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Balance Server Testing / X/Y game play changes and PU Pokemon
« on: May 12, 2014, 06:50:46 am »
X/Y brought a lot of game play changes ,but PU is not regular Pokemon. Our pokemon are balanced ,so when gamefreack decides to buff/nerf types and moves it can cause some of our balanced pokemon to become UP/OP. Lets start with a few bigger game play changes this gen brought.

Fairy type

The new fairy typing was added to many pokemon. If you think fairy types are OP then post about it and explain why you feel that way and how you would fix them.

New abilities

Many new abilities were introduced just like with every gen. Very few of these new abilities were given to older Pokemon though. If you think an older pokemon really fits one of these new abilities then explain why.

New moves and move Base power changes changes

A whole slew of moves got base power changes. A few new moves were also added. Do you disapprove of any of the base power changes? Feel like Pikachu needed sticky web? Post below!

Mega evolution

Mega evos are one of this gens biggest changes with nothing working in a similar way thus far. Let me explain some of the mechanics behind this.
-You mega evo at the start of the turn regardless of your speed. If you and the opponent both try to mega in the same turn the faster pokemon will mega first.
-If the opponent's pokemon is faster than you before you mega but slower than you in your mega form the opponent still attacks first. The next turn you will go first though just like normal.(hope that made sense)
-Only one mega evo per team. If you go mega on one pokemon it will not give you the option to mega evo on a diffrent pokemon. For example if you have both absol and mawile but you mega evo absol. When mawile comes in it will just not have the option to mega evo shown.
Keep in mind many of the megas will be getting nerfed in PU.

If you think any of the mega evo mechanics should be changed then post below. This thread is not for discussing specific mega evolution's that you think need balance changes

Do not be afraid to post! Remember to try not to bash other people's ideas.

Ideas & Suggestions / Mega evos and PU
« on: August 11, 2013, 12:58:40 pm »
We all know what mega-evos are by now ,and a lot of peaple are unhappy with them. Despite this I still think they belong in PU ,but not the way the mechanics seem to working as of now. Right now it seems like  you give the stone to the pokemon and when it is sent into battle it transforms into a better version of that pokemon.  Not only does this contradict with PU's goals(use the pokemon you like not the one that is strongest) ,but it creates a balanceing problem. See if I want to use normal absol ,but thier is a pokemon that does everthing absol can do but better then well that puts me in a sad spot. Now lets say PU balanced the mega forms(balanced like lickitung and lickilicky), they would ofcourse need higher stats than the normal form since they can't use items. I think this  would just be a silly hassel when thier is a easy solution!

Make the mega forms function like a seperate pokemon! Here is how it could work: You use a mega  stone on absol(Just like you use a leaf stone on gloom) ,and it turns into its alternate form. In order to revert it back you need to speak to a person in some town and for all small fee she will revert your pokemon to its orginal form , or maybe you can just use another megastone on the pokemon idk. 

The alternate forms would have diffrent stats ,but not better ones. Just like lickiting and lickililicky! Like mega-absol is slower,with less attack, but higher defences for example.

To summerize mega pokemon are likely to be op ,but the pokemon metagame is very unbalanced to begin with so it will not be a huge deal ; just fuel to the power creep fire . PU has a balanced metagame though ,and mega-pokemon with the current mechanics have no place in my opinion. I hope you listen to my suggestions!

Balance Server Testing / No one is on the battle server?
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:29:20 am »
I have logged on today many times to find know one is on our server? Whats the deal with that is there somthing I have done wrong? I am on PO 2 if that is the problem? I hear the server is not compatible with PO 2.  I am not using chrome ,and I have downloeded everthing that the "how to play on the beta realm" thread asks me to. Any help would be amazing.

I am not shure if this is the right place to post this ,or if I am even allowed to post my balance ideas since I am not a balance tester. Well I will post this anyway ,and if I am not supose to then I guese lock it?

1st I will start with mantine.This idea is from a science nerd stand point not a balance one ,so this probly woulden't work out. I haven't been able to use the newer data bases ,so I have no idea how much he was buffed by. That being said though I think filter would be great for him mostly because of his real life counter part the manta ray. Manta rays eat by inhaling water then filtering it though thier gills to remove any unwanted items. Animals that feed in this way are called filter feeders. Giving him filter might make hin op if thats the case then ignore what I just said ,but if he still feels a little weak then it would be very cool to have his ability line up with science. Manta rays are pretty much gaint filters with wings for those who haven't seen one before.

Carnivine- With its rather low stats (454) ,and shallow attack move pool consisting of dark ,and grass moves his attacking potental is rather limited. One thing he does have is a fairly vast support movepool though ,and thats what I think he should be balanced for; a tank/staller. While he has rather poor defencive typing in mono-grass (5 weakness 4 resist) its not the worste in the world. With these changes Carnivine will be a very unique staller while also being able to run a few gimicky sets.

1st his stats should be changed to 110/80/100/80/100/50(520) the attacking stats probly will need to go down some more ,but all in all this would bring him up to par with other bulky grass types stat wise. 110/70/100/70/100/50(500) that looks better ,but what do yall think?

Even with these stat changes alone it woulden't be on par with other walls though. So poisin heal (keep levitate though)should also be added making him immune to statis effects(since you would have toxic orb). This also adds to the uniqueness of Carnivine.

Lastly his move pool. Remove sythnisis since he will be immune to status, and will be getting healed by poisin heal+leech seed at the end of each turn. All that plus a 50% heal would be a bit much I think. It would be nice if he got leaf blade aswell as a higher accuracy ,but weaker alternative to power whip.

With these changes Carnivine would be a very unique pokemon! Being able to run a defence ,or a spdefence set , poisin heal giving status immunity, and a few gimick sets for those who are into that kind of thing. I can't wait for some feedback! Below are some sets I thought up on the spurr of the moment.

Staller with high spdefence: poisin heal,toxic orb,and a careful nature. 252 hp for max health return. 196 spdefence to help protect yourself from the fairly commen ice beam ,and flame thrower. Use your remaining 64 evs in defence. You can swap the spdefence ,and defence if you really want to I woulden't though.

- Leech seed
- Toxic
- knock off.Pay back or crunch can be used if you want the extra power. If you use payback get a sassy nature.
- power whip/seed bomb
A few other sets are possible involving sword dance ,or the risky ingrain. It also can get wring out ,and some spattack grass moves if you wanna use a specail set involving wring out. Ide drop knock off for it most likely.

Edit:I mainly want feedback on the Carnivine idea btw.Oh I forgot Carnivine is currently a attacker ,and these ideas would almost totaly remake him. Some might not like that ,so I think I just spent over a hour wasting my time making a idea that would make peaple unhappy.

Ideas & Suggestions / Useless/almost useless Abilities
« on: August 16, 2012, 08:16:29 am »
Any plans to remove some awful pokemon abilities? Examples being:All the "attacks against you may cause you to get effected by X status effect", Oblivious, shell armor is kinda bab not 99% useless though, super luck,illuminate,battle armor,damp,sniper is good on beartic but thats it I *think*,own tempo would be alot better but the pokes that get it can't really abuse it,keen eye,sticky hold/suction cups the pokes that get this have better choices to make use of, and big pecks.

I can't think of anymore off-hand ,but there are others. Some abilitys are not bad they are just outclassed pretty hard making them never used. If anyone wants to share a ability they find useless then please do so! This thread is not for "but but my pikachu is so tanky with his  static so your stupid" ,so keep that in mind.

Games / I am new to Completive pokemon and need help with my team
« on: October 06, 2011, 11:53:30 pm »
This is the team I plan to use in PU. I know I have got a lot of effect moves and that most of my Pokémon are stall/support but, Its like this because I plan to stay grouped with my real life friend who uses mostly attacking Pokémon(we wanna do double battles). I also like this style of play better than a high attack low defense team. Now to talk about my Pokémon. I am not sure what items I will be using but, I no my Ev spreads. Please tell me who I should replace, or what move to change.

Togekiss- serene grace
Aura sphere
Nast plot (maybe cal mind?)
Air slash

Roseraid – natural cure
Weather ball (it turns fire in the sun)
Solar beam
I am not sure. (Maybe toxic, leech seed or, shadow ball)

Lopunny-cute charm

T wave
Substitute? (I don’t know)

Ninetails- drought

Flame thrower
Energy ball
Hidden power fighting

Spirtom –pressure

Pain split
Calm mind
Dark pulse

Espeon –magic bounce

Hidden power fighting
Light screen

Ideas & Suggestions / 12 vs 12 double battles!
« on: October 06, 2011, 05:15:04 am »
What I am saying is we should have double battles involving 4 people and 24 Pokémon. I know it sounds like these battles would take a while to finish but, I don’t think it would be so bad. Besides they’d be a ton of fun and, it would require a lot of team work (a lot more than a normal double battle).
I don’t know though I’d love to find out what y’all think though!

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