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Mapping / The new Pokeditor
« on: March 08, 2012, 05:22:53 pm »

I've seen that this sub-board isn't that active at all. That's not a strange behavior, because the development of the map editor was paused for a while. Now it's time for a change and I want to update the current state! I'm also posting this to say we're still developing and because I want to celebrate myself joining the development team (and also joining the community)!

You probably noticed the development updates of the mapping server. That's the work done by Mr_Dark. I'm currently taking the lead to expand the existing map editor (the client). The most people think it's some easy stuff: just make sure that you are able to place some tiles, update them to the map server/database and you're done! That's not true, it takes more effort to create a map. You also need to take care of the NPC's, which can have shops, battles or quests. So the new map editor will have the ability to make those NPC's, create the shops, battles, dialogues and quests. There's a lot more work to be done and this is fully in development, from scratch. The actual tile-editor is almost done (placing tiles, blocks, water and stuff).

The current state:
- New maps can be made
- Tiles can be imported
- The tiles can be placed, using the mapping server to save the map
- Some GUI and shortkeys

That's what I have to say for now, more to come... soon!



Todo List

This todo list is added and will be updated as soon as there are updates. This list was in first instance only for me, but maybe other people want to have a look into the development. The list isn't completed yet, it will be expanded later.

NPC editor
 » Edit NPC outfits and server I/O [Done 5 apr 2012]
 » Implement new NPC outfits [50% Done 30 sept 2012]
 » Show the animated NPC outfits
 » Retreiving NPC Pokemon stats from the server [Done 16 apr 2012]
 » Pokemon names I/O
 » Edit the NPC pokemon-team and send them to the server
 » Shops I/O communication to the server
 » Create and edit shops
 » Event system I/O communication with the server [Done 2 june 2012]
 » Quests editor

New event system for scripts, for easy drag/drop editing (Quests, Pokemons and Shops included)
 » Dragging, dropping and (re)moving action panels  [Done 25 apr 2012]
 » Get the system to work for one type eventpanel [Done 14 may 2012]
 » Save panels to the database and obtain them again [Done 2 june 2012]
 » Convert the event panels to a script [75% Done 30 sept 2012]
 » Creating all panels needed (If/else, while, ect. ) [75% Done 30 sept 2012]

Map editor
 » Possibility to open multiple maps
 » When dragging tiles fix the high data transfer to the server
 » Manage blocking tiles, with a 50% layer [Done 1 nov 2012]
 » Manage items on the map
 » Manage NPCs on the map
 » Copy/Paste/Delete/Select functions
 » Undo/Redo functionality
 » Properties toolbox with all info about the tile you are hovering the mouse [Done 21 okt 2012]
 » Moving the toolstrip buttons for maps inside the map-editor  [Done 21 okt 2012]
 » Make all the toolstrip buttons, like dropper, placer, selecter and so on work properly [Done 2 nov 2012]
 » Enable/disable grid [Done 21 okt 2012]
 » Rewrite/look at the save tile and update tile(layers) functions (server side only)  [Done 29 okt 2012]
 » Tile events
 » No new go routines for each database query for tiles (server side) [Done 2 nov 2012]
 » Zooming tiles in the texture browser
 » Add location layer
 » Add/Edit event layer

Location Manager
 » Create locations window
 » Client-server I/O
 » Manage music and pokecenter

Tile event manager
 » Create tile events window
 » Client-server I/O

Pokecenter manager
 » Create pokecenter window
 » Client-server I/O

 » Logged in and connected protection on all button-events and stuff
 » Progress bars while downloading
 » Save protection when closing forms
 » Version protection [Done 19 aug 2012]
 » Automatic client updates

Probably some more small stuff to come, but these are the main objectives.

New Trainers / Welcome / I'm Zatir
« on: March 04, 2012, 05:01:58 pm »
Hello Community!

I'm Zatir and I would like to join the community. I've always been a fan of pokemon and I'm ready to join the development team soon as programmer (java / c#). I'm at the moment 21 years old and living in the Netherlands. I always wanted to create a multiplayer game, but it takes too much time if you are just alone. Joining a team would be better, so I hope i'm welcome.



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