Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 24, 2011, 04:55:47 am
Bump because I forgot edits don't update the topic
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Frenchfry on July 24, 2011, 07:37:42 am
*Waits patiently for Ruby and Jimmy to get posting*
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 25, 2011, 07:59:10 pm
Username: TrainerX
RP name: Cecil
Faction: Temple of the Black Light
Personality: Cecil is cruel, brutal, and unforgiving. He only cares about himself, and would kill allies if it means he could achieve his goal.
Bio: As a small child, Cecil was abandoned by his parents, after being abused for a few years. A man found him on the streets, and brought him back to the Temple of the Black Light. He was trained as an assassin. The government killed the man that saved him, who was the only man he had ever cared about in his life. He will kill anyone who gets in his way without a second thought. And he likes explosions.
Image: (http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmbG7S2-Vpdzj1Mbps9dC_XunxAgAcBsm8Q659y3HZqbwqm-Efow)
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 25, 2011, 11:28:31 pm
Username: Silver
RP name: Miles
Faction: Bartender
Personality: Tends to be kind. Has Too many Berserk buttons to count.
Bio: Miles' bar is just a front. The real thing he specialises in is information. He knows more than what either faction knows, and tends to use that to his advantage to foreward his 'buisness'.
Image: (http://p1cture.it/images/d1d6eaa8ddb9ef3g2dg9.jpg)
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 25, 2011, 11:59:03 pm
RP name"James.
Personality:Short temper,quiet,and he likes to know what he is getting into when he gets a mission.
Bio:James was the odd guy in his group of friends, he was good with some things they were not good with, like swords, when he was 15 his parents let him train with swords, he wasn't good with guns but he could use swords well, he then after training enough joined the goverment, now that the temple of black light thing is going on they sent him to try and help stop them, the goverment said he wouldn't last long on the mission if he didn't use a gun, he still is not using one.
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Silver on July 26, 2011, 06:28:41 am
Username: Mr Pokemon
RP name: Amrik
Faction: Temple of the Black Light
Personality: Hateful, merciless, Semi-insane
Bio: Born into a Muslim extremist family, Amrik was raised familiar with death. When he grew old enough to take on jobs himself, he did not hesitate, bombing restuarants and hotels in the U.S. However, all "good" things must come to an end. Amrik was caught, and after a fair trial before a jury of his peers, convicted in jail.
In the jail, he met a particularly racist fellow who especially hated Muslims. After Amrik pulled the wooden shiv out of the man's temple, he was immediately seized by prison guards, and taken to solitary confinement, where the days widdled away, as well as Amrik's sanity.
Image: Cannot find a suitable image. Just use your imagination.
(Alright I will. This is you now:) (http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/clubs/5/28395m.jpg) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKgfl87yyHE
Title: Re: [OOCC and Profiles] For the Greater Good
Post by: Frenchfry on July 26, 2011, 07:28:38 am