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Other Chat / Recommend, anything!
« on: February 11, 2012, 10:22:38 pm »
Alright I had this idea recently sense I've discovered alot of new shows etc lately. So this is just a place to recommend things you've found weather it be, music, books, sites, TV, movies, games, anything. I'll start.

Sherlock (BBC) (Television)- It is amazing, re imagining of Authur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Modernized/written by Stephen Moffit, who writes a lot of Dr. Who episodes, and Mark Gatiss who writes some Dr. Who and stars as Mycroft Holmes, in Sherlock. It is edge of the seat. Maybe my favorite show. Or one of them.

Homestuck (Interactive Webcomic)- Made by Andrew Hussie, the game begins with four kids. But gets many characters, over time, it is funny, deep, intense everything really, features, great art and videos, that are animated, but the traiditional format takes some getting used to. (Warning: Features some character deaths. Which are crazy sad)
normally looks like:

Hero Mode one of the art styles:

Hm, thats all I can think of now, will post new ones.

Game Features / Idea hub
« on: August 12, 2011, 02:24:08 am »
Alright, I have had some ideas. I know some have been said, but whateva. These are just random.
Please use search before doing these.
Anyway, this is a hub for ideas. Just post what you think of. Here are mine.

Pokemall. To go with pokemart. But it is Gigatic. like 20 floors, and has all kinds of items.

Homes. But, they can be built wherever. Mebbe in a cave, I dunno, you can make a logo and place a flag, and people can only come in if allowed. etc. I mean not in certain places, you know. Mebbe there is a home island or something.

Other Chat / Happy Birthday Jerry!
« on: June 19, 2011, 06:34:19 am »
I told you on Facebook.

But you deserve one here as well!

Happy Birthday!

Heres the cake!

Other Games / Project Cafe? Expectations?
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:11:20 pm »
OK, so it is pretty much confirmed, that Project Cafe is coming. This is just a codename, no official names yet.

Probably True/True:

There is going to be a controller, this is not Wii 2. It has 2 Analog sticks, a D-pad, Two Bumpers, Two triggers and "Possibly more". And even a 6x6 inch screen for streaming games right from the console. It also will have HD. They will have more info at this years E3 in a couple months. Also it will probably come out around late 2012. Significantly more powerful then 360 or PS3. Sony and Microsoft have some ol' competition. THQ said SONY and MICROSOFT are probably not going to be unveiling anything new. (Unless they throw it together in a couple months. This statement by THQmeaning that Sony and Microsoft have not told them or at least not asked them to make one of the launch titles.) but that they would let Nintendo announce their new console. Of course Nintendo had to say "Nintendo does not comment on Rumors and Speculation."

Rumored (Maybe true):
The controller may have an HD screen, and the system might be backwards compatible with the Wii. The resolutions may be as high as 1080, 512 RAM.

Most of the Rumors and Speculation seem to be centered around the controller. with as I said: "This is not Wii 2. It has 2 Analog sticks, a D-pad, Two Bumpers, Two triggers and "Possibly more". And even a 6x6 inch screen for streaming games right from the console." 01net the site who has gave most info about Cafe has stated that it is "a touch tablet controller, with moderate graphic output," and maybe even a touchscreen 01net took the rumor a step further and claimed that the touchscreen would be single-touch. But these may be exaggerated since Nintendos focus is usually around keeping development costs down.

I will update with info so you don't need to!

Now, what do you think? I am excited, I think it is about time. Last years E3 wasn't to great. And who knows, Sony and Microsoft could bring something to the table as well! I hope there will finally be another great xD/Collusium. Except with a little better story, some great Mario game. Maybe New New Super Mario cafe, (lol). As well as a new SSBB!

Please give feedback.

Other Entertainment / Interesting Theories and ideas.
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:35:10 pm »
This thread is for Theories or ideas about things that you read online. Or you and your friends though of. It can be for Games, Books or Life, or other.

Here are mine:
Dorklyst Gaming Theories.
Part 2
Portal Theory (More at bottom)

That's all I got. Please post.

Ideas & Suggestions / What are they like?
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:29:19 pm »
Okay. I searched and there was nothing on this. So...

Has the PU Team made Gym Leaders, personalities, Sprites, Teams? Also I hope you can see them in this Region later on like in the games. But if you haven't I could help. And this could be a topic to post ideas for them. Also the Elite Four. And I'm sure you guys will want to do the Champion.

Anyway, please post and give feedback. (Also if you haven't don't lock please. Like I said. Me and others can give ideas.

Roleplay Corner / [OOCC] Advanced Portal
« on: March 28, 2011, 12:21:13 am »
OK, this is for OOCC for the RP, Advanced Portal.


Other Games / What games are you playing?
« on: March 27, 2011, 04:31:59 am »
They're was an "Official Gaming Thread" or something, but it was basically what games do you like. This thread is for games you are currently playing and or replaying, also what games you are awaiting. Repeat, this is not what games you like, or have played.

What games you are:
Soon Playing
Soon Replaying

And also don't be like
"dudethat game liek soso isnt rely like fun at al or something it sux."

My list:
Finished Pokemon Black, still training, exploring areas, trading SS Pokemon etc.
Reach (Freaking amazing, Matchmaking and Campaign)

Super Mario All Star's
Diamond (Over Training my team, at Eterna Forest w/ Three Level 18's One level 16)

Soon Replaying:
Emerald & Firered (Lost Emerald, never owned Firered, just borrowed)
Platnium (My brother has his data. I have to trade SS Pokemon to Black, then restart SS, since I said he could play, then trade his Platinum Pokemon to that!)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (I do that alot)

Portal 2
Pokemon Emerald remake.

I know that's a lot. Not all at once of course. Also you don't hhave to put yours in order just say which, Soon Replaying, Replaying, Playing, Awaiting.

Roleplay Corner / [Profiles] Advanced Portal.
« on: March 26, 2011, 05:41:20 pm »
Okay here I will post profiles for my latest RP. You can go ahead and sent, but I won't add until it is approved by a moderator.

Profile Skeleton:
Profile Skeleton:
PU Name: (Your name on Pokemon-Universe)
Character Name: (Your person's name)
Weapon: (Whatever it is. You either have a Portal Gun build in, or the weapon, and a Portal Gun.)
Personality: (What are they like)
Bio: (A paragraph or more about your character)
Image: (What does your person look like)

Thanks. Also don't post it, send it to me, like I said, I will post if this RP is approved.

Other Roleplay / [RP] Advanced Portal
« on: March 26, 2011, 05:38:09 pm »
Okay, I've never made a non-Pokemon RP so bear with me please.

Basically, this RP is like the game contained in Orange Box and now avalible on XBLA, with a sequel coming soon. Portal is the name.

Now, it is a little bit different. Basically. This takes place after the 2nd Portal, the government has taken the Portal Gun out of testing at Aperture Science. They have now given it to a group of people called, Saviors. Aperture Science was not happy about this, and with their advanced technologies, they have created a race of demons. No one knows anything about them. And the government has somehow hidden it from regular people. So only Saviors, Aperture and the Government even know about this advanced race. And we, the Savior's have to stop them. We can pretty much do whatever we want, nor the government, nor Aperture really care about us or the demons. They both think we are trapped in this world. But there is a way out.

Setting: It takes place in a place created by Aperture and the Government. Even they can't control us in there. They can even reach us in here. Basically this is just like a video game. There are volcanoes, vast oceans, forests, fields, and even some testing chambers created by Aperture. Some are afraid to go in those because of Aperture's cameras. But Saviors, finally destroyed those, so they are safe.

Profile Skeleton:
PU Name: (Your name on Pokemon-Universe)
Character Name: (Your person's name)
Weapon: (Whatever it is. You either have a Portal Gun build in, or the weapon, and a Portal Gun.)
Personality: (What are they like)
Bio: (A paragraph or more about your character)
Image: (What does your person look like)

General Chat / Pokemon R/S/E Remakes.
« on: March 23, 2011, 10:20:14 pm »
Face it, we all know it's coming.

Discuss it. Me and Rex kinda started talking about it on another thread. But I made this one. So enjoy chatting about it.

I'm so excited, more then for Black and White. Think about how much different SoulSilver was to Pearl. That will be the difference between B/W and the new remakes.

Also, every Gen Pokemon? IN RBY. Just great. Simply great.

Also, Brendon/May, in my opinion the greatest Starting Trainers. Next to Red. Hesthebest.

There is also so much more in store.

Roleplay Corner / [PROFILES] Unova Tales!
« on: March 22, 2011, 09:13:21 pm »
Again send a PM if you wanna join.

This is where I post the profile of people who have joined. Please do not post here.


Roleplay Corner / [OOCC] Unova Tales!
« on: March 22, 2011, 09:11:40 pm »
This is where you discuss, what is going on and what your character is going to do, or what two characters will do, things like that.

Out Of Character Conversation OOCC


Pokémon Roleplay / [RP] Unova Tales!
« on: March 20, 2011, 09:23:11 pm »
I haven't made an RP, in a while so bear with me. (I promise, I won't leave this one, if I do someone, send me a messege or something, I'm a busy guy.) By the way you guys should lock some for RP's, some, no one has posted in forever, and aren't locked.

Getting started. This RP, is basically this:

You are a Trainer, starting in Unova, it takes place after the events of Pokemon Black/White, Cheren, Bianca and Hibert have finished their Journey and you may find them still traveling. You are just a normal Trainer, defeating Gym Leaders, and facing the Pokemon League. Team Plasma has regrouped with Ghetsis the sages, Ninjas and Grunts, but no N. He is somewhere else. You start in Nuvema Town, you can choose any starter, Juniper, got them all from OAK, you can choose none if you prefer. Start your Unova Journey! (You do not have to have played the games, you can look up town names, and Leaders on Bulbapedia.)

You can also be a wild Pokemon, who can communicate with Pokemon, but not Trainers, you cannot Godmod to get caught by someone. They must choose, and you both must want it. If you have a Trainer, you must be out of the Pokeball constantly, unless you choose. (No legends, or Rares, you can be a starter though.) Also, since Team Plasma's defeat Pokemon from all over have started coming to Unova.

Profile Skeleton (Person):
Name: (What is you character  called?)
PU Name: (Your Username?)
Bio: (A little about your-self)
Personality: (Sad, Happy, Nice, Mean. Also explain a little.)
Picture: (Not just a Sprite!)

Profile Skeleton (Pokemon)
Name: (What is you character  called?)
PU Name: (Your Username?)
Bio: (A little about your-self)
Personality: (Sad, Happy, Nice, Mean. Also explain a little.)
Starting Location: (You can be anywhere, and leave, you just start here.)
(You must be the level of the wild Pokemon in your starting location.)
Picture: (Not just a sprite!)

Send me a message with yours.

Computers & Technology / Browser Designs
« on: March 15, 2011, 01:59:33 am »
I know their is a Desktop thread, but I was thinking maybe we could do one got Firefox personas, Chrome Backgrounds, if there is something for Safari and Explorer or the others. If you guys think this is similar to the Desktop thread or something you can Delete, Just an idea. I change my Persona,

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