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Ideas & Suggestions / Legendaries for a short time
« on: June 15, 2011, 04:02:41 pm »
I thought it would be fun if let's say the top 1000 trainers can join a tournament and the first 128 or so would get in the tournement and the winner of the tournament can chose one legendary pokemon that's 'his' or 'hers' untill the next tournement. And let's say if you win one tournement you are not allowed to join the next 3.

Pokémon Roleplay / [OOCC] Being a pokemon in Sinnoh
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:45:49 pm »
This is for the confusing things.

First thing pokeballs do exist.

Quests & Plots / Different fossil quest
« on: May 22, 2011, 06:21:14 pm »
There are several opinions, so I think this should be a poll.

I personally think they should at least be special, but some other people think they shouldn't.

Pokémon Roleplay / [RP] Being a pokemon in Sinnoh
« on: May 22, 2011, 11:19:38 am »
Choose your pokemon's first form, and survive in your habitat!

You will play as a pokemon. To play this rp, you must be a first form pokemon, but leveling up and evolving is optional. You will start in the Egg Realm, which is where you hatch, and then you will move on to your correct habitat. You may visit other habitats, but you must keep mainly to your own habitat. Groups of pokemon may be formed in a single habitat with friends, but you may live solo. Your rp ends when you are fully evolved, have established a sturdy base, and retire from normal travel. City is for pokemon that are mainly kept as pets. Mountain is for the rock/steel/ground/flying pokemon. Lake is for water/ice pokemon. Ancient Tower is for dragon/psychic/dark pokemon. Forest is for the rest of the pokemon types and species not listed in the former habitats. The plot is in Sinnoh, but the other pokemon are allowed in the region. The plot is based in a time when pokemon and human's lived together with pokeball's to capture them. If you are a City pokemon, you may have an owner you live with, or you may be a stray pokemon. Power Station is for the mechanical pokemon that have a need for electricity or a steady source of power. Pokemon like Klink, Magnemite, and Porygon would go here to survive. (I know, sinnoh is new but it had a history too) Have fun, and enjoy the rp.

Safur: Pansage (Pansage)
I was a pokemon that belonged to a mean trainer. He got me from an egg, but I was the wrong pokemon. He wanted the other pokemon, so he left me at level 1 in Sinnoh.
Moves: Only stratch.
Specialty:  group-battle.

Crazy Prophet: Klink (Klink)
Very well, I'm a klink, which whilst being non-gendered and clearly abiotic, I hatch from an egg into the mountain, being of the steel type. At the very bottom of the mountain is a cavern with a deep shaft winding towards the Earth's core. Ulta-conductive metals can be found within, electricity constantly feeding through its walls. Essentially, I require this electrical charge to survive, and only very sparingly may I venture outside, otherwise I would need to find a reliable source of energy. I start out with vice-grip. I look to the city as an obvious alternate to the dreary conditions I currently live in.

eddiedelta8: Shadow (Pichu)
I am pichu. When I hatched in the egg realm and am now in the world of sinnoh starting my journey to a wonderful life. I hatched at exactly 12:00 am (midnight I think I might have it mixed up) so I had to know something was different about me as I stepped into the forest I jumped when a blast of dark energy came out of my hand. I knew then I would be called by my new name; Shadow.
Ok normal pichu with a creepy grin it is.

Yukimenoko: Snorunt (Snorunt)
- Powder Snow
- Leer

Yuki was born in a Snorunt tribe around the northern thundra places. Living in an abandoned shelter they gathered around. Yuki got banned out of the tribe because everyone kept claiming she was weak. Actually she never had a will to fight when it's unneeded. She has been running around a lot at the moment, struggling for her survival in the world.

Darkfire97: Cyndaquil (Cyndaquil)
Moves: Leer and Tackle.

Meowth: Porygon (Porygon)
Moves: Conversation, Conversation 2, Tackle and Sharpen

name: ponge
pokémon: Absol
moves: - Bite
           -Quick attack

Name: Crozza159
Pokemon: Shinx (Shinx)
Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Shock Wave
History (where hatched): A Luxray once guarded the power station, each day she would go outside to make sure no one entered, each night, she would sleep close to her precious egg. One day, she got into a battle whilst protecting the power station, she didn't stand a chance and was captured. The gentle warmth of the power station was enough to keep the egg alive. A few weeks later, the pokemon was ready and shinx emerged from his egg.

Name: PokemonMasterEthan
Pokemon: Mudkip (Mudkip)
Moves: Scratch, and Tackle
History: A Swampert stayed with it's egg until it hatched. The Swampert left after that, so the Mudkip had to learn by itself.

Name: Aqua999Amazing
Pokemon: Driply (squirtle)
I am Driply. I was hatched in a river in the egg realm so i became a very great swimmer. i was captured by a mean trainer so one day when he was asleep, i escaped and lived my life as a wild Squirtle in Sinnoh. I...am Driply
Moves: Tackle
Specialty: Hiding

I think I can't remember all of the players if they are with more than 10, so you can't join anymore.

JerryEDIT: Pending
JerryEDIT2: Cleaned up a little more. Profile skeleton is not a must, but keep in mind that you first need to get the RP approved to begin the RP. I'll let it for now, and will delete the posts non related to the actual RP in some time. Approved.

Ideas & Suggestions / Post counter
« on: May 16, 2011, 09:36:23 pm »
I think all posts on the forum should count, why do only the practical post count? I have made more posts then my rater says.

Ideas & Suggestions / Rangers
« on: May 15, 2011, 12:04:52 pm »
Thanks to a quest I saw lately, I thought about the possibility to chose the kind of trainer you want to be. I don't think this could allready be in the beta version but this is my idea:

You start the game, the professor gives you information and asks what you want to be:

1) trainer: has to catch its pokemon with a ball, which makes it hard to catch pokemon, but he is able to have more then 6 pokemon.

2) ranger: you are able to catch your pokemon with a stylus, but he/she has to chose his/her pokemon really well. Because when (s)he catches a 7th pokemon, (s)he has to release one. The ranger is able to battle with the pokemon and the pokemon will not be released unless the ranger says so.

Practical difference: ranger can catch pokemon easier, while the trainer is able to catch more pokemon.

I hope this is a good and possible idea.

Quests & Plots / Anorith and Lileep quest
« on: May 12, 2011, 03:53:48 pm »
Hello everyone,

Since my last quest I thought of another:

When you enter a town, a man runs towards you asking for help. But first you need to answer a couple of questions:

1. Do you want to help me?
a. sorry man, I am to busy
b. Yes, of course, what do I need to do?

If a, no quest, if b: Nice, please answer a few questions first.

2. Which of the 2 forest types do you prefer?
a. Grass (you go for Lileep)
b. Bug (Anorith)

3. Oke, I want you to help me, could one of your pokemon push away that stone for me?
a. Yes, here you go.
b. No, I will come back later, when I taught one of my pokemon strength.

4. Oh, thanks a lot, you are a hero, my house is at the end of this path. At the back-door of my house is a forest with a whole bunch of anorith/lileep. It's a miracle, I know this because I put them back into live myself. I am an aerlogist. I could only tell this to a good-hearted pokemon trainer of course. I feed this lilleep all the time and I won't allow anybody to come further than my house. But then this stone came and I couldn't enter my house.

(You enter the house)

Grunt: Hey what are you doing in this house
Man: It's mine, get out of it
Grunt: Not with all those lileep/anorith here
You: Then I will force you with this battle.
After you have beaten five grunts and the boss.
The boss of the gang has 3 strong pokemon:

Man: Thanks for resqueing my lileep/anorith. You may have this one for the trouble. You can come everytime you want, but don't capture more of them, the group has to grow.

You don't even have to go to the scientists, but you won't be able to go to the pokemon centre, before you have beaten the boss. If you fail, you will have to do the quest all over again, and you won't get XP from the earlier beaten grunts. The levels depends on when in the game you are able to use strength outside of a battle and where the town is. You aren't able to do the quest again, so chose carefully. Or you are only able to get the second fossil after beating the elite four, that's discussable. I don't think you should be able to get both within a few minutes.

I hope the quest is inproving, because I think so.

Ideas & Suggestions / Leveling
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:15:19 pm »
I think Nintendo does fail at 1 point: leveling.
If you beat your rival (I know they won't be in the game) the first time at level 5 your starter will grow to level 6.
But if you fight him later, you will have to beat around 10-15 pokemon of the same level to go level up.
Could PU make this a bit more normal, I mean like starting with 3 beaten pokemon to level up and ending with 10 or so.
That would be a lot better and harder at the beginning and less boring at the end of the game. 
Also when you capture your team you will have smaller level differences.
I hope somebody understands me and wants to react

Quests & Plots / Aerodactyl's amber quest
« on: May 08, 2011, 05:57:00 pm »
A mysterious man comes towards you, just out of the blue. He will ask you for a favour. He wants you to go to Gensei forest. He joins you with a resin set and wants you to help him to find a bit resin from the two biggest trees in the forest. He tells you he wants to know to which tree the old amber belongs, with other words in which tree the aerodactyl lived in the dinosaur era. The forest is a kind of labyrinth and has got a lot of wild pokemon in it. Also some trainers want to battle you 2 vs 2. The man has only got 1 pokemon, so watch out. After a (long) search, you will find the centre of the forest. Two big trees stand there. The man investigates the resin and comares it with the old amber. He finds the good tree and you return to his house. He is very happy and he gets in the news and you get 1 old amber for your help. In the old amber is still petrified resin and an aerodactyl, so you have to go to a place where people can turn fossils into pokemon.

I thought this quest would be nice in the beginning of the game (just after first badge and it would be around level 10)
What do you think about it?

Ideas & Suggestions / The fossils
« on: May 05, 2011, 08:31:28 pm »
I found a subject about all pokemon (but legendaries) will be catchable,

But what about teh fossils, do we have to dig for them, is there a special island or how about those?

I have searched for this subject but couldn't find it.

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