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Other Chat / The Public Bucket List
« on: November 17, 2010, 03:59:39 am »
Greetings, and welcome to the public bucket list. Essentially, this is a place for people to post and discuss their goals and things they would like to do before they disappear from this world. I don't really wanna die, it's a pain in the ass, but I made a list of things to do before I decay to motivate myself. I wish to try and get all of this done before I die, except the silly ones.

Post yours, and let's get a good chat going  ;D

(Note: The oprah/justin bieber/jeffrey star/zach effron/chad michael murray/jonas one is a true goal)

P.S.S. - Mine is quite long, sorry.

Public Bucket List
Learn German and Japanese (which should I learn first 0.o)

produce a manga

get an anime deal

launch a music cd

design a video game

get married and have an undefined amount of children

visit all countries I wish to see

learn to drift well

drift some illegal touge

enter a circuit race

do an engine swap

go see the bands I like live (assuming they are sitll together)

sell a piece of art

create a pokemon for nintendo

crack jeffrey star, justin bieber, chad michael murrey, zach effron, and all 3 jonases

destroy oprah's power source

live in japan for an undesignated amount of time

dedicate an entire room in my house to otaku culture

own all the tools to trick and tune cars in a garage

own an underground lair

roleplay all games in which I wish to play

collect all the video games/material items I want

go fishing for whales using a semitruck filled with mexicans as bait

drain a pond and make a skatepark

snowboard in florida

drive in a demolition derby

repopulate a ghost town

have an intellectual conversation with a ghost or alien, I do not care which

tell the CIA to stop monitoring my every action

acquire nuclear capabilities

start my own country

you know...the usual...

Site Support / IRC Channel Changes
« on: October 10, 2010, 08:08:30 am »
Lately we get a lot more people in our IRC channel asking stupid stuff (like "how to play" and/or "when is it released" and more which can be actually found on the forums), we've grown tired of these people and that's why we decided to create a different channel for the web-chat. Don't worry the main channel does still exists but is now only available for people who have registered their nickname (more info about that can be found HERE).

So to make things clear:
If you don't have your nickname registered ON RIZON!!! You can not talk in the main channel. If you don't want to register, just join the public channel.

How to register your nickname on Rizon?

There is only 1 problem, we - the PU Team - don't really want to moderate that channel since we have better things to do (like working on PU maybe?). That's why we are looking for 5 motivated people who would like to do this job. With this job comes a lot of power (on IRC), so you should be able to handle this and not abuse it.


   * You have to be able to speak proper English (ex. no shorthand, chatspeak)
   * Active on the forums for at least 3 months (so you know what's going on)
   * Should have a registered nickname
   * Basic knowledge on what IRC is and how to use it
   * Have to be active on IRC (join when you connect to the internet)


It doesn't matter where you from (what timezone), since the channel will be used worldwide. If you are interested feel free to join us on IRC (in our main channel) or reply in this topic.

Jobs / Mapper job request.
« on: March 14, 2010, 12:03:39 pm »
I believe I sent an email at one point to which I never received a response. Right, Essentially I believe I have what it takes to be a mapper for PU , I am dedicated, on here almost 24/7 , active in the IRC chat, and also I am not bad at making maps. I am 19 and located in the United States.
I am assuming that my email was never responded to mostly because I did not submit a sample of work, hence I shall do that here.

Swampy deal

Tropical pass

Summer Mansion

Overgrown Route (Sorry, there isn't much for bridges in this tileset.)

Mining area

So, Yeah, I would love to give it a shot  ;D

Also, I can submit more samples upon request, and I have been practicing my pixel art in tutorials to try and get a tad better so I can do some tile work myself.

Thanks for reading,


Quests & Plots / [Quest] Settling Down, Up Springs A Town!
« on: March 05, 2010, 02:42:46 am »
Ok, So as you know, Spirit is currently running a quest contest, which was my inspiration for this quest, also I drew inspiration from the Dark Cloud 2 townbuilding system.

This quest begins by talking to an old man whos eyes seem to be brimming with ideas.
[The old man is standing between two trees, blocking the path to what seems to lead into a
forest, although you can see nothing past the man and the treeline.] As you speak to him, he
utters the words, "This seems to be my ideal location. Youngster, how would you like to
become a part of history?" He tells you his name [Kanji] Then he starts telling you a story
about how he used to live in Sinnoh. Apparently, One day he was sitting outside enjoying the
day with his Aipom, and a herd of Camerupt which was migrating was walking through the area,
Aipom, being the deviant for which his species is known, chucked a stone at one of the
tranquil passers. This immediately enraged the Camerupt and it began to spew lava from its
back in a fit leading to the man's house being burnt to the ground. Unfortunately, he did
not own a water pokemon, and lived quite a way from the nearest town, therefore his house
was lost.

After losing his home, old man Kanji just wanted to escape it all and retire to a new location.
He recalled hearing rumors of an amazing new land called Miryus where people were starting
to settle, and headed to the newfound region. Upon arriving, he visited every town, but
no matter where he was, it just didn't feel right. Kanji then started to wish he could
just make a town to his liking, then the ideas came fluttering in, and he thought,
"I could become the founder of a new town!"

He was delighted, and thought that finally he could also be remembered for something great
before his age takes him. He then asks you to follow him, and takes you in between the trees
in which he was standing. [now this will have to be done using some teleportation method or
so, because this will be a seperate location for all players, as I will explain later.]
He brings you to an empty green meadow, and then states, "How beautiful would it be to found
a small town here?" He then asks you if you would agree to help him accomplish his one
dream, and promises to make you co-founder.

Right, so that's what I have thus far, and if I receive plausible feedback and confirmation that
what I want to accomplish is plausible, I will continue and finish the quest.

Now, the most exciting part of this quest is not the quest itself, but the features and rewards which follow. I have come up with a few ideas and features which can be scratched, picked, added to, or removed completely. I would like further ideas and some feedback before I finish the quest.

Right, well the idea is, After you finish the quest, this empty town plot is now available to visit,
Each player would have his own town plot, hence the teleportation issue, because I want events
to occur based on events you have completed in the game, such as gaining player levels, and
beating gyms and such.

As mentioned, these would all be empty lots except old man Kanji's house who you helped to build. As you reach pinnacle events in the game, like gaining badges and player levels or other events, people will start to migrate to your town with their own reasons and quests, and upon completing in, they settle in the town. [ I figured this could be done by variable reasoning,
such as having multiple maps, copying and pasting one building at a time, with different events on
each map and if variable x is true, the next map with house x would appear, variable x being
the quests you complete after doing the certain activities.] Now, I think it would have to be seperate for everyone, as  I don't know if you can make it so based on certain events, it looks different for different people. I dunno, I'd have to talk out the technicalities with a scripter.

Now, for the buildings. Of course there is Kanji's home, whom I figured you could battle weekly
to keep his mind spry. A poke center, a pokemart, maybe your own home to prevent clutter, a tradesmen's terrace to perform certain crafting activities, and maybe a bank, travel shop etc. I have also included a berry/apricorn patch, whichever is implemented, to grow a few things for fun. Bear in mind that this is a rough sketch and rough ideas, able to be completely changed and molded based on what can be implemented, and what can not. As said, you would have to get badges, earn player levels, and do various thing to unlock the migrating settlers, and then you would have to complete a quest for each of them to have them settle, until the village is completely done, then old man Kanji will die in peace and a statue will be erected in his honor, with your name on it too of course  ::) Also, after he dies, maybe his grandson will move in or something.

I also have ideas for the shop, the more buildings and advanced you are as a character, the bigger the shop will grow to, and the more items they will carry. I got this idea from animal crossing, where the shop grows  :D Bigger town obviously equals bigger shop.

Also, I had an idea about incorporating a move tutor in here, perhaps it can be Kanji's grandson after he passes, but Instead of the old stale way of getting tutored, I would like to incorporate fishing, as to give players a reason to reach a higher skill level in it, higher fishing yields better items through fishing which in turn will yield better moves to tutor. That's just a small idea though

Also, I Would like to incorporate a small way of fast travel into this town, Like a helicopter which you can use to fly to one location once per day, But I do not know how plausible that is.

Well, those are most of my ideas, So please dote upon them, incorporate your own, or just tell me what you think.  ;D

Edit: If you think anything needs to be clarified, or can't understand something, I will try to explain in more detail to the best of my ability.  ::)

Edit 2: If you don't like the instanced town idea individual to each player, when you finish the quest, the entire town will be finished, but you will only be able to enter buildings once certain criteria have been reached, and then you will still have to do a quest to access the services of whomever's house/business it was. That way, all players will be visible in the same town, and would be able to enter all the houses together if they meet the criteria.

Japanese Entertainment / Anime Recommendation Thread
« on: March 04, 2010, 07:01:08 am »
 Right, well I consider myself a self proclaimed anime guru, as I have finished over 200 series to date, and am still finishing many more. My claim is this, tell me the genre you're interested in, or a show that you previously enjoyed and would like something like it , and I will recommend to you
an anime or few that fits your description.  :D

Game Features / Boosted Experience from Trades?
« on: February 28, 2010, 08:27:16 pm »
Ok, I just have a simple question and could not locate it anywhere on the search!   :D

I just want to know if you trade pokemon with someone, will you still receive boosted experience?

(1)Starter quest:
The professor has given you your pokemon and introduced you into the world,
but being new, you lack experience to catch a pokemon,therefore the professor gives
you an assignment to go catch a pokemon upon completing the introduction.
The professor gives you one pokeball and tells you to return once you catch a pokemon.
Go catch any pokemon and return, He gives you a tiny amount of Experience, 100 yen, and 5
pokeballs upon completion.
(2)Branch quest, requires completion of starter quest.

Upon completing the starter quest, the option to assist the professor's aid becomes
available. To start the quest, speak to [designated aid] and he will ask you to go catch
random pokemon 1, or random pokemon 1 and 2, as new trainers are in need of pokemon,
but the lab is currently lacking. This quest can be completed daily, hence the first daily
quest idea for the game. You would have to go to the designated area of the pokemon,or
search the lands for them if you do not know the location, making this quest more
of an adventure. Upon completing this quest you recieve [designated reward] (I have not
thought of a reward). This quest can be completed daily, and increases in difficulty with
your player level.

(3)Evolution quest(requires player level
  • )-multipart quest


A certain NPC wishes to evolve their pokemon, but lacks the certain stone, item, etc to
evolve it, So they give you the name of an NPC who has the item. Upon traveling to the
NPC, they tell you that they would be happy to give it to you if you would aquire for
them a certain [random pokemon, item, etc] , after completing your search and aquiring
the neccessary item and/or pokemon, they give you the item and/or stone, and you return to
the original NPC who wanted the item, where you recieve [Insert Reward here]

(4)Spin off quest( end of Spirit's) [must have completed restaurant recovery]

Upon finishing restaurant recovery, You speak to the chef again, and tell him of the trials
you have faces, including seviper and zangoose. He stalls for a second, and then begins
doting on a past visit to a [insert Certain NPC at Certain Location]. He then tells you of
the ongoing feud between Zangoose and Seviper. He even tells you that the scars on Zangoose
were past wounds from battles between the two carried on in future generations to remind them
of the war which is still underway. He tells you to go visit [NPC/location afformentioned].

Upon reaching your destination, the NPC Starts to fill you in a bit more detailed on the
history of the two pokemon, and then tells you how two factions got involved in the war.
A group of pokemaniacs branched to each side of the feuding pokemon, and now a small war
is going on between these groups. He tells you that this feud is causing trouble for the
people in the region as usually the little skirmishes involve them, and wishes there was
some way to stop the madness, upon hearing this your character offers to help. The NPC then
tells you the location of both factions hideouts, which have recently been moved.

The seviper team's base is located in a cave, and the zangoose team's base is located in a
small forest hideout. You can choose to visit either one first, as this will not effect the
quest. Each team has something they want. Upon entering the seviper base, you beat various
seviper enthusiasts who all have a seviper and assorted other pokemon, and you may run into
various pokemon along the way, upon reaching the end of the cave, you come across a man
named Malik, he instantly is agressive and begins to battle you, upon beating him and his
powerhouse seviper, you question him about the longstanding feud, and then he tells
you why he is angry, and you tell him this can be fixed by talking
it out with the zangoose leader, he tells you if you bring him [insert item here] he will
agree to meet with the zangoose leader under peaceful terms.After bringing him the items,
he will agree and give you a designated location to meet.

Upon entering the zangoose team's base, you fight various trainers with zangoose and other
various pokemon, and then make your way through this maze of a hideout, at end you meet a
woman named Elly, and she is also immediately agressive towards you as well. Upon defeating
her and her powerhouse zangoose, she also tells you the reason she is angry, and you tell
her the solution. She also agrees to meet with the seviper lead at [insert location] if you
would bring her [insert item]. After you locate and bring her the item, she agrees.

Now, you must travel to the designated location, where the two teams are feuding, Malik and
Elly finish a battle and then realise the strength of one another, the bond of battling is
a bond stronger than any other, therefore, out of mutual respect and because of your help,
they have agreed to a mutual treaty for the moment, and will also let the pokemon know of
this treaty. Although the hatred is there, the respect leads both parties to this decision.

Upon this realization, you return to [The NPC the chef told you to visit] and he thanks you
graciously and states "I believe the citizens may now also rest easy for a period."
Then he rewards you with [insert reward here].

Ideas & Suggestions / multiple continents?
« on: February 16, 2010, 11:29:03 pm »
So I took the time to do a few searches for relevance and drew multiple blanks. I believe multiple continents should be incorporated as this is a living, breathing mmo world. I assume this issue has already been thought over and adressed , but I would like to see a little feedback and perhaps a few ideas on the matter as I could not find a topic, also, a transportation system such as boats perhaps? which would probably fall under transportation but is more closely related this this matter at the moment. Multiple continents would open up the doorways for multiple gyms, more areas, and overall more goodies and things to keep the player enticed. If anyone already knows of a topic or idea relevant to this, I'm sorry, and please point me in the right direction?

-Man, I'm just chocked full of input today  ::)

Ideas & Suggestions / Hmm.. perhaps randomized spawn points.
« on: February 16, 2010, 10:59:50 pm »
Say there is a forest, in that forest you can expect to catch anything ranging from bugs to small woodland creatures to the occasional wandering whatever, i think instead of set spawn points, randomized spawn points according to a pokemon's living habitat would be a welcome change over the habitual set spawn points of pokemon's predecessors.

Ideas & Suggestions / Multi assigns perhaps?
« on: February 16, 2010, 10:55:16 pm »
If this has already been posted please disregard, but I was researching heartgold/soulsilver which had the ideas of have two assign buttons, which of course allows you to switch between bike and rods or any other items you'd like easily and without the hassle of changing set items multiple times, I think this would be a pretty useful incorporation.

New Trainers / Welcome / New meat for your forums ;P
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:23:35 am »
Hey there, I'm steve noth a.k.a , stephenkill2 , 19 years old, I'm a marine in the intelligence section, and a criminal justice major, hoping to join the CIA at some point. SO yeah, this game actually looks like an mmo worth playing ,and I look forward to making contributions on this forum. :P

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